Beautiful Satin Ribbon Flower DIY Hair Accessories!

Flower accessories are becoming common day by day. It is a form of hair ornamentation. It is used to decorate the hair and serves as a perfect accessory. There are several hair accessories easily available in the market, however, DIY hair accessories can be made at home as well. It is a perfect wear for parties and functions and has a very different look. Below we shall make one such unusual yet attractive flower hair accessory.

Satin Ribbon Flower DIY Hair Accessories

Things Required

Things you need for peacock color flower

  • Foam sheet
  • Satin ribbons (blue, purple, green, yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Thread and needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Decorative pearls and stones
  • Rubber band

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Step by Step Procedure for Making DIY Hair Accessories

Step 1

  • Take yellow and green satin ribbons of 2.5cm width.
  • Cut the green ribbons into pieces of 9cm each and the yellow ones into 6cm length.

Green yello satin ribbon

  • Fold these ribbon pieces from the centre and seal the folded end for both the yellow and green ribbons using a lighter.
  • Take the yellow petal and seal the edges of the petal with a lighter.
  • Place the yellow petal inside the green petal, burn and seal the base of the green petal along with the yellow petal.
  • Make several such petals and keep them aside.

Green yello satin ribbon petals

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Step 2

  • Draw a circle on the green foam sheet.
  • Cut out this circle and apply glue on the edges.

Green foam circle

  • Stick the dual coloured petals on the outer edges of the circle.

First layer of satin flower

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Step 3

  • In a similar fashion, cut blue and purple colour ribbons of length 9 cm and 5 cm respectively.

blue purple satin

  • Fold the blue and purple ribbon pieces to form petals. Burn the base of the petals to seal them.
  • Make multiple such pieces.

Blue purple satin petals

  • Paste the blue petals next to the dual coloured petals.
  • Similarly, arrange the purple petals on the inner side of the blue petals.

Satin flower second third layer

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Step 4

  • Take navy blue ribbon and cut them into 2.5cm wide pieces.
  • Fold these pieces into triangles two times.
  • Seal the edges of these triangles to make petals.
  • Make multiple such petals.

Neavy blue satin petals

  • Use a thread and needle to sew these petals such that it appears like a flower.

Neavy blue satin flower

  • Paste this flower in the centre of the design.

Final layer of satin flower

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Step 5

  • Take the decorative pearls and sew them to each petal of the centre flower.
  • Use the decorative stones on the flower base to decorate them.

Flower decoration with pearls

  • Apply glue on the backside of the foam paper.
  • Paste the rubber band to the foam base.

Peacock shade flower

Let’s have a look at the step by step procedure for making satin ribbon flower DIY hair accessories.

Your satin flower is now ready to use. It is a multi-coloured flower accessory and has the peacock colours embedded in it. It looks very attractive and has an elegant appearance. It is easy to make and all the materials used are easily available. Use this beautiful accessory on the hair and showcase your creativity.

How to Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower With Beads?

Dahlias are flowers whose beauty blossoms in spring and add the extra décor to your home. They are a perfect addition to your garden and inside your home. Dahlias being beautiful are also extremely expensive to afford. But not to worry, artificial dahlias can be easily made using some simple raw materials at home. Yes, it is possible! DIY Kanzashi Dahlia can be used as table décor, wall décor or accessories. Artificial dahlias are as good looking as the real ones, and extra glamour to your home.

DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower
Let’s See How To Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower With Beads!

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Following are the things you need and a step by step procedure to make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower with beads.

Things You Need


  • Satin ribbons (2.5cm wide)- Both white and pink
  • Foam sheet
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Decorative pearls
  • Beads
  • Glue gun and stick

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Step by Step Procedure to Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Dahlia With Beads

Step 1: Cut white and pink satin ribbon pieces measuring 6 cm.


Step 2: Fold the ribbon lengthwise and trim the corners diagonally. Burn and join the diagonal side. Pleat and seal the other end down.


Step 3: Similarly make the pleats with the white satin ribbon. Make multiple pink and white petals.


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Step 4: Make a circular cut out using a foam sheet.


Step 5: Paste the 1st layer of petals on the edge of the base using glue.


Step 6: Make 2nd layer on the base using white petals. Add layers in alternating colors.


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Step 7: Decorate the satin ribbon dahlia with pearls and beads. You can add the pearls and beads on the petals.

Step 8: Add a fashionable button at the center of the base. Your satin ribbon dahlia is ready.


There you go! Satin ribbon DIY Kanzashi Dahlia are simple to make and serve as a beautiful decoration at home. Follow these simple steps and decorate your home with colorful dahlias for any occasion.