DIY Quilled Paper Necklace : How To Make Handmade Jewellery?

Nowadays, jewelry is getting modern and contemporary. Women always look forward to refreshing and new jewelry pieces. The modern jewellery also consists of jewelry pieces which look awesome. Quilling is an art and using this art, you can prepare some delicate and elegant jewelry. If you want a gracious and handmade jewellery item, grab some quilling strips and use your creativity to make this DIY Quilled Paper Necklace!

DIY Quilled Paper Necklace

Let’s learn to make a gorgeous DIY Quilled Paper Necklace with this easy tutorial!

Things You Need To Make A Quilled Paper Necklace

Things You Need To Make A Quilled Paper Necklace

  • Quilling strips (4 mm)
  • Quilling needle
  • Tweezers/plucker
  • Craft glue
  • Colour brush
  • Scissor
  • Glue gun
  • Craft wire
  • Beads
  • Jump rings
  • Hooks
  • Pliers

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Steps To Make A DIY Quilled Paper Necklace

Step 1-

DIY Quilled Necklace

Take the quilling needle and 4 mm long pink quilling strip. Quill the strip using the needle and prepare quilled small rolls. You can apply some glue at the end and stick the roll. Prepare such multiple rolls using the quilling stripes. We need to give a ‘drop’ or flower petal shape and a 3d effect to the rolls. Take the roll and press the inner spirals using the needle. Using the tweezer, stretch the topmost layer, press the roll and prepare a petal shape. Perform this with all the rolls you made.

Step 2-

Quilled Paper Necklace

Now, choose yellow colored quilling strips for a unique look. Prepare the rolls just like the pink quilling strips and apply glue at the ends to stick the rolls. Make such multiple yellow quilled rolls and press the inner spirals of the roll using the needle for the embossed effect. We won’t change the shape of these rolls as we will use it in the center of the flower and thus, will keep them around.

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Step 3-

Quilled Necklace

It’s time to prepare a flower using both the quilled rolls. Take the yellow roll, place it in the center and arrange the pink quilled petals around the yellow roll. Using craft glue, stick the petals to the yellow roll and form a beautiful flower. Prepare such 5-6 flowers for making the neckpiece.

Step 4-

Quilled Paper Necklace DIY

It’s now time to arrange the flowers in a necklace pendant shape. Arrange the flowers as a pendant. Apply some glue and stick all the 5 flowers and let it dry. Arrange the flowers with no gaps in between and make sure you make a broad U shape. Stick all the flowers together in an easy way. Turn the flowers set around and apply glue to the flowers to let them stick properly.

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Step 5-

Quilled Paper Necklace DIY Accessory

To make the necklace more pretty and stylish, we will add some beads. On the yellow quilted rolls, apply some glue and stick beads on all of them. Use tweezers to stick the beads without getting glue on your fingers.

Step 6-

Quilled Paper Necklace Accessory

We now need to prepare the chain of the necklace. We will make a chain using craft wire which can remain stable and can easily accommodate the quilled paper pendant we made. Thus, prepare 2 pink quilled paper roll as before. Take a craft wire and bend it from the center. Insert the pink quilted roll in the wire. Now start filling both the sides of the wire with golden decorative beads. Once completed, merge the ends of the wire using plier. Similarly, prepare the other side of the chain using the same method. Pick a wire, insert the roll, fill with beads and connect the ends using pliers.

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Step 7-

Quilled Paper Accessory

On one wire chain, attach a jumper while on the other attack a hook. Use the pliers to carefully attach the hooks. Choose golden jumpers and hooks to make the chain look even and gorgeous.

Step 8-

Quilled Paper Necklace DIY Craft

Once, both the wire ends are ready it’s time to stick the pendant to this chain. Take the quilled paper floral pendant and stick it to the chain using glue. Apply some glue on the edges of the pendant and on the role of the chain and connect them. Let it get dry and here is your amazing quilled paper necklace ready.

You can carry this fancy and decorative necklace and embrace your creativity! This is a beautiful and refreshing necklace which is different and will look perfectly gracious. You can also prepare beautiful quilled earrings and match it with this amazing necklace.

Do not forget to share your experience when you try preparing this amazing and pretty necklace at home!

Happy Crafting!

Free Download : DIY Handmade Necklace Template

DIY Handmade Necklace Template For Free Download

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How to Make DIY Handmade Necklace With Beads?

All women are extremely fond of jewellery and want to wear different and matching jewellery for different occasions. Buying traditional jewellery in jewellery stores outside can be an expensive affair and can limit the options you have to dress up. Do you want different colourful necklaces for each occasion? Have you ever thought of making your own DIY Handmade Necklace? Yes, it is quite simple and can be easily made at home in your own convenience.

All you need are some simple accessories and a step by step detailed procedure to make your own necklace with beads.

DIY Handmade Necklace

Things You Need

Satin Ribbon Craft

  • Satin ribbons (Pink, red and white)- 2.5 cm wide
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Tweezer
  • Thread and needle
  • Lighter
  • Jump Rings
  • ‘S’ hooks
  • Decorative stones and pearls
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun

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Procedure To Make DIY Handmade Necklace With Beads

Follow this simple and detailed step by step procedure to make your own diy handmade necklace using satin ribbons and beads.

Step 1-

Cut the satin ribbons (pink, red, and white) of a particular dimension.

Satin Ribbon DIY Craft

Step 2-

Fold it in half lengthwise and burn the loose strands.

Satin Ribbon Handmade Craft

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Step 3-

  • Do this separately for the pink, red, and white satin ribbon and seal them together using a lighter. You will get a triangular shape.
  • Now paste two triangular shaped ribbons to make a pendant for the necklace.

Satin Ribbon Pendant Craft

Step 4-

  • Now cut all the 3 coloured satin ribbons of different sizes measuring 4cm, 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 6.5cm, 7cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, and 8.5cms.
  • Fold the satin ribbon pieces in half lengthwise. Burn and seal the edges.
  • Take a bunch of satin ribbon pieces and burn to seal the edges to make a semi-circle shape.

Satin Ribbon Necklace Craft

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Step 5-

  • Now stitch these patterns to make a petal-like shape.
  • Arrange the all the petals and paste them together. Once complete, place the pendant in the center and paste the petals to the pendant.

Satin Ribbon Accessory

Step 6-

  • Sew a string of pearls on a loose strand of thread.
  • To the same stand sew the satin ribbons next to the pearls to make a design.

Satin Ribbon DIY Accessory

Step 7-

Now paste the petals and pendant on this strand of the thread containing pearls and satin ribbon using a glue gun.

Satin Ribbon Accessories

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Step 8-

  • Decorate this satin ribbon necklace using decorative pearls and stones. Add a big and unique colorful stone at the center of the pendant.
  • Now insert the chain of jump rings into the last pearl of the necklace.
  • Then insert the ‘S’ hook into any one of the jump rings.

Satin Ribbon Necklace With Beads

There you go! Your satin ribbon necklace with pearls is ready. Now you can adorn yourself with these lovely handmade satin and pearl necklaces. You can choose different colours of satin ribbons and pearls to make a unique design. Having a wedding or party to attend? What are you waiting for? Follow this simple procedure and have a unique necklace for each occasion. Wear these beautiful necklaces and have all those eyes staring at you!

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