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Easy Rangoli Design Ideas : How to Make a Beautiful Peacock Feather Rangoli?

Peacock Feather Easy Rangoli Design Ideas

A peacock feather is known for the bright and luminous colors of its feathers that come to life when the peacock puts his beautiful plumage to display. The peacock feather symbolises royalty, love, purity, compassion and pleasure. Easy Rangoli Design Ideas : How to Make Easy Peacock Feather Rangoli Rangoli or sand art is a… Read more »

Rangoli Design Idea : How to Make a Portrait from Rangoli Colors?

Rangoli Design Idea

A human face is a treasure box of thousands of expressions. I have laid my hands on capturing the face of my uncle using Rangoli colors, and I have noticed it quite a few times that he resembles and I often get light glimpses of Salman Khan in his face. Well, he modestly laughs it… Read more »

Creative & Easy Rangoli Idea : How to Make a Beautiful Nature Landscape?

Easy Rangoli Idea - Nature Landscape

Taking some time out from our busy lives, don’t we all feel like taking a short trip to the countryside?? Soaking in the peace and tranquillity of the silence in nature, we seem to drift away in another world. Imagine doing that sitting right in your house! Yes, using Creative & Easy Rangoli Idea, it’s… Read more »