Wall Decoration Ideas : How to Make Paper Floral Craft for Your Walls !

Wall Decoration Ideas add beauty and charm to an otherwise dull and drab corner of a house. Handcrafted Decor tends to bring a zing to a house and give it a warm and a creative feel. Multicoloured paper craft gets kids and parents to brainstorm as well as have fun together. This DIY Multicoloured Paper Craft is one such fun task.

Wall Decoration Ideas to Make Paper Floral Craft for Your Walls !

Wall Decoration Ideas to Make Paper Floral Craft for Your Walls !

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So, Let’s have a look on video tutorial to get started for this beautiful wall decor idea!

Things You Need to Follow Wall Decoration Ideas


  • Colour paper
  • Craft paper
  • A pair of Scissors
  • A measuring scale
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Craft Glue
  • Pencil

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Let’s Follow Wall Decoration Ideas Step by Step Procedure!

Step 1: Take a circular cut out from a cardboard and place it in the middle of the craft paper.


Step 2: Wrap and Cover the cardboard disc with the craft paper using craft glue.

Cardboard wall decor ideas

Step 3: Take a pink colour paper, measuring scale and pencil.

Color paper craft ideas

Step 4: Take a 5*4 cm measurement on the pink paper and make a marking and cut it out.

Colorpaper craft ideas

Colorpaper craft ideas

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Step 5: Start to fold and roll the square shaped paper to make a cone. Make multiple paper cones like this one as shown.

Art Craft Ideas


Step 6: Start sticking these cones in a circular wheel-like pattern on the craft paper wrapped cardboard and completes the first base layer of the craft.


Paper Craft Idea

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