How To Make A Recycled DIY Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

We have so many unused products in our house lying in our storerooms and cupboards. Especially the school items like plastic paper files, colours, chart papers etc are used for few times and they are placed in the cupboards. The DIY crafts make use of such elements and help you prepare best form waste. The paper files can be easily turned into a daily-use plastic DIY Tote bag within 5 quick minutes!

If you don’t think it’s your cup of tea, go through this easy and simple process which won’t require any master skills! Today we are making a cool plastic handbag using some waste items. So gather all your materials and start making this amazing bag with us!

How To Make A Recycled Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

Things You Need To Make A DIY Tote Bag

Things You Need To Make A DIY Tote Bag

  • Plastic file bag
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Glue gun
  • Stapler
  • Cutter
  • Satin ribbon
  • Beads lace
  • Plastic transparent hose
  • Decorative laces

Steps To Make The DIY Tote Bag

Step 1: Trim the file into a bag

How To Make Tote Bag?

Let’s start by making the bag. Take the plastic paper file. We need to remove the top of the folder and thus, mark the measurements of the top from the front and backwards. Now, using a scissor, trim the top of the bag as per the measurements. With this, you will get an open plastic bag! Also, remove any of the buttons on the bag which is meant for closing the bag.

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Step 2: Cover the trimmed area

How To Make DIY Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

To cover up the trimmed area, we will use a red ribbon. Take a broad red ribbon. Bend the broad ribbon from the centre and stick it backwards and in front of the bag. With the help of glue gun, stick the red ribbon on the trimmed area and let it get dry.

Step 3: Prepare the handbag handles

How To Make DIY Tote Bag?

We now need to prepare a handle of the bag and thus, we will use a plastic transparent hose. Get a long pipe and cut it into 2 equal pieces. Measure the length of the handle and stick it in the bag. Cut the ends of the pipe and make it broad which will easily stick to the bag. Also, it won’t stick easily with glue and thus, using a stapler, staple one end of the hose.

Step 4: Add decoratively beaded laces into hoses

Make DIY Tote Bag In 5 Minutes

We need to make this plastic hose more decorative and thus, will add beads lace into it. Take the other end of the plastic hose and start inserting the beads lace into it. Fill the lace, cut the ends and apply some glue. Also, staple the other hand to make the grip stronger. Repeat this process for the second handle and stick the second handle on the other side.

Try this small and strong bag using jute and plastic bottle!

Step 5: Add some decorative laces to the top and bottom

DIY Tote Bag

The handles staples untidily over the bag can make it look ugly and thus, we will use a lace for decorating and covering it. Take the pretty white lace and stick it on the red ribbon. Cover the handles and stapler pins. Using glue stick this entire lace and use a single staple pin to make the lace stick properly. Also, cover the sides and back of the bag with the same lace.

Step 6: Use a glitter artificial rose for decorating the bag

How To Make A Recycled Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

For making the bag look prettier, use a thin lace in the bottom of the bag. With the help of glue gun, stick the thin lace in the bottom of the bag. Cover the front and back of the bag with this lace. Use staplers wherever necessary to stick the lace perfectly. To give a pretty decorative look to the bag, take a golden rose and stick it in the middle of the bag!

Here is a stunning DIY tote bag ready! Use it daily for carrying some random stuff and money with you!

This is one of the DIY bags which you can easily prepare from the plastic files you have at your home. Choose these simple files and turn them into colourful, decorative and multi-usable tote bags!

Already tried to make one? Share your experience with us right here!

Happy crafting!

Recycled Soap Box – Beautiful DIY Paper Box from Waste Paper Soap Box

We have so many recyclable items in our house from which, the soapboxes are one. We throw these soap boxes into trash while we can make a cool and stunning use of it in preparing DIY crafts! The DIY crafts prepared from recyclable elements are simply awesome and thus, today we are presenting a cute small bag tutorial prepared form recycled soap box and craft papers!

Beautiful Soap Box Recycled Craft!

This is a fancy small bag which can be used for storage, décor and as a cool toy for your kids! Make correct use of your time and recyclable elements and prepare such beautiful DIY crafts!

Things You Will Need To Make A Beautiful Soap Box DIY Craft

Soap box craft

  • Soap box
  • Pencil
  • Colours and brushes
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Craft glue
  • Colour paper
  • Printed decorative papers
  • Velcro
  • Pearl
  • Marker
  • Packaging tape
  • Scissors

Steps To Make A Decorative Craft Using Soap Paper

Step 1- Cut the soap box

Soap box diy craft

Let’s start by decorating the soap box. Get a huge soap box, ideally a pack for 2-3 soaps. This is an ideal sized box which will turn into a cute little storage box. Take the soap box and measure it using the ruler.   Open up the box and make markings 1.5 inches inwards from the corners.  Draw the line from the folding marks to the bottom of the box. Make the markings on both sides of the box and cut the box from the folding to the bottom.

With this, you will get both the sides trimmed and open. Keep the front and back of the box as it is. Now you will get 4 different parts of the box which you need to paste these parts using glue.

Step 2- Give the box a finishing look

Once you stick the bottoms, trim the extra paper in the front folding of the box. This way, the length of the folding will be equal from all sides. Now, measure the width of the top of both the sides. Mark the measurements and draw it on the main front folding of the box. Keep the folding of the same length and draw a line in centre using ruler and pencil.

With the help of scissors, trim the bent top of the front folding and with a cutter, slightly mark and engrave the ling drawn by ruler. This will make all 4 sides equal and easily foldable which turns into a cool storage bag! This will give you a wide frame shaped bag.

Step 3- Stick the sides of bag

Soap box bag craft

Give the back opening of the box a little building look with the help of scissor and to attach all the sides, using glue. On the edges of all the 4 sides, apply some glue and stick the corners. Also use a packaging tape to seal all the sides. Now, just the top of the bag is open and all other sides are sealed. To make a handle of the bag, trim a small space form the top of the box using cutter. Make 2 small rectangular spaces which appear on the centre when you close the box.

Step 4- Decorate and cover the box

DIY Soap box bag craft

Anything looks incomplete if proper finishing and coating is not done. Thus, to get a beautiful covering, choose a bright colour paper. Take the measurements of the printed paper to cover the sides of the box. Stick the printed paper on the box and paste the printed paper on all the sides. Manage to cut the perfect sizes of the paper similar to the box measurements. On the top of the box with which the box opens and closes, we will apply colour paper while on the sides, we will use printed paper.

With the help of cutter, cut the small rectangular spaces on the colour paper which we made previously on the box.

Step 5- Make the handle of the bag

Soap box recycled craft

To make small and pretty storage bag, we will need beautiful handles. Cut the handles in a magnet shape and with the same measurement of the 2 rectangle spaces we made on the box. Make 2 same sized shapes with printed paper while one large sized handle with colour paper. The small printed papers will be used to top and decorate the colour paper handle.

On both the sides of colour paper handle, stick the small printed paper handles we made. Bend the ends of the colour paper handle, insert the handle in both the rectangle spaces and apply glue to the folded ends. Stick these ends with the top of the box and let it get dry!

Step 6- Give finishing touches to the bag

Soap box utility craft

As we all know, the bags have beautiful buckles or buttons and so, we too will prepare a beautiful closing buckle for our small bag. Just like the handle, prepare a magnet shaped handle, but of small size. Stick this small paper on the front of the bag where we have a bulging opening. In the centre, stick a huge pearl which will work as a buckle for this small bag!

Here is a beautiful and fancy storage bag ready from a recycled soap box!

Soap box recycled bag craft

You can make such small and cool DIY bags from soap boxes which can be used as a small jewelry case, for storing hair accessories, threads and needles, money, buttons and tiny things which you don’t want to misplace!

You can make such beautiful storage boxes, purses, small houses from soap boxes and place it in your kid’s room! Try some interesting DIY crafts from soap boxes and show your creativity!

Easy DIY Bags : How To Make a Handmade DIY Printed Paper Bag!

There is nothing as fun as making DIY Easy Crafts to do at home than to learn how to make a Handmade DIY Printed Paper Bag. Fun crafts to do with paper are the best hobby ideas using paper and give your pretty and handmade gift idea like Printed Paper DIY Bags. This cool craft is a fun art and craft activity for kids that they can spend their time making such handy and useful kid’s paper craft ideas.

Make creative use of this easy paper craft of Printed Paper Bag on special occasions like your friend’s Birthday, or your parents’ Anniversary, for your mom on Mother’s Day and even for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Add a couple of love notes and some chocolates and your very own handmade Gift idea is ready!

Printed Paper DIY Bags

Material Required to Make The Printed Paper DIY Bags

Printed paper bag diy crafts

  • Printed Paper Sheet
  • Thread
  • Adhesive
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Decorative Stones
  • Pearl

If you are planning to make a handmade gift idea for your special someone, then click here to try this handmade paper envelope….

Procedure to Make The DIY Pretty Printed Paper Bag

Step 1-

Mark the Dimensions as shown on the white side of the printed paper.

Printed paper gift bag

Step 2-

Fold the paper and press firmly to give you clear creases, with the help of the markings as drawn earlier.

Paper bag handmade crafts

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Step 3-

Apply adhesive along the lengths of the paper, except the folding corners of the base for the bag.

Printed paper bag

Step 4-

The next step to make the paper bag is to fold and bring the sides of the bag up.

Step 5-

Press the base firmly.

Paper bag diy crafts

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Step 6-

Punch the holes on top of the bag, holding both the sides in place.

Step 7-

Insert the ribbon through the holes, and tie a pretty decorative to pack the decorative Paper Bag.

Diy printed paper bag

Step 8-

Make a satin ribbon rose using the weaving technique.

Satin rose for decorations

Step 9-

Paste it on the paper bag and decorate the paper bag with the rose.

Step 10-

Paste a pearl in the centre of the Rose and stick decorative stones to give the printed paper bag a designer look.

Easy handmade paper bag

In just a few minutes and a couple of simple steps, you have an easy craft activity ready to give you an innovative handmade gift idea for your loved ones. There is absolutely no need to buy expensive craft supply to make easy DIY bags, and the best part is that they are easy to do crafts with paper that can be made at home, with a few essentials of your craft kit. This makes easy paper ideas like this pretty Printed Paper Bag a perfect fit for the next DIY Paper Crafts Project that you wish to take up! If you were worrying about how to make a paper bag then watch the step by step tutorial on how to make a paper bag and learn with ease!

Share your easy craft ideas to do with paper with us! We would absolutely love to hear from you.