Unique DIY Homemade Nameplate from Cardboard With Brick Effect!

We all like to put a nameplate outside our home. It feels great pride to have your name carved on a nameplate and hang it outside your home. These days different nameplates with different styles and designs are available in the market. There are several options to choose from and you can even get it delivered from online shopping. The important thing is when you choose your home yourself, design and decor the home as per your needs and creativity then why opt to buy a nameplate outside. The DIY homemade nameplate will be the best idea for your home.

DIY Homemade Nameplate

Here we bring you a beautiful DIY Homemade Nameplate which you can make easily and display your creativity. It is unique and looks amazing which will have an essence of the brick effect and can perfectly blend with home.

Things Needed

Things You Need To Make DIY Nameplate

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Bowl
  • Scissors
  • Colors
  • Decorative flowers
  • Clay
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Water
  • Glue gun & stick
  • Thick cardboard
  • Tissue papers
  • paper

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Procedure To Make DIY Homemade Nameplate

Step 1-

DIY Homemade Nameplate from Cardboard

  • Take a thin cardboard and draw the pattern as shown.
  • Cut along the pattern to get the base shape for making the nameplate.
  • Cut the cardboard into small pieces. We will need several such small pieces.
  • Paste the small cardboard pieces on the base of the nameplate cardboard.
  • This will give the look of a nameplate with brick effect.

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Step 2-

Nameplate from Cardboard With Brick Effect

  • Take a tissue paper and crumble it in your hands.
  • Apply glue to it and stick the tissue paper on the cardboard. Cut the extra tissue which is present outside the border of the nameplate frame.
  • Allow it to dry for some time.
  • Once it is completely dry, apply the brick color on the tissue paper.
  • Be careful to apply the brick color only in the areas where you have pasted the small cardboards to give it a brick look.
  • Remaining area paint using a darker shade preferably maroon color.
  • Color the outlines with the same color to complete its look.

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Step 3-

DIY Nameplate from Cardboard With Brick Effect

  • Take a color paper similar to the color of the brick.
  • Paste the color paper on the backside of the nameplate.
  • In the center of the nameplate, we will use clay to make some designs.
  • Take some clay balls and make rolls out of it.
  • Stick the rolls to write the word HOME on your nameplate.
  • Take water and wet the clay HOME slightly with it.
  • Use a yellow color paint to paint the alphabets.
  • Take golden color paint and highlight the bricks and the alphabets for a metallic finish.

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Step 4-

DIY Nameplate from Cardboard

  • To hang the nameplate outside, we will make it as a wall hanging.
  • Take a satin ribbon and apply glue on the backside of the nameplate.
  • Paste the satin ribbon on the backside.
  • To decorate, paste the artificial decorative flowers at one corner of the wall hanging.

Your nameplate is now ready to use.


This beautiful brick wall hanging DIY Homemade Nameplate looks really elegant when hanged outside your home. You can also use your creativity and write your name on it. The craft looks very simple yet elegant and it is easy to make as well as elevates the show off your house. Try making this easy DIY Homemade Nameplate at home and share your inputs.

Have a look at the step by step video tutorial for making this DIY Homemade Nameplate!

Happy Crafting!!

DIY Origami Crafts : How to Make an Easy Origami Lotus!

DIY Origami Crafts are always the first choice amongst people searching for easy craft ideas for beginners as Origami art is one of the simplest forms of Easy paper crafts. Amongst all other Origami Flowers, Origami flower tutorials and how to make an easy Origami Lotus is something that is asked for, the most. Being an easy kid’s crafts idea, keep this Origami Lotus Making as a cool craft and a fun art and craft activity to engage your kids in and develop paper crafting skills in them from a young age.

Origami Crafts Ideas!
Make an Easy Origami Lotus for Your Kids & Help Them to Explore Their Origami Crafts Ideas!

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Make an Origami Lotus for your kid’s school projects and also transform your home to give it a decorative look. Home decor Ideas can definitely be completed with the help of this pretty Origami Lotus.

Let us learn how to make an Easy Origami Lotus.

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Material Required to Make Easy DIY Origami Crafts


  • Color paper
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Scissor

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Procedure to Make an Easy Origami Lotus

Step 1: Fold the paper to make bisecting creases on the paper.


Step 2: Fold all the four corners inwards to form 4 triangles.


Step 3: Refold the four corners inwards.


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Step 4: Neatly fold all the corners inwards, once more.


Step 5: Flip the folded side to face the table, and get the plain side up.

Step 6: Fold in the four corners, neatly once more.


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Step 7: Crimp in the four corners with your fingers firmly.

Step 8: Hold the centre firmly and bring up the paper flaps, up from behind the folds.


Step 9: Similarly bring up the second layer of flaps, from under the base of the flower.


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Step 10: For a more attractive look you can make this pretty origami lotus with different types of papers like glitter sheet or texture sheets.


Use these pretty Origami Lotus Flowers for home decoration and as a part of your living room Home Decor and as a centrepiece of your Living Room Decor. Include this Origami Lotus Flower Making art and craft activity as a part of your Fun DIY Home Crafts Projects. Origami Art can give you endless options of making paper models and thus making this Origami Lotus will definitely sharpen the creativity of your children.

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DIY Home Decor Ideas : How to Make Beautiful Peacock With Plastic Spoons?

Wish to explore your creativity for your next DIY Home Decor Ideas? Got some extra plastic spoons left with you after a party? Heard of plastic spoon crafts?  Well, then mix and match the two ideas and learn how to make a beautiful peacock with Plastic Spoons. Sounds unbelievable? Make this peacock as a best out of waste idea for school children, and a full score is guaranteed.

With me this time you can easily access a complete and detailed step by step tutorial on how to make a beautiful Peacock using Plastic Spoons. You will be surprised that this recycled craft works wonders as an interesting DIY Home Decor Idea.

Plastic Spoons Peacock DIY Home Decor Craft
Let’s Learn Plastic Spoons Peacock DIY Home Decor Craft!

Material Required to Make this Plastic Spoons DIY Home Decor

Material-required-for-plastic-spoon-craft Plastic-spoon-craft-things-you-need

  • Fabric Colours
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Decorative Stones
  • Glitter paper
  • Coloured paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cotton Bud
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Craft glue
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue Gun

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Procedure to Make DIY Home Decor from the Plastic Spoons

Step 1: Begin by making the feathers of the peacock. Grab a handful of plastic spoons and paint them using fabric colors in strokes and designs, forming the design of the peacock’s feathers.


Step 2: Let the paint of the spoons dry completely.


Step 3: Now take a white paper and draw the face, beak, crest and neck of the peacock.

Step 4: Cut it out and use it as a stencil. Using the white paper stencil, trace it out on a cardboard.

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Step 5: Cut the cardboard along the design of the peacock’s body and cut it with the help of a cutter.

Step 6: Cut out a circular cardboard so that you get a base to stick on the peacock’s feathers i.e is the plastic spoons.


Step 7: Take a coloured paper and cut it of the same size as that of the circular cardboard. Wrap the circular cardboard with it and stick a glitter paper on one of its side to cover it.


Step 8: This gets the base of your craft ready.

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