Christmas DIY Crafts : How to Make Beautiful Paper Basket for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of celebration and we all love to enjoy this time. Exchanging gifts, preparing homemade dishes are part of this celebration. Then why not make Christmas DIY Crafts as homemade gifts for our friends and relatives. Well doesn’t it sound interesting!

Paper baskets are becoming common these days for gifting option. It is both eco-friendly and looks attractive. We bring here a simple homemade paper basket which will be ideal to place your gifts for the auspicious occasion.

Christmas DIY Crafts

Please have a look at the step by step tutorial for Beautiful Paper Basket for Christmas Gifts!

Things Needed For Making Christmas DIY Crafts

Pink basket diy christmas craft

  • Colour paper
  • Adhesive
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Decorative colour paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Decorative pearls

Step by Step Procedure For Making Paper Basket

Step 1

  • First and foremost, download the FREE template from our website.
  • This template can be used on a colour sheet. Use a colour sheet of your choice.

Diy pink basket craft

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Step 2

  • There are 3 patterns as per the template
  • Cut the outer side of each pattern to obtain the final design.

Diy paper basket craft

  • Use a cutter on the markings which is present in the design. It will help in folding the markings accurately.
  • Fold along the markings and the pieces are now ready to be attached.

Pink basket diy craft

  • Stick the pieces together and make the basket stand.

Diy basket christmas craft

Step 3

  • Take the decorative colour paper and carefully place the basket on the paper.
  • After measuring the size of the basket, cut the decorative colour paper of size slightly less than the original basket. We require 2 such pieces to be pasted on the front and rear surface.

Christmas craft gift idea

  • Take the decorative pearl string and decorate the top surface of the basket. Also, stick some pearls on the basket handle to give it an attractive look.

Pink basket diy christmas craft for gift

You can now gift something in this beautiful basket during Christmas!

Then why wait, just make his cute basket and showcase your creativity. We all like something unique and this basket is really unique in itself. Moreover, it can be made in a very less time.

Just make these small baskets and surprise your friends and loved ones.

Happy Crafting!!

How to Make Royal DIY Diwali Christmas Lantern from Drinking Straw?

Diwali is an auspicious occasion and we all love decorating our houses. We mostly use lanterns and lampshades to decorate our homes. Let us make a simple yet elegant diy diwali lantern which can be used as home decor.

DIY Diwali Lantern


Things Needed for DIY Diwali Lantern

Things you need

  • Cardboard
  • Glossy paper
  • Drinking straw
  • Decorative mirror
  • Decorative laces
  • Decorative pearls
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun

Procedure For Making DIY Diwali Lantern From Drinking Straw

Step 1

  • Take a thin cardboard of dimension 42*22 cm.
  • Use a scale and mark 4 cm distance on the sheet.
  • Draw vertical lines on the sheet from the marking points.

Homemade diwali lantern

  • Again mark 2 cm distance on the sheet across at the edges.
  • Draw a horizontal line joining these points.
  • Draw parallel lines close to the vertical lines. This forms as the gap in the lantern.

Diy diwali lantern for decoration

  • Use a cutter and cut out the paper sheet between the vertical lines.

Homemade diwali lantern for decoration

Step 2

  • Fold and join the end of the sheet to form a cylindrical shape.

Diwali lantern for decoration diy

  • Cut out a circular glossy sheet which forms the base of the lantern.
  • In the centre, cut a small circular piece.
  • Paste the circular sheet at one end of the cylinder.

Royal diwali lantern for decoration diy

Step 3

  • Take the drinking straw and cut them in the same length of the cylinder.
  • Cut several straws of equal length.
  • Paste these straws on the cylinder.
  • Fill the gaps using small pieces of straw.

Diy diwali lantern

Step 4

  • Cut out the decorative laces similar to the length of the cylinder.
  • Paste these laces on the cardboard length wise.
  • Decorate the lamp shade using decorative mirrors.

Diy diwali lantern using drinking straws

  • Take two different colour laces and decorate the top and bottom end of the cylinder.
  • Paste decorative pearls at the top end of the cylinder.

Step 5

  • To make tassels for the lampshade, take a thin glossy sheet.
  • Cut thin horizontal strips till three fourth of the sheet.

Diwali lantern diy

  • Paste the tassel at the bottom end of the sheet using glue stick.

Royal diwali lantern diy

  • The decorative lamp shade is ready to use.

Diy royal diwali lantern

Have a look at step by step video tutorial on how to make royal DIY Diwali lantern from drinking straw.

You can use this lampshade in Diwali and show them to your guests and relatives. It is easy to make and the materials are readily available in the market. It makes an excellent decorative item for your home and you can use your creativity to decorate the same. Hope you have enjoyed making the Diwali lamp shade. Happy Diwali!!

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas That You Will Surely Love!

Christmas is here and so is the time to make easy and lovely to look at DIY Christmas decorations. Kids especially get extra interested in making DIY home decorations for Christmas. Let the creative juices of the entire family flow and get your hands on making super quick Christmas decoration. And we will show you in this craft video, homemade easy & cheap DIY Christmas decorations ideas that you will surely love!

There are a number of Home decor ideas for Christmas that give your home a complete Christmas feel and festive look. Christmas Decorations are a sign that happy holidays have begun and it is time to spread happiness and joy.

We bring for you a quick cheat on how to make easy and cheap decorations for Christmas this season to give your house a festive feel and look.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Material Required for DIY Christmas Decorations

  • Dried branch
  • Empty Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Christmas Baubles
  • Golden Craft Wire
  • Cotton
  • Adhesive
  • White ribbon
  • Red ribbon
  • Golden Fabric Color

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Procedure to Create DIY Christmas Decorations

Step 1-

Begin with the Golden Color. Take the dried branch and colour it completely with golden color. Let it dry completely.

Step 2-

Take the empty bottle and wrap around it the red colored ribbon in a spiral design.

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Step 3-

Similarly, wrap around the bottle the white colored ribbon in the spiral design, creating an alternate red and white pattern on the bottle.

Step 4-

Put the golden colored painted branch in the bottle.

Step 5-

Next, take the Golden craft wire and attach it to the Christmas baubles, giving the baubles a string.

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Step 6-

With the help of the craft wire, hang these colorful baubles on the branch.

Step 7-

Hang the baubles strategically covering the entire branch with hanging baubles.

Step 8-

Cut a red piece of square shaped paper in the dimensions of 14cm from each side, from the red paper.

Now let’s begin making the Santa!

Step 9-

Trim one corner of the square paper giving it a rounded edge and shape it into a cone to make the hat of the Santa.

Step 10-

Apply some adhesive along the inner sides of the base of the cap and then paste the cap on top of the mouth of the empty jar.

Step 11-

Take some cotton and shape it into a ball. Stick it on the tip of the Santa’s cap.

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Step 12-

Now with the help of a pencil draw oval shaped eyes for the Santa on a black paper sheet, and cut them out.

Step 13-

With the help of the adhesive paste these eyes on the empty jar. Take a nozzle glitter tube and add some detailing to the eyes of the Santa.

Step 14-

Take some cotton and spread it a little to stick it onto the jar, making it look like the white fluffy beard of the Santa.

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Step 15-

In the end, take the decorative stars and bells and hang them onto the golden branch and with the aid of cotton pieces give the decoration a snow effect.

Quick, super easy, cheap and takes the minimal time to create a wonder decoration for your house for this festive season. Give the Santa a happy place in your house. Place both these decoration items in your living room, and wish your visitors a joyful and happy festive season! 

What ideas are you trying out to decorate your house? Give us a sneak peak into your preparations through your feedback and spread love with your comments!