Valentines Day Cards : How to Make Your Own Valentines Card?

Confused about “How to make your own valentines card”? Valentine’s Day is around the corner and every person in love is curiously thinking a Love Gift or a handmade Valentines Day Cards ideas, for their special someone. Nothing delivers the message of love as sweetly as this beautiful Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This beautiful Love card is worth the effort and time you invest in it. This Valentine’s day express the unsaid emotions with this lovely and bright Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card.

Valentines Day Cards Ideas
Let’s Learn How to Make Your Own Valentines Card!

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Learn the Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Make Your Own Valentines Card!

 Material Required For Making Valentines Day Cards

  • Glossy paper
  • Color paper
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Glitter
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Glitter sheet
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Red Marker

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Let’s See How to Make Your Own Valentines Day Cards

Step 1: Take a white Glaze paper and stick it to the Pink glossy sheet, to give the glossy paper some strength and thickness to hold the card in place.

Step 2: Fold the paper into half breadth wise.

Step 3: Now, to make the hearts required for the pop-up design take a light pink colored paper and fold it in half lengthwise.

Step 4: Make a heart on a white colored paper to make use of it as a stencil.

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Step 5: Now trace the shape of a heart on the pink color paper with the help of the white color stencil.

Step 6: Cut out the heart from the pink color paper.

Step 7: Make similar hearts from a dark pink colored paper too.

Step 8: In this way cut out 2 hearts in light pink color and two hearts in dark pink color.

How To Make Valentines Pop Up Card

Step 9: Now, roughly place the light and dark pink color hearts in alternating color.

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Step 10: Apply some adhesive on the crease of the heart, in the centre, and stick the heart, inside the glossy pink sheet.

Step 11: Make sure the heart you pasted earlier should be visible above the second heart in line.

Step 12: Repeat the placement of the hearts in alternating colors, placing one heart under the other.

Handmade Love Card For Her

Step 13: Take the decorating glitter and draw a dotted glitter outline on the border of every heart.

Valentines Special Card

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Step 14: Take a glitter sheet and make red glitter decorative hearts with it.

Step 15: Stick them forming an adjoining design in the lower corners of the card.

Step 16: Take a red marker pen and write a love message of your wish in the card.

Step 17: Stick the base heart of the pop-up design firmly to the card with the help of the glue.

Step 18: Now make silver and red heart cut outs from the glitter sheets, and paste them in the central card of the Pop-Up design, giving the card a decorative look.

Handmade Love Card For Him

Step 19: Wrap the card with a red glitter heart and a beautiful satin ribbon as a final touch.

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Your fabulous and Love-filled Romantic Heart Pop-up Card is absolutely ready! As soon as your boyfriend or girlfriend will open up this Love Card falling in love again is guaranteed. Create such beautiful handmade valentines day cards and open up your heart to your special someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Amazing Card Making Ideas : How To Make DIY Pop-Up Greeting Card!

Sometime or the other all crafters avidly look for amazing card making ideas. So here is another reason for you to make a handmade greeting card and thus learn how to make a Pop-Up Design Card. Easy handmade gift ideas are available in plenty but making a pop-up design greeting card for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday or any other special occasions add to the sentimental quotient of the occasion.

Amazing Card Making Ideas
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There are endless options when it comes to easy card making ideas, but pop up cards have their own special space. Let us see how to make a Pop-Design Card for any occasion, and indulge our time in making a creative craft.

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Material Required to Implement Card Making Ideas


  • Handmade sheet
  • White paper
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue
  • Cutter
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic colour
  • Brush
  • Plastic tub
  • Decorative stone
  • Glitter pen
  • Colour pencils

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Procedure to Make the Pretty Handmade Greeting Card

Step 1: Begin by marbling the paper. Marbling the paper is like dyeing the paper with water and acrylic colours to get a marble-like design.

Step 2: Take a plastic tub and fill in some water.


Step 3: Take some acrylic colour in the brush and place the colour on the surface of the water.


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Step 4: Slowly place a sheet of white paper on the water and let the paint print itself on the white paper. This will give you a marbled print on the paper.


Step 5: Let the paper dry and then cut it into a perfect square shape.


Step 6: Fold the paper to get diagonal crease and the collect the paper in the centre to give you two overlapping triangles.

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Step 7: Refold to get a middle crease and then fold further to get smaller triangles in the base.

Step 8: Flip the paper to do the same. This will give you the folding needed to close the paper.


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Christmas Card Ideas : How to Make an Easy Handmade Card For Christmas!

Christmas Card Ideas carry their own charm even today! Making an easy greeting card for kids, is a fun activity for them that they can get their hands on making an easy greeting card, in their Festive Holidays.

Easy Christmas Greeting cards to make at home using easy paper folding and DIY Craft ideas is very simple and very pocket-friendly too! Making an easy greeting card doesn’t call for much of craft supplies. Just a few colored papers, glitter adhesive and another ready-at-home material Making a Christmas Pop-up Card  gives a special feeling to the person it is given to.

Let’s have a look  how to make handmade Christmas Greeting Cards.

Christmas Card Ideas
How to Make an Easy Handmade Christmas Greeting Cards At Home?

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Material Needed for Making Easy Christmas Greeting Cards

  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Coloured papers (Red Textured handmade sheet and Printed Light Green Paper)
  • Scale
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Glitter

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Christmas Card Ideas : Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Take two coloured papers, in contrasting colours. We have taken red and green keeping the festival of Christmas in mind.

Step 2: We will be placing one paper inside the other, preferably the light green coloured one on top of the red coloured paper.

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Step 3: So, take the light green coloured paper and make a marking of 1cm on all four sides. Cut out 1 cm thick strips from all four sides.

Step 4: Fold the light green coloured paper into half along the breadth.

Step 5: Take a scale and mark 3 markings of 1.5 cm respectively.

Step 6: Measure the creased side of the paper i.e. 19 cm and make 3 markings of 1.5 cm. Make a mark at each ½ cm marking and draw lines to facilitate you while cutting.Make incisions and cut 2.5 cm along on the lines drawn as shown in the video.

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Step 7: Make incisions and cut 2.5 cm along on the lines drawn as shown in the video.

Step 8: Now with the help of your fingers gently push out the cut papers to help them fold easily and pop the designs we are about to paste on them.

Step 9: Now place the green paper on the red one and draw the outline of the light green paper on the Red one.

Step 10: Now draw a small Christmas tree, on all four sides, inside this outline, and cut out the traced Christmas tree, with the help of a cutter. Do not cut the trunk of the Christmas tree. These cut outs will serve as a clip in which you will hook the light green paper.

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Step 11: Now insert the light green paper and let the 4 Christmas trees in each corner overlap it.Let’s make the

Step 12: Let’s make the pop up designs now! Sketch a Santa Cap on a red coloured paper and cut it out. Give his Cap a fluffy white border and a little pompom for the top end of his Cap.

Step 13: Now take a broad strip of dark green coloured paper and make two Pine tree cut outs from it as shown in the video.

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Step 14: Decorate the Santa Cap and the two Pine Tree cut outs with the help of Glitter.

Step 15: Once dry and ready, paste these pop out designs on the folds we created in the centre of our card. You can make a snowflake, mistletoe or candy cane or any other Christmas ornament for the pop-up designs.Any greeting card is incomplete without a special message or wishes for the festival or occasion. With a sketch pen writes merry Christmas or a message of your desire.

Step 16: Any greeting card is incomplete without a special message or wishes for the festival or occasion. With a sketch pen writes merry Christmas or a message of your desire.

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Step 17: Decorate the Christmas tree on the four corners and the message written in the card, with the help of glitter.

Making easy Christmas greeting cards couldn’t get simpler? This DIY paper craft is a fun craft activity for kids, so they can also have a fun time and indulge in Christmas celebrations too! Christmas greeting cards are a fun paper craft activity to do at home and also make for a family fun craft.

So this Christmas and New Year send special messages, regards, and best wishes to your loved ones with a wonderful Christmas Pop-up Greeting Card, and receive compliments for your awesome christmas card ideas!

Have some Ideas or suggestions for the making easy Christmas Greeting Cards? Share your Christmas Card Ideas with us!