Beautiful Satin Ribbon Flower DIY Hair Accessories!

Flower accessories are becoming common day by day. It is a form of hair ornamentation. It is used to decorate the hair and serves as a perfect accessory. There are several hair accessories easily available in the market, however, DIY hair accessories can be made at home as well. It is a perfect wear for parties and functions and has a very different look. Below we shall make one such unusual yet attractive flower hair accessory.

Satin Ribbon Flower DIY Hair Accessories

Things Required

Things you need for peacock color flower

  • Foam sheet
  • Satin ribbons (blue, purple, green, yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Thread and needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Decorative pearls and stones
  • Rubber band

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Step by Step Procedure for Making DIY Hair Accessories

Step 1

  • Take yellow and green satin ribbons of 2.5cm width.
  • Cut the green ribbons into pieces of 9cm each and the yellow ones into 6cm length.

Green yello satin ribbon

  • Fold these ribbon pieces from the centre and seal the folded end for both the yellow and green ribbons using a lighter.
  • Take the yellow petal and seal the edges of the petal with a lighter.
  • Place the yellow petal inside the green petal, burn and seal the base of the green petal along with the yellow petal.
  • Make several such petals and keep them aside.

Green yello satin ribbon petals

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Step 2

  • Draw a circle on the green foam sheet.
  • Cut out this circle and apply glue on the edges.

Green foam circle

  • Stick the dual coloured petals on the outer edges of the circle.

First layer of satin flower

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Step 3

  • In a similar fashion, cut blue and purple colour ribbons of length 9 cm and 5 cm respectively.

blue purple satin

  • Fold the blue and purple ribbon pieces to form petals. Burn the base of the petals to seal them.
  • Make multiple such pieces.

Blue purple satin petals

  • Paste the blue petals next to the dual coloured petals.
  • Similarly, arrange the purple petals on the inner side of the blue petals.

Satin flower second third layer

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Step 4

  • Take navy blue ribbon and cut them into 2.5cm wide pieces.
  • Fold these pieces into triangles two times.
  • Seal the edges of these triangles to make petals.
  • Make multiple such petals.

Neavy blue satin petals

  • Use a thread and needle to sew these petals such that it appears like a flower.

Neavy blue satin flower

  • Paste this flower in the centre of the design.

Final layer of satin flower

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Step 5

  • Take the decorative pearls and sew them to each petal of the centre flower.
  • Use the decorative stones on the flower base to decorate them.

Flower decoration with pearls

  • Apply glue on the backside of the foam paper.
  • Paste the rubber band to the foam base.

Peacock shade flower

Let’s have a look at the step by step procedure for making satin ribbon flower DIY hair accessories.

Your satin flower is now ready to use. It is a multi-coloured flower accessory and has the peacock colours embedded in it. It looks very attractive and has an elegant appearance. It is easy to make and all the materials used are easily available. Use this beautiful accessory on the hair and showcase your creativity.

DIY Accessories : How To Make Satin Ribbon Flower Accessory?

We all love flowers and even admire the artificial decorative flower pieces available in the market. These flower accessories can be used to decorate homes or used as an ornament. They are expensive when purchased from the market. However, very few people know they can be made DIY Accessories at home, at half the market price.

Below we present one such beautiful handmade Kanzashi flower DIY accessory. It is simple and easy to make but looks very attractive.

DIY Accessories

Things Required For Making DIY Accessories

Satin diy crafts

  • Satin ribbons 4cm wide
  • Satin ribbon 2.5cm wide
  • Scissors
  • Tweezer
  • Ruler
  • Thread and needle
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Beads and decorative pearls
  • Glue
  • Foam sheet

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Step by Step Procedure To Make Satin Flower DIY Accessories

Step 1-

Cut the red satin ribbon into 4*4 cm pieces. With the help of a ruler, take the measurement and cut out 12 equal pieces. Repeat the process with white satin ribbons as well.

Step 2-

Satin flower crafts

Use a lighter to burn and seal the sides of the ribbon. This step is important for two reasons:-

  • First, when a satin ribbon is cut, threads will come out from the sides. This will look untidy while making your craft. These unwanted threads are burnt with a lighter.
  • Second, when you burn the satin strands, the edges get sealed automatically. Stitching the base of each and every piece requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, sealing the edges with glue is a messy work and may not come out well. Therefore, we will be using lighter in the whole process for sealing.

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Step 3-

Fold the red square pieces to form triangles. Repeat the same process with white satin square pieces as well.

Satin ribbon flower petals

Step 4-

Place the white triangles inside the red triangles such that the white ones form the inner layer and red forms the outer layer. Together, again fold it into a triangle and seal the bottom surface. Be very careful while performing this activity. First, seal the inner white triangle by folding one of its corners in a circular motion. Then seal the outer red triangle as well.

Step 5-

With the help of a tweezer, press the white piece inside and adjust the red one accordingly so that it appears as a petal with different shades. Make as many as 10-12 such petals and keep them aside.

Satin flower diy crafts

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Step 6-

Take the yellow satin ribbons and cut them into 4*4 cm pieces. Again divide and cut four equal pieces out of it to get small square pieces. Seal the sides of these ribbon strands with a lighter.

Diy crafts

Step 7-

Fold this yellow ribbon pieces into triangular shape. Remember, it needs to be a three fold i.e. three times you need to fold the pieces to form a triangle. Seal the bottom end so that it appears like a petal. Make several such petals and place them aside.

Satin ribbon diy crafts

Step 8-

Now take the earlier red and white petals. Stitch these petals end to end from the center to make a flower.

Diy handmade crafts

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Step 9-

In a similar fashion, stitch the yellow petals as well to form a small flower.

Satin accessories diy crafts

Step 10-

Draw a circle along with a leaf on the foam sheet. This circle acts as a base for the larger flower. Similarly, cut a small circle to form a base for the yellow flower.

Diy satin ribbon crafts

Step 11-

Stick the flowers on their respective bases.

Diy satin ribbon flower accessory

Step 12-

Place the yellow small flower on the larger flower.

Satin ribbon flower crafts

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Step 13-

Now for the leaf part, cut the white ribbon strands with 2.5 cm dimension. Make white petals similar to the yellow ones. Prepare multiple white petals.

Handmade craftsSatin ribbon accessories

Step 14-

Now on the leaf portion, place these white petals to cover the entire surface. Decorate it with silver beads. Place one silver bead in each of the white petals.

Satin flower diy craftsSatin ribbon flower diy crafts

Step 15-

Use the decorative pearls to decorate the larger flowers and place a big golden bead at the center of the yellow flower.

Satin accessories diy

This completes the process and an awesome accessory is ready to use. You can use it to accessorize your dresses. Such DIY accessories look unique and enhance your creativity. You can attach it to gift articles or simply use it as a home décor.

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Have a look at this step by step video tutorial for making this elegant Satin Flower DIY Accessories!

How To Make Cute DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips?

Hair clips are accessories that every girl dreams of. For every hairstyle that you do, you would love to accessorize it with beautiful hair clips. Hair clips make your hairstyle more beautiful than normal. Are you tired of rushing to the store to buy hair clips for every occasion?? Would you rather prefer finding an easy way to have cute hair clips that go with every hairdo and attire of yours? Yes, it is possible to make cute satin flower hair clips with the help of some simple ingredients and an easy procedure.

DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips

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Things You Need

Hair pin crafts for girls

  • Satin Ribbons (Pink and Yellow)- 2.5 cm wide
  • Hair Pins
  • Pearls
  • Foam Sheet
  • Thread and needle
  • Tweezer
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun and Stick

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Step by Step Procedure To Make Cute DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips

Step 1: Cut the Pink satin ribbon pieces measuring 2.5cmx2.5cm.

Step 2: Perform the same with yellow satin ribbon pieces.

Step 3: Burn and seal the satin ribbon strands.

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Step 4: Fold the satin pieces in a triangular shape to get a petal like shape. Cut and seal the bottom.

Satin ribbon flower pin

Step 5: Make multiple such petals.

Hair accessory for girls

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Step 6: Now fold each petal again in a triangular shape and take the innermost part of the petal. Burn and seal the remaining.

Step 7: Using the tweezer make another fold inside the petal and seal the bottom.

Step 8: Fold the yellow satin petals in a triangular shape and fix the pink satin petals inside and seal the petals together. Repeat the same with all the petals.

Handmade decorative hair pin

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Step 9: Now stitch all the petals together using a needle and thread to make a flower.

Satin flower hair pin

Step 10: Make a circular shaped cut out from the foam sheet.

Hair accessories

Step 11: Paste the flower on the circular foam sheet base.

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Step 12: Paste this beautiful flower on your hairpin and decorate the satin flower with pearls and stones.

Hair pin craftHair pin

Have a look at the detailed video tutorial of DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips!

There you go! Your beautiful multi-colored satin flower hair clips are ready. You can choose any color of your choice for the satin ribbons and hair clips. Decorate them as you wish with beautiful pearls and multi-colored stones. Now you will have different hair clips for the different hairstyles you do!!

How To Make Beautiful DIY Kanzashi Flower Using Satin Ribbons?

Do you want to flaunt stylish hair accessories? Do you want a matching hair do for every dress attire? You no longer need to rush to shops to find matching hair accessories for every dress you wear. You can easily make beautiful DIY Kanzashi flower using satin ribbons of different colors that will serve as stylish hair accessories.

DIY Kanzashi Flower Hair Accessory
Let’s Make Easy Kanzashi Flower For Hair Accessory!

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Here is how you can make a beautiful satin ribbon kanzashi flower by following some simple procedures. Following are the things you need and a detailed step by step procedure.

Things You Need


  • Satin Ribbons (Pink and white)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Foam sheet
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Decorative stones
  • Glue gun and stick

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Step by Step Procedure To Make DIY Kanzashi Flower

Step 1: Cut the satin ribbon pieces measuring 12 cm in length each. Cut both pink and white satin ribbon pieces of same length.


Step 2: Fold the satin ribbon cut pieces in half and apply glue at the center and paste the halves.


Step 3: Now fold the ribbon piece inversely on the other side. Burn and seal a portion of the folded side.


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Step 4: Join, burn and seal the bottom to get a petal like structure. Similarly repeat the procedure for different colored satin ribbon pieces.


Step 5: Now make a circular cut out from the foam sheet to be used as a base.


Step 6: Paste the white satin petals on the base to get the first layer of the flower.


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Step 7: Similarly arrange the pink satin petals to get the second layer of the flower. Arrange in alternative colorful layers to get a beautiful colored flower.


Step 8: Decorate each petal of the flower with white or colored stones.

Step 9: Your elegant DIY Kanzashi satin ribbon flower is ready.


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There you go! It is very simple to make stylish hair accessories with colorful satin ribbons. You can make as many as you wish and have matching accessories for your hair makeover.

How to Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower With Beads?

Dahlias are flowers whose beauty blossoms in spring and add the extra décor to your home. They are a perfect addition to your garden and inside your home. Dahlias being beautiful are also extremely expensive to afford. But not to worry, artificial dahlias can be easily made using some simple raw materials at home. Yes, it is possible! DIY Kanzashi Dahlia can be used as table décor, wall décor or accessories. Artificial dahlias are as good looking as the real ones, and extra glamour to your home.

DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower
Let’s See How To Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower With Beads!

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Following are the things you need and a step by step procedure to make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower with beads.

Things You Need


  • Satin ribbons (2.5cm wide)- Both white and pink
  • Foam sheet
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Decorative pearls
  • Beads
  • Glue gun and stick

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Step by Step Procedure to Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Dahlia With Beads

Step 1: Cut white and pink satin ribbon pieces measuring 6 cm.


Step 2: Fold the ribbon lengthwise and trim the corners diagonally. Burn and join the diagonal side. Pleat and seal the other end down.


Step 3: Similarly make the pleats with the white satin ribbon. Make multiple pink and white petals.


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Step 4: Make a circular cut out using a foam sheet.


Step 5: Paste the 1st layer of petals on the edge of the base using glue.


Step 6: Make 2nd layer on the base using white petals. Add layers in alternating colors.


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Step 7: Decorate the satin ribbon dahlia with pearls and beads. You can add the pearls and beads on the petals.

Step 8: Add a fashionable button at the center of the base. Your satin ribbon dahlia is ready.


There you go! Satin ribbon DIY Kanzashi Dahlia are simple to make and serve as a beautiful decoration at home. Follow these simple steps and decorate your home with colorful dahlias for any occasion.

DIY Sewing Projects : How To Make DIY Satin Ribbon Flower!

Learning how to make a Satin Ribbon Flower is undoubtedly the best DIY Sewing Project that you can ever think of making. Making a satin ribbon flower step by step is for sure, a very cool craft and a fun satin art and craft activity to do. Satin ribbon craft ideas are the easy craft ideas for beginners and thus, also make for a fun craft activity for kids to get involved into. Satin ribbon is an absolutely easily available Craft supply that you can get your hands on, in a variety of colors and thus take up such easy sewing projects for beginners.

Satin ribbon flowers can be used to make easy hair accessories for girls, and even use this pretty satin ribbon flower as a patch work idea for your DIY Sewing Projects.

Satin Ribbon Flower Sewing Projects
Let’s Make Easy Accessories For Girls Using Sewing Projects!

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Let us learn how to make DIY Satin Ribbon Flower.

Material Required For DIY Sewing Projects


  • Foam Sheet
  • Decorative Stone & pearls
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Satin Ribbon 2.5 cm
  • Lighter
  • Adhesive

Procedure to Make The Satin Ribbon Flower

Step 1: Take a satin ribbon and using the starting end, make two small triangles, fold them one on top of the other and stitch the end of the ribbon.


Step 2: Sew the end of the triangle, to keep the petal intact and in shape.


Step 3: Continue to add the petals and keep sewing the base till you get a bunch of petals in your hands.


Step 4: Arrange the petals in short intervals as you go ahead sewing the base of the petals for the satin ribbon flower.

Step 5: After completing the sewing of the petals to make the flower, slightly torch the ends of the last end of the ribbon, to burn the edges of the strands of the satin ribbon.


Step 6: Sew a decorative pearl in each petal and paste a decorative stone in the centre.


Step 7: Cut out a small circular piece of foam sheet and paste it to the base of the flower, to give it some strength and for ease to use.



In just a few simple steps, you will get a pretty and decorative Satin Ribbon Flower that you can use as an easy craft idea and have fun with your imagination. Make this exquisite DIY Satin Ribbon Flower and make bridal tiara for wedding hair accessories. Paste this pretty satin ribbon craft on a hair clip and you have a new and easy hair accessory for girls, ready with you.  Wrap and decorate your gifts using this satin ribbon flower and your DIY Gift Wrapping Project will catch all the attention!

When are you trying your hands at making this simple DIY Satin Ribbon Flower? Do share your crafting experiences with us in the comments section!