DIY Recycled Organizer – Let’s Make A Cool DIY Plastic Bottle Craft!

We love drinking soft drinks, sodas and juices and our love towards these drinks create a huge stock of plastic bottles in our store room. We throw a huge amount of plastic bottles in the trash every day. Why not make an interesting and unique DIY craft from these waste plastic bottles? There are certain ways sing which, you can make cool plastic bottle crafts and utilize these crafts on daily basis. Today, we are presenting such a cool and useful DIY plastic bottle craft.

So let’s make a cool huge plastic bottle storage craft using the waste plastic bottles!

Things You Need To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

Things You Need To Make DIY Organizer

  • Plastic bottle
  • Printed and color sheets
  • Glue gun
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Divider tool
  • Ruler
  • Cutter

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Steps You Need To Perform To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

Step 1-

DIY Recycled Organizer

Take a huge plastic bottle and cut the top and bottom part of the bottle using a cutter. Also, make a 1.5-inch measurement and cut the portion with a cutter. Also, remove all the labels from the bottle. Now measure the length of 3cm and cut the bottle again from that marking with a cutter. You will get 2 cylindrical parts of the bottle.

Step 2-

Plastic Bottle Craft

Take the 3-inch plastic bottle ring and the other 1.5-inch small plastic bottle ring and place it on the cardboard. Mark the measurements and cut the cardboard using a cutter. Also, keep a small notch or semicircle shape. We need 2 more circles like this and thus, make the measurements and cut 2 other circles. Also, make an inner circle using a pencil in 2 of the cardboard circles.

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Step 3-

Plastic Bottle DIY Craft

Now paste all the inner and outer circles along with the rings on a printed paper. Stick it using glue and trim the extra portion. All the circles and rings will be decorated with the printed sheets now. We will make a small cut on the thick plastic bottle cut-out using a scissor to fix the notch of the circles. Thus, trim a portion from the plastic, apply glue and stick one ring on the top of the plastic ring. Now, take the 1.5-inch plastic ring and in the bottom of this ring, apply some glue and stick a printed paper ring on the bottom using glue.

Step 4-

Plastic Bottle DIY Organizer

Take a printed circle and stick it on the other side of the thin plastic ring to make a complete lid for the craft. Similarly, seal 2 circles together with the top and bottom part with printed paper. Stick these circles to the thick plastic ring and seal the thick box.  Thus, the top and bottom of the craft are ready. Now, take a small cardboard strip and stick it with the top and bottom of the bottle for easy opening and closing.

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Step 5-

Plastic Bottle Organizer DIY Craft

We now need to cover the outer part of the box with colorful and printed sheets. Thus, take the separate measurements of bottom and the top part of the box with a ruler and cut the strips. Using glue, stick the printed paper sheets to the box.

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DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

Here is your beautiful and colorful storage box ready!

With just 5 easy steps, you can prepare such an interesting and awesome looking storage box. You can store your jewelry, your nail paints and accessories, regular makeup tools and much more in this huge DIY plastic bottle storage box!

Prepare this amazing box and you will be able to store a lot of your things easily.

Plastic Bottle Organizer : Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft From Plastic Bottle!

We have ample of plastic bottles of cold drinks, juices etc. in our home. We frequently throw these bottles in the trash. However, there are some amazing ways to use the plastic bottles in an interesting and useful way. We can make some cool storage boxes or DIY crafts using which, you can decorate store all your tiny belongings. Today, we will make a stunning small Plastic Bottle Organizer with a zipper.

Plastic Bottle Organizer

So let’s learn to make a small and interesting plastic bottle craft!

Things You Need To Make The Plastic Bottle Craft

Things You Need To Make DIY Organizer

  • Huge plastic bottle
  • Bag zip
  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Stapler
  • Decorative beads
  • Decorative lace and pearls
  • Bead
  • Laces
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative Tape

Steps You Need To Follow To Make A Plastic Bottle Organizer

Step 1-

Plastic Bottle Organizer

Plastic Bottle DIY Organizer

Take the huge plastic bottle and cut it from the top and bottom. Use a cutter and divide the bottle into 3 parts. We will use the upper and bottom part of the bottle and will throw the center part. First of all, we will seal this top and bottom of the bottle with the bag zipper. Open the zip and apply glue on both the sides of the zip if you have very strong glue.

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Step 2-

Plastic Bottle Organizer DIY Craft

If the adhesive does not stick, you can staple the zip with the bottle. Staple the bottom part of the zip with the bottom of the bottle while the top of the zip with the top of the bottle. Now you can easily open and close the bottle with zipper. Now, to hide the stapler pins, we will decorate the zip with a decorative lace. Thus, apply some glue on the zip and stick a decorative lace on it. Stick the lace on the top and bottom zips and let it get dry.

Step 3-

Organizer From Plastic Bottle

Also, cover the interior part of the staplers, stick the decorative tape on the top and bottom of the bottle. Now, close the zip to decorate the bottle perfectly. Start with decorating the lid of the bottle. Take a lace, apply glue on the lid and stick the lace. Stick a huge circular decorative stone on the top of the lead using glue.

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Step 4-

Now, take the decorative beads and stick the beads above and bottom of the lace and frame the lace with the golden beads. Stick pearls and decorative beads randomly on the top and bottom of the bottle. You can choose colorful as well as single colored beads. You can also try something awesome using these beads and decorate the bottle.

DIY Organizer From Plastic Bottle

With this, our small and decorative storage bottle ready. You can store little things in the bottle. Especially, you can use it in your study room. Place your staplers, glue and office tools in this bottle. You can also use it for storing your hair accessories, small jewelry pieces and stuff in this small box.

Try this amazing DIY Plastic Bottle Organizer and sharpen your DIY skills!

DIY Bangles Box – Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand Just For You!

Bangles are the favourite accessory of women. Since eras, the beautiful bangles have evolved with new designs, beautiful shades and awesome patterns. Years back, the bangles were stored in some royal boxes or bangle stands. These stands were bangle boxes with a circular comfy handle in between to arrange the bangles. We also have some bangle stands in the cupboards where we can hang the bangles.

Today, we are going to make a super pretty bangle box with reusable things. This is a cool DIY bangles box which can be prepared within few minutes. So let’s start making a fancy bangle box using the bottle and some reusable items.

DIY Bangles Box From Plastic Bottle

Things You Need To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand

Things You Need For Making Bangle Stand

  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottle
  • Colours and brushes
  • Decorative beads and wires
  • Decorative Tapes
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard roll
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative stones

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Steps You Need To Perform For Making A DIY Bangles Box From Plastic Bottle

Step 1: Prepare the bangles to stand from plastic bottle

Bangle Box DIY

Let’s begin with the empty plastic bottle. Take the bottle and cut it from the middle using a cutter. We will now use the bottom of the bottle. Take the bottle and cut the bottle from the base. You will get a 2-way open plastic bottle.   Now, take a cardboard sheet and place the trimmed bottle on the cardboard and trace the circle with the pencil. Again make a circle and cut both these circles using a cutter.

Step 2: Prepare the sides of bottle using cardboard

DIY Bangle Box Utility Craft

We have made the 2 cardboard circles to close the sides of the plastic bottle. Thus, take the circles and stick both the circles on the sides using glue. Make sure you stick both the ends thoroughly with glue. This is our base prepared for the bangles stand. Now we need to cut the bottle from between to allow it to stand perfectly in the bangle box. Thus, cut the bottle in between. Cut in a way that you get an openable part form the top of the bottle. Remove the entire segment and then, stick one side of this section with a cello tape to the bottle.

Step 3: Prepare the cardboard roll handles

We now need to make the bangle stand using the cardboard roll. Take the roll and 2 stripes of rolls. Take the measurement of the bottle in which you will place the cardboard roll. Stick the strips of cardboard rolls on both the sides of the bottle to easily place the roll in it. Stick the roll stripes on both the sides and let it get dry.

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Step 4: Colour the cardboard stand inner space

DIY Bangle Box

Now it’s time to colour the cardboards and bottle to give it a decorative look. Thus, colour the inner bottle and sides of the bangles holder with pink shade. When the colour is done, place this bottle aside and let it get dry. For the outer decoration of the stand, you will need printed glitter paper. Apply glue on the plastic bottle and cover the complete outer area and stick the pink glitter paper on it. Also, cover the top of the bangles stand with glitter paper and remove the extra pieces.

Step 5: Decorate the stand with pink glitter paper

DIY Plastic Bottle Bangle Stand

It’s now time to cover the bangle stand with this glitter paper. Thus, apply some glue and stick the glitter paper on the holder too. Remove the extra part and let it get dry. To decorate the sides of both, the handle as well the bangle stand, use pink glitter paper. On the paper, place the bottle and the cardboard roll and draw 4 circles. Cut the circles and using glue, stick these circles on the sides. With the help of the cutter, trim the extra part from the sides.

Step 6: Decorate the stand with golden ribbon

DIY Bangle Stand From Plastic Bottle

It’s now time to decorate the bangle stand beautifully. Thus, take a golden ribbon and stick it on the opening end of the stand. Apply glue with the glue gun and start sticking the ribbon. Let it get dry and set properly. Cover the front, sides top of the stand with this ribbon. Also, add this amazing glitter ribbon on the cardboard roll sides. This will give an extraordinary look to the stand.

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Step 7: Prepare the opening and closing clutch of bangles to stand

DIY Bangles Stand

To make a buckled opening and closing, use pink coloured wire. Cut a small part of the pink wire and stick both the ends on the inner top of the box while making holes with a scissor. Also, use glue to stick the wire perfectly. On the base, take the measurement of the wire and stick a huge golden bead which can easily help in opening and close the box. To decorate it furthermore, use golden bead lace and stick it on the top of the box.

Step 8: Decorate and give finishing touch to the stand

Plastic Bottle Bangle Stand

Decorative ready stones look fabulous and thus, get a huge readymade decorative stone and stick it on the top of the box using glue. To give a steady support to the bulging box, we will use huge golden beads. Take the beads and place 2 beads on one side and 2 on the other sides. Using glue, stick all the 4 beads properly which will prevent rolling of the box while you use it.

Bangle Stand From Plastic Bottle

With this, your fancy bangles stand is ready to use!

Try this pretty, decorative and easy to prepare DIY bangles box to place all your bangles, bracelets and accessories easily. This will not only let your bangles get stored perfectly but will also increase the fanciness of your cupboard!

Try your hand at preparing something interesting like this cool bangle stand and share your innovative experiences with us!

Happy crafting!

Handmade Jute Bag – A Best DIY Craft From Jute!

We shop so many small bags for different purposes and spend money on them while we can make some designer bags at home! Using the waste items like harpic bottle, we can get a broad, thick and stylish bag! If you love to spend your time preparing some usable DIY crafts, here is a fantastic handmade jute bag which you can make at your home within few minutes!

Handmade Jute Bag

Try this easy tutorial with 8 easy steps and a small and strong jute bag will be ready!

Things You Need To Make A DIY Jute Bag

Handmade Jute Bag

  • Jute
  • Harpic bottle
  • Ruler
  • Buckram cloth
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Copper sprat packaging tape
  • Decorative beads
  • Velcro
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative lace

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Steps To Make A Handmade Jute Bag

Step 1- Prepare the cover of the harpic bottle

DIY Handmade Jute Bag

We need to prepare the cover of the bottle and so let’s start by using the buckram cloth. Take the cloth and mark measurements where the width is 10-12 inch while the length is 5 inches. Mark these measurement 1.5 inches above the base of the cloth. We are making this DIY jute bag using an old harpic bottle, so now get the bottle and use this cloth on the bottle. Place the bottle in such a way that the bottom of the bottle fits in the 5 inch height of the marked cloth.

Now troll the bottle in the buckram cloth and stick it with glue gun. Seal the cloth from every side using the glue gun. Let this glue sick properly. This bottle provides thickness and a proper shape to the bag.

Step 2- Seal the bottle in the cloth

As we started marking the cloth 1.5 inches above the base, we will get this area in the bottom of the bottle. Fold this area to make a smooth base. Fold the bottom cloth from all 4 sides and stick it properly using glue. You can wrap it just like a gift paper and give it a smooth finish. Now, one side of the cloth covered bottle is sealed.

Cut the upper part of the cloth where we made measurement marks previously. These marks will cut the top of the cloth from the front. The front top of the bottle is now visible and back is yet covered.

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Step 3- Paste jute on the cloth

DIY Jute Bag

We now need to paste the jute strands on the paper. Apply some glue on the cloth and start wrapping the jute strands on the cloth. Start from the upper end and wrap in a circular manner. Keep applying glue and wrapping the jute till the bottom. Also cover the base of the bottle with this jute strands and cut the extra jute while sticking the edges.

Now that we have gained a proper shape and thickness for a bag, remove the harpic bottle from the jute cloth. We now have a cool and thick bag base prepared!

Step 4- Prepare the flap of the bag

Handmade DIY Jute Bag

Once you remove the harpic bottle, now its time to finish the top or closing of the bag. We have a long square flap which we need to trim into a curvy shaped closing. Draw an arc/half circle on the cloth and cut it with a scissor. Now we have a perfect flap which looks great when closed. We also need to give a jute finish to the flap and thus, start wrapping jute on the flap.

Starting from the bottom, apply layers of glue and wrap jute strands on it. Lightly and smoothly apply jute on the flap.

Step 5- Prepare the belt

We will prepare the belt from in the same technique and thus, we will use jute and buckram cloth for it. Take another buckram cloth and take measurement of 1 inch width. Keep the belt long as possible which you can carry comfortably.  Cut this 1 inch wide and long stripes with a scissor. If the strips are not long enough, stick 2 strips and make a long strip.

Broaden the long strip on the table and make it flat. Apply glue on the strip and paste the jute strand on the cloth.  You will need to make 5-6 such layers of juts strands on the cloth. Fill the entire strip with jute and let it get dry.

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Step 6- Design the bag

Handmade Jute Bag DIY Craft

We need to colour the bag and thus, for a shading effect, we will use packaging tapes. Stick the packaging tape on the jute box. Also apply a second layer below the first packaging tape. Keep continuing till the base of the jute bag. Once the complete jute bag is covered with tapes in layers, now it’s time to colour the bag. Spray the jute bag with copper acrylic spray cover the front, back and the belt with this spray.

Now remove all the packaging tapes form the bag. This will give a beautiful shades and layered colour effect on the bag!

Step 7- Decorate the bag

Handmade Jute Bag DIY

Now that we have prepared a beautiful jute bag with the best shades, its time to add he buckle. We will use Velcro for easy and smooth closing/ opening. Paste the Velcro on the inner side of the flap with the help of glue. Also stick it’s another side on the bottom of the jute bag while taking correct measurements.

To decorate the jute bag, now we need the decorative laces and beads. Get a beautiful decorative pearl lace and stick it in the inner part of the flap. Frame the flap with this beautiful pearl chain. Also use this chain to frame the opening of the bag. Now use a decorative stone to stick on the flap. This will look like a beautiful button for opening and closing the bag.

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Step 8- Attach the belts and give finishing touches

It’s now time to give an exceptional and beautiful finishing touch to the bag, in the bottom, stick some decorative laces. Attach the belt with the bag. For this, apply some glue on both the ends of the belt and stick the belts in the inner sides of the bag. Let it get dry and your beautiful small jute bag is ready to use!

Jute Bag DIY Craft

Here is a classic Handmade Jute Bag which will help you carry small things like your mobile phone, small diary, pen, glasses and such stuff easily! This is a beautiful decorative DIY craft which looks fabulous and can be used anytime anywhere!

Try some beautiful laces and shades on this bag and share it with us!

Waste Bottle Craft – How to Reuse Plastic Bottle to Make Bird DIY Home Decor?

There are so many décor items readily available in the market. But the fun we have while preparing interesting and beautiful DIY crafts at home is nowhere. Nowadays, there are so many crafts which can be prepared from the waste bottles but here is an antique and elegant DIY waste bottle craft you will love!

Waste Bottle Craft

Here is an awesome tutorial for preparing a DIY bird you will surely want to try!

Things You Will Need To Make A DIY Waste Bottle Craft

DIY waste bottle craft

  • Aluminium wire
  • Adhesive
  • Aluminium foil
  • Shilpkar clay
  • Colours and brushes
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Tissue paper
  • Packaging tape
  • Scissors

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Steps To Make A DIY Bird From Waster Bottle

Step 1- Prepare the plastic bottle

DIY waste bottle duck craft

We are now to prepare a beautiful bird from a waste plastic bottle. Thus, grab any plastic bottle with long neck which can suit the shape of the bird. Get a long aluminium wire and cut it around 16 inches long. Now bend the aluminium wire from the centre and press the ends together. Prepare a shape resembling the neck of a swan.

From the bottom, the wire must be straight and at the top, it gets curved. Now stick this wire to the plastic bottle. Stick the wire on the bottle with the help of packaging tape.

Step 2- Wrap the bottle with layers

DIY waste bottle duck

Wrap the packaging tape form the bottom of the wire to the top of the bottle to ensure that the wire is properly stuck with the bottle and will stay stable.  Cut the tape with a scissor and join the end.  Now, we will need an aluminium foil to make a thick and shaped neck of the bird. For this, wrap the aluminium foil on the top of the bottle. The foils are easily wrapped on the materials and will gain a natural shape.

Keep on wrapping layers of aluminium foil on the bottle as well on the neck-face shaped wire. Make the layers thick and tidy to showcase the shape. Also cover the face of the bird. With this, you will get a beautiful shape of the bird with thin neck and a broad swan lie face. Cover the entire bottle with this foil.

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Step 3- Make the outer layer of the décor piece

Waste bottle DIY craft

Once you have gained the shape using aluminium foil, it’s now time to give a perfect stylish look to the bird. For this, take a bowl and pour some glue in it. Apply glue on the aluminium foil and paste the tissue papers on it. Layer the tissue papers and stick these with the help of glue and brush. Apart from the mouth, cover everything with tissue papers and glue.

Waste bottle DIY duck craft

Waste bottle DIY decor craft

Now we need to prepare a beautiful long beak of the bird. For this, use the small strips of the plastic bottle. Cut long and slim beak shaped stripe from the bottle and paste it to the face of the bird. Stick it to the area with aluminium foil with the help of glue. Stick a strip in upwards direction while one on the downwards which will get a shape of open beak of the bird.

Step 4-  Prepare the face of the bird

Take the shilpkar clay and soften it with your hands. Press and fold the clay and make it smooth to apply. Paste this clay on the face of the bird. Cover the complete face with the help of clay. Smooth up the clay with your fingers after sticking to get a clean and perfect face shape. Blend it with the tissue paper layer.

Step 5- Colour the bird

Waste bottle DIY decorWaste bottle duck decor craft

We have prepared a beautiful shape of the bird and now, we need to colour it for a finishing touch. This bottle has gained the shape of a swan or duck and thus, we will colour it with the natural white and blue shades.  Start colouring the bird from the face with white shade. You can use blue shade from the middle and give the best shading effects. Try to imitate the natural colour of ducks.

Colour the duck completely using white, light blue and little yellow shades. Make sure you keep the face white and apply shading effects.

Step 6- Add finishing touches

Waste bottle decor craft

For the finishing touches, colour the beak of the duck in yellow colour. Paint the plastic bottle with thick yellow coats to get a smooth and fine colour. This will make the bird look so natural and beautiful. Also we need to make the eyes of the bird. For this, get 2 glittery pearls and stick it on the sides of the face. Paint the pupil of eye with black colour and two eyes are ready!

Here is a beautiful bird DIY home décor using aluminium foils ready to glorify your home!

This is a sober and elegant DIY craft which can give a minimalist feel to your home décor. If you want it to be more dramatic you can place an artificial water pond besides this beautiful bird.  Also you can prepare a set of different sized birds and paint them with different shades to make it look more divine and beautiful!

Try this extraordinary DIY craft and decorate your living room showcases with some natural décor elements!  Try creating something unique with this bird and share the pictures!

Happy crafting!

Recycled Bottle Craft : Amazing DIY Craft Idea for X-Mas Bells!

Beautiful Christmas bells ring in the most awesome and auspicious time of the year. It’s Christmas decoration time for your home!  And Christmas bells are one of the most commonly used and searched for Christmas Ornament. Chilly winds, the entrance door of the house decorated with Christmas bells, wreaths, stocking and cane candies. Recycled Bottle Craft add a decorative and festive feel to the vibes of the entire house and successfully work as an amazing Home decoration Idea this Christmas and New year.

Recycled Bottle Craft

Beautiful Christmas Bells comes as a surprise, as it is a Recycled Bottle Craft and are used as one of the most loved and commonly used Christmas ornament. So, let us have a look to how it is actually made.

Material Required for Making Recycled Bottle Craft

Platsic bottle bell

  • Plastic bottle
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Golden Metallic Colors
  • Craft wire
  • Cutter
  • Glitter
  • Christmas Decorative bells
  • Decorative baubles
  • Stars
  • Thermocol balls
  • Green tape
  • Adhesive
  • Brushes
  • Pencil
  • Green and red sheets
  • Scale

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Method to Make Cheap Christmas Decoration Bell

Step 1-

Take a plastic bottle and cut the upper portion of the plastic bottle. Trim the edges properly to give a smooth finish top the edges.

Diy christmas bell recycled craft

Step 2-

Paint the bell with Golden Metallic color in Gold . Give it some time to dry.

Christmas bell plastic bottle craft

Step 3-

Cut according to the size of the rim and Paste the Red colored ribbon around the rim of the Bottle.

Plastic bottle recycled craft

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Step 4-

Take a long Craft wire and put some stars, baubles and Decorative Christmas bells into it.

Diy plastic bottle recycled craft

Step 5-

Make a bunch of the decorative items in the craft wire and pass it through the mouth of the bottle. Adjust the length of the wise so that it shows all the decorations well under the bell.

Christmas bell plastic bottle art & craft

Step 6-

Make a multi-fold bow with the help of the red and white colored ribbon. Keep the red bow bigger than the white one and place the white one on top of the red one. Fasten them to each other with a knot behind.

Christmas bell diy

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Step 7-

  • Now, it is time to make the leaves for the Mistle toe!
  • Take the red color sheet and folding it in half cut out a leaf from it.

Plastic bottle diy craft

Step 8-

  • Now with the green sheet, take out a small square shaped paper and curl the diagonal edges with the help of a pencil.
  • Make a small set and a big set of the Green and Red leaf. Stick the green ones on top of the red ones.

Diy plastic bottle christmas bell craft

Step 9-

Paste the set of bows on the mouth of the bottle with the help of a glue.

Christmas bell diy recycled

Step 10-

Stick the set of leaves on the other side of the mouth of the bottle, and stick a bauble at the base of the leaves.

Christmas bell art & craft

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Step 11-

Now, use a star on top of the leaves as a final touch to your lovely and pretty Christmas Bell.

Christmas bell easy diy craft

Step 12-

Add a line of thermocol balls on the edges of the bell and with the help of dots, decorate the entire bell with a design of dots.

Christmas bell diy recycled craft

Christmas bell recycled diy craft

There you have it! Your extremely simple to do and best out of waste Recycled Bottle Craft is finally ready!! Isn’t it one pretty pair of Beautiful Christmas Bells.  Use this lovely bunch of Christmas goodies as your best ornament on the Christmas tree and use this bunch of Beautiful Christmas Bells to ring in the New Year with bundles of Joy.