DIY Wall Art Ideas : 5 Creative Wall Decors For Your Home!

Creative DIY Wall decoration ideas is one way that you can surely use to redecorate your home decor in personalized and creative way. Take up the best DIY Wall Art projects and make the easy paper crafts as fun art and craft activities and you won’t even realize that you can make amazing and pretty Wall decoration ideas. You can use quilling wall decor ideas, and make DIY Paper crafts for home decorations and give your home a completely transformational look.

Home decoration ideas for living room, girl’s room, and teenager’s rooms- the list is just endless. We bring for you 5 easy and amazing ways to create DIY Art for your walls. Taking up easy DIY Art Projects for your walls can change the look of your home completely without much of a hassle.

DIY Wall Art Ideas

Let us learn some of the most amazingly awesome and easy DIY Wall Art Ideas for decoration.

Let’s Learn 5 Fantastic DIY Wall Art Ideas

1. Easy and Multicoloured Paper Wreath

This easy wall decor idea of making a beautiful multicoloured paper wreath is an amazing Do It Yourself craft that you can easily do at home. Being a simple and affordable DIY Craft it is a cool craft that even newbie to the world of craft can also make.

Decorate the walls of the entrance of your home by hanging this pretty Multicoloured wall hanging wreath, and give your guests a welcoming feel! The best part is that you do not need any special craft supplies while you make this cool craft.

Using things like old pieces of mirrors, cardboard, wool, and coloured paper you can make this craft as a Recycled DIY wall décor too! Recycled wall decor idea is the latest concept that every crafter is wishing to explore. You can also add a designer look to your diy wall art idea by adding the technique of Quilling art and using Quilling flowers in the design.

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2. Beautiful Multicoloured Paper Dahlia Wall Decoration

No other crafts are as enjoyable as making easy paper crafts. The best of DIY Art and Craft projects will always keep Easy paper crafts as a fun art and craft activity of them.

If you are looking for inspiration, to bring in a vibe of simplicity and sophistication then nothing works better than this absolutely easy to make Multicoloured paper Dahlia Wall Decoration.

The highlight of this vibrant multicoloured Paper Dahlia Wall Decor lies in the fact that it requires nothing nut only coloured paper to make it. Get in trend with the latest fashionable colours and you can make these Creative DIY Room Decor ideas in a minimalistic theme of Black and White or go out there and use a host of bright coloured paper.

All you’ve got to do is make paper cones and stick them in a sequence! Voila! Could Paper crafts get any easy?

Just take a look at complete guide to learn this multicoloured Paper Dahlia

3. Artistic Coffee & Poster Colour Painting Wall Decoration

Ever used coffee for making a painting? Yes! Sounds weird and interesting but this DIY Wall Decoration Idea of using Coffee for making a home decoration idea is something that you must really try out! Using coffee to make a painting is an absolutely new and creative DIY Wall Art.

Add this masterpiece to your wall decorations and you are sure to gain compliments for your Home Decoration Ideas. Who could have imagined that a beverage could become such an inventive Craft Supply for making an imaginative Home Decoration Idea?

Who says that you require talent to make paintings? Learn painting techniques and coffee to watch the complete step by step tutorial to learn how to use coffee with poster colors and make a fantastic Room Decor Idea to decorate your living room.

4. Cute and Girly Spiral Flowers for Room Decor

There is a special charm and fun element that teenager’s room décor or girls room decoration calls for. Make these pretty looking easy paper spiral flowers for your girl’s room decorations and there shall be nothing else that would need for adding to the beauty and simple appeal of the room décor.

These spiral flowers can be used as a homemade decoration idea for festive times like birthday decorations and party decorations too. Making these Spiral Flowers is no big deal! Being an easy kid’s craft idea, make it a fun art and craft activity for kids and get them to help you make these easy paper spiral flowers and they can be a part of making this cute and fun wall décor idea.

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5. Simple and Cute Paper Rosettes for DIY Home Decor

If you are looking for Simple and yet a strikingly decorative paper craft then this paper rosette is the Best DIY project for home decorations. This is such a fun DIY craft project for kids too! Fun art and craft activities for kids should definitely include such awesome paper folding crafts.

If you are planning a party and you want to give a customized home decorations look to your home in a jiffy then this idea of making easy paper rosettes for home decorations is the best paper project that you can take up to give your home a totally new look. What’s more! If you have an occasion like a Christmas dinner or anniversary celebrations, you can use these paper rosettes as a pretty and elegant decoration idea.

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So you see friends, using simple and easy paper folding techniques, you can create the most beautiful home decoration ideas that will prepare your home from an otherwise mundane look and give it a festive and decorative vibe! It’s time to take up an amazing DIY Wall Art Projects and revamp your home.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft For Wall Decoration!

Christmas Decorations leaving you confused on how to make your own Christmas Door Wreath? Easy DIY Christmas Craft design that we are about to give you is an absolute super-sparkle design that will add beauty to your door that sets it apart from all. Christmas Wreath is absolutely indispensable when it comes to Christmas Decoration ideas for the home.

From Holiday Wreaths to Elegant wreaths, from window Wreaths to ribbon wreaths, wreath using bow, mesh, paper and all sorts of designs and endless DIY Wreath Ideas are available and Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas are many and have found a place in every household, but we are here to tell you step by step how to make an Easy DIY Christmas Craft from scratch.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft

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Material Required For Making This Easy DIY Christmas Craft

Paper wreath diy craftPaper wreath diy crafts

  • Glossy paper
  • Colored paper
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Scissors
  • Thermocol balls
  • Cutter
  • Craft wire
  • Glitter
  • Cardboard

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Procedure For How To Make an Easy DIY Christmas Craft

  • We will begin with preparing the cardboard. Take a cardboard of 25 cm in diameter and cut out a small circle measuring 12 cm in diameter, from the center of the circle. This will give you a concentric circle to make the base of the Christmas Wreath.

Paper wreath decoration

Let’s Begin Making the Wreath-

Step 1-

Fold a green colour A4  size sheet into half breadth wise that is 21 cm in breadth. Make 3 markings at a distance of 7 cm each.

Step 2-

Divide the paper into 3 equal sections breadth wise, by drawing lines with a scale and a pencil.

Step 3-

Cut the 3 sections into long strips and then re-cut them into 6 equal strips. One A4 size sheet, hence, will give you 6 equal strips of paper.

Paper wreath diy christmas craft

Step 4-

Repeat the above steps to get 6 equal sized papers of the glossy paper also.

Paper wreath diy colorful craft

Step 5-

Now hold the paper from one corner and roll it into a sharp and pointed cone, close and seal the cone by pasting the open fold and secure the cone.

Learn how to make paper dahlia flower for home decorations and give your home a natural touch!

Step 6-

Make a total of 42 such cones using the Green Coloured Paper and the Glossy paper.

Christmas paper wreath

Step 7-

Take another Orange coloured sheet and place the Cardboard cut out on top of it to draw the exact size of the circle. Cut out the exact measured orange paper. And cut the small circle in the centre with the help of a cutter to give a finished look.

Step 8-

Paste the Orange cut out paper to cover the cardboard, with the help of an adhesive. Cover the remaining portion of the cardboard as needed.

Paper diy craft for christmas

Step 9-

It’s time to start pasting the cones. First place the cones and understand the placement of the cones in alternating cones. Once finalized, go ahead and begin pasting the cones in alternating colours, on the orange circular cardboard.

Step 10-

Continue pasting the cones in alternating colours until you reach the end of the Cardboard.

Paper wreath diy craft ideas

Step 11-

In the end, take some thermocol balls in white colour and paste them on the edge of the inside circle, at the base of the cones.

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Step 12-

Place a drop of golden glitter on the thermocol balls, to give them a decorative look.

Paper wreath diy craft decor

Step 13-

Lastly, take a silver glitter tube and make a dotted pattern on the cones to add some sparkle.

Paper wreath diy decor craft

Step 14-

Take a long craft wire and hang this wreath on the wall with the help of this wire.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY Handmade Christmas Door Wreath is ready!  Your door will thank you for adding to its beauty with this lovely Easy DIY Christmas Craft. And why limit your home decoration till Christmas? Let the Wreath elongate happy times right up to the New Year!

Have a look on this video for – How to make a DIY Christmas Door Wreath!

Give this Wreath a definite try this Holiday Season and share your work with us!

Christmas Craft Ideas : How to Make Super Easy DIY Paper Rosette?

It is Christmas time and a Super Easy DIY Paper Craft for Home Decoration like this Paper Rosette serves like a boon when searching for Christmas Craft Ideas. This Easy paper craft project can be used in endless ways as a Christmas decoration and as a cool craft for adorning your home decor during the New Year.

Hang them on your windows and loosely hang them on your staircase to give a beautiful feel to your home. You can use this DIY Paper Craft very well throughout the festive season right up to the New Year Celebrations.

Christmas Craft Ideas - DIY Paper Rosette

The Material You Require For Christmas Craft Ideas

Paper rosettes things you needPaper rosettes decoration

  • Colored paper
  • Golden Glitter Paper
  • Silver Glitter paper
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Decorative mirrors
  • A circular cardboard disc with 9cm in diameter
  • Glitter tube

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Christmas Craft Ideas : Easy DIY Paper Rosette Step by Step Guide

Step 1-

  • Begin by taking A4 size coloured paper and fold it breadth wise to give you a crease to help you, cut it into half breadth wise.
  • Make accordion pleats, that are uniform and equal in width, with the coloured paper.

Paper rosettes wall decor

Step 2-

Make 6 of these folded panels, 3 in pink colour and 3 in orange.

Paper rosettes diy home decor

Step 3-

Join these 6 panels in alternate colours together with the help of an adhesive and make a circle.

Paper rosettes easy craft

A cool DIY wreath prepared with paper roses you must try!

Step 4-

Now, take the circular cut out, that measures 9 cm in diameter and paste it in the centre of the paper rosette to give it a strong hold.

Paper rosettes folded craft

Step 5-

  • Now, flip the Paper Rosette to the other side and stick a small circular cut out of the Golden glitter paper in the centre.
  • Take the decorative mirrors and paste them around the Golden Circle of glitter paper.

Paper rosettes christmas decor

Here is a very simple and beautiful Christmas DIY paper wreath your guests would simply love!

Step 6-

Give it a dotted outline using glitter, adding a finishing touch.

Paper rosettes diy craft for wall decoration

Voila ! Your very own creation for Christmas and New Year Decorations is all set to beautify your house and create a festive ambience in your home. Hang this super easy paper Craft and it is an absolutely easy craft idea for kids, so get them also to help you hang them around and your home would be ready for Christmas in a flash!

Watch here step by step video tutorials to make Easy DIY Paper Rosette Craft!

Have a Happy Christmas!