Learn Top 5 Creative & Beautiful DIY Easy Origami Flowers!

A fun Origami Paper Flowers Projects is something that every avid crafter would love to take up. And there is no other craft as easy as learning 5 pretty and creative Paper Origami Flowers. Origami flowers instructions, if known clearly, can give you amazingly beautiful crafts in the form of elegant paper flowers. Easy Origami Flowers can also be used for Fun DIY projects for kids too.

Learning how to fold paper using origami technique of paper folding is something that should be encouraged as making easy paper craft  using Origami Art enhances crafting abilities of the child. There are lots of flowers to have fun with, using easy Origami Flowers making instructions step by step.

DIY Easy Origami Flowers

If you are worrying about finding Origami flowers for beginners, then read on the 5 ways of making Easy Origami Flowers.

Let’s See 5 Creative Ways of Making Easy Origami Flowers!

1. Simple Origami Kusudama Flower

Making an Origami Kusudama Flower is a new take applying a modular approach of Origami Paper folding in which you fold a unit of paper 4 or 5 times. The Origami Kusudama Flower is an easy paper craft idea that you can use for a variety of home decoration purposes. Make 6 to 8 Kusudama flowers and bunch them up to make an Origami Kusudama Flower Ball, which in turn can be used very well for home decoration or deck up the venue of any party.

You can also use Origami Kusudama Flower to make a Flower Bouquet and use it as a handmade gift idea for your mother on Mother’s Day or for your bride-to-be to hold on her D- Day. This Origami Kusudama Flower can also be used by preschool teachers as an easy craft for toddlers too. Do try out making this simple Do It Yourself Paper Flower.

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2. Bold and Beautiful DIY Origami Lotus Flower

Making an Origami Lotus is something that will make you realize that handmade crafts have an altogether different appeal when it comes to using easy handmade paper flowers for home Decorations. This amazing looking Origami Lotus is an awesome paper craft idea that can add beauty and life to an empty table in the corner of your living room.

Place this Origami Lotus as the centre piece of your coffee table or even at your work desk as a room decor idea. The best part about making this Origami Paper Lotus is that a piece of paper and some clever and tactful Origami Paper Folding technique is something that you need. If you have been wondering how to make paper flowers at home then this Easy Origami Paper Lotus Flower is something that you should definitely try making as a Do It Yourself at Home Craft.

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3. Creative Origami Paper Curler Flower

If you are searching for easy paper flower making ideas for beginners then this Origami Paper Curler Flowers is the easiest handmade craft ever! The best thing about this easy Origami Flower is that it gets ready in just a few minutes. Make Origami Flower making step by step tutorials a part of your craft sessions as they provide you a clear account of what is to be done and how. Using easy to make Origami Paper Curler Flowers for Gift wrapping Projects during festivities like Birthdays and Valentine’s Day is an absolutely successful idea.

Origami Paper Curler Flowers

This Origami Paper Curler Flowers is so easy that you can also use it as a fun art and craft activity for your kids and also as ideas for kid’s Craft Project at School. Making paper curlers is a totally new concept amongst paper crafters. You can make as many paper curler units, the more the paper curlers the bigger the paper flower.

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4. Cute and Small Origami Lotus Flower

The highlight feature of Easy Origami Paper Craft is that it caters to the special craft requirements of kid’s easy craft ideas too. This lovely Origami Lotus is one of the most basic of easy paper crafts to do with paper and crafts for kids too. Making a cute and simple craft of Origami Paper Lotus Flower is that it is not that complicated and difficult as it seems to be.

You can opt for a textured paper or a beautiful delicately printed paper sheet to make this Origami Lotus Flower and then use them as handcrafted room decoration ideas. A couple of Origami Lotus along with floating candles in a bowl, and that is a new home decoration idea.

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Easy Origami Paper Lotus Flower can be made a part of girl’s room decoration too. Use this Vibrant colored Origami Lotus Flower at the entrance of your home to invite positive vibes inside your home.

5. Vibrant Origami Kusudama Floral Decoration

There is nothing more special and appealing if you receive a handmade gift well wrapped and pretty to look at. This is why we bring this Origami Kusudama Easy Floral Decoration idea in vibrant and perky colors to bring in a zing of happiness and energy.

This Origami Kusudama Floral Decoration is a creative craft project for kids and they can use this pretty to look at and easy to make origami Kusudama Floral Decoration idea at school for their craft projects at school. This Floral Decoration uses the Idea of Kusudama Folding technique and this craft can easily be used as an artsy piece for your home decorations too.

Have a look here step by step tutorial on Origami Kusudama Floral Decoration

Decorative Kusudama Room Decor Arts are made by joining together a specific set of paper units together forming a beautiful paper design that you can use to bring in charm and sophistication to your home.

So the next time you take up a DIY easy paper crafts Project do not forget to learn how to make easy Origami flowers at home. Origami Art- being an ancient paper folding art hailing its root back in Japan, has always had a special place in the hearts of people who practice creative art and crafts using paper and also for beginners in paper crafts.

Happy 5 Easy Origami Flowers making!

DIY Origami Flowers : How to Make Kusudama Paper Flowers!

When we talk about origami flowers, learning how to make easy Kusudama Paper Flowers is the best DIY home project idea that you can make use of. Apart from being a great DIY Project for Kids, it is an awesome easy paper craft idea for beginners.

Do it Yourself Crafts have lately been quite a thing amongst people who enjoy doing easy paper crafts at home. Easy paper flower tutorials for beginners is something that is most searched for by craft lovers. Kusudama – being an ancient paper folding technique is one of the most convenient ways of learning how to make paper flowers at home. From kid’s school projects to adding beauty and grace to your home decor, these easy paper flowers serve all purposes.

Beautiful & Super Easy DIY Kusudama Origami Flowers!

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We bring for you a special and custom made step by step tutorial on how to make easy DIY Kusudama paper flowers.

Material Required for Making Kusudama Origami Flowers

Easy diy kusudama origami flowersDiy kusudama origami flowers

  • Colored paper
  • Scale
  • Crafty Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Crepe Paper
  • Cotton
  • Craft Wire
  • Sequins
  • Thread

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Procedure For Making Kusudama Paper Flowers

Step 1: Take a square piece of paper and fold it diagonally to form overlapping triangles.

Easy diy origami kusudama flowersOrigami kusudama paper flowers

Step 2: Keep the centre of the crease as your marking, fold the paper to form small triangle.

Step 3: This will give you a diamond shaped paper with two opening flaps.

How to make kusudama flowers

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Step 4: Fold the triangle outwards to give you open flapped triangles.

Kusudama flowers easy paper crafts

Step 5: Refold the triangles on both the sides.

Kusudama flowers diy craftsKusudama flowers diy decor

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Step 6: Paste both the sides of the triangles with each other to form a petal.

Kusudama flowers diy home decorKusudama flowers diy room decor

Step 7: Make 8 such petals similarly.

Kusudama flowers folding technique

Step 8: Glue all the petals together to form a flower.

Kusudama flowers paper folding

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Step 9: Open up the petals and arrange them properly.

Kusudama flowers easy diy home decor

Step 10: Cut a square shaped paper and take some cotton.

Step 11:Wrap up some cotton in that crepe paper and cotton to make the flower bud.

Kusudama paper flowers diy home decor

Step 12: Cover the craft wire with green tape.

Step 13:Wrap the pink crepe paper firmly around the cotton firmly with a thread.

Kusudama paper flowers home decor

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Step 14:Paste some glue on the pink bud and sprinkle some sequins to paste on them.

Diy kusudama flowers

Step 15: Insert the craft wire in the centre of the flower.

Kusudama flowers decor

There it’s done! Your very own Home decoration idea of making easy and beautiful Kusudama origami flowers just got completed. There is no other way as simple and easy as watching this complete step by step detailed tutorial on how to make easy Kusudama flowers. Easy DIY Home Decor Projects couldn’t get more fun! From Birthdays and Anniversaries to Mother’s Day and Festive occasions, these Do It Yourself Flowers are the ideal gift!

Let’s see the video for making this beautiful & super easy diy origami flowers.

Let good crafting begin! Send in your amazing experiences while making this craft and you never know you might get featured!