Easy DIY Christmas Craft For Wall Decoration!

Christmas Decorations leaving you confused on how to make your own Christmas Door Wreath? Easy DIY Christmas Craft design that we are about to give you is an absolute super-sparkle design that will add beauty to your door that sets it apart from all. Christmas Wreath is absolutely indispensable when it comes to Christmas Decoration ideas for the home.

From Holiday Wreaths to Elegant wreaths, from window Wreaths to ribbon wreaths, wreath using bow, mesh, paper and all sorts of designs and endless DIY Wreath Ideas are available and Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas are many and have found a place in every household, but we are here to tell you step by step how to make an Easy DIY Christmas Craft from scratch.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft

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Material Required For Making This Easy DIY Christmas Craft

Paper wreath diy craftPaper wreath diy crafts

  • Glossy paper
  • Colored paper
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Scissors
  • Thermocol balls
  • Cutter
  • Craft wire
  • Glitter
  • Cardboard

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Procedure For How To Make an Easy DIY Christmas Craft

  • We will begin with preparing the cardboard. Take a cardboard of 25 cm in diameter and cut out a small circle measuring 12 cm in diameter, from the center of the circle. This will give you a concentric circle to make the base of the Christmas Wreath.

Paper wreath decoration

Let’s Begin Making the Wreath-

Step 1-

Fold a green colour A4  size sheet into half breadth wise that is 21 cm in breadth. Make 3 markings at a distance of 7 cm each.

Step 2-

Divide the paper into 3 equal sections breadth wise, by drawing lines with a scale and a pencil.

Step 3-

Cut the 3 sections into long strips and then re-cut them into 6 equal strips. One A4 size sheet, hence, will give you 6 equal strips of paper.

Paper wreath diy christmas craft

Step 4-

Repeat the above steps to get 6 equal sized papers of the glossy paper also.

Paper wreath diy colorful craft

Step 5-

Now hold the paper from one corner and roll it into a sharp and pointed cone, close and seal the cone by pasting the open fold and secure the cone.

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Step 6-

Make a total of 42 such cones using the Green Coloured Paper and the Glossy paper.

Christmas paper wreath

Step 7-

Take another Orange coloured sheet and place the Cardboard cut out on top of it to draw the exact size of the circle. Cut out the exact measured orange paper. And cut the small circle in the centre with the help of a cutter to give a finished look.

Step 8-

Paste the Orange cut out paper to cover the cardboard, with the help of an adhesive. Cover the remaining portion of the cardboard as needed.

Paper diy craft for christmas

Step 9-

It’s time to start pasting the cones. First place the cones and understand the placement of the cones in alternating cones. Once finalized, go ahead and begin pasting the cones in alternating colours, on the orange circular cardboard.

Step 10-

Continue pasting the cones in alternating colours until you reach the end of the Cardboard.

Paper wreath diy craft ideas

Step 11-

In the end, take some thermocol balls in white colour and paste them on the edge of the inside circle, at the base of the cones.

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Step 12-

Place a drop of golden glitter on the thermocol balls, to give them a decorative look.

Paper wreath diy craft decor

Step 13-

Lastly, take a silver glitter tube and make a dotted pattern on the cones to add some sparkle.

Paper wreath diy decor craft

Step 14-

Take a long craft wire and hang this wreath on the wall with the help of this wire.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY Handmade Christmas Door Wreath is ready!  Your door will thank you for adding to its beauty with this lovely Easy DIY Christmas Craft. And why limit your home decoration till Christmas? Let the Wreath elongate happy times right up to the New Year!

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Give this Wreath a definite try this Holiday Season and share your work with us!

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas That You Will Surely Love!

Christmas is here and so is the time to make easy and lovely to look at DIY Christmas decorations. Kids especially get extra interested in making DIY home decorations for Christmas. Let the creative juices of the entire family flow and get your hands on making super quick Christmas decoration. And we will show you in this craft video, homemade easy & cheap DIY Christmas decorations ideas that you will surely love!

There are a number of Home decor ideas for Christmas that give your home a complete Christmas feel and festive look. Christmas Decorations are a sign that happy holidays have begun and it is time to spread happiness and joy.

We bring for you a quick cheat on how to make easy and cheap decorations for Christmas this season to give your house a festive feel and look.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Material Required for DIY Christmas Decorations

  • Dried branch
  • Empty Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Christmas Baubles
  • Golden Craft Wire
  • Cotton
  • Adhesive
  • White ribbon
  • Red ribbon
  • Golden Fabric Color

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Procedure to Create DIY Christmas Decorations

Step 1-

Begin with the Golden Color. Take the dried branch and colour it completely with golden color. Let it dry completely.

Step 2-

Take the empty bottle and wrap around it the red colored ribbon in a spiral design.

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Step 3-

Similarly, wrap around the bottle the white colored ribbon in the spiral design, creating an alternate red and white pattern on the bottle.

Step 4-

Put the golden colored painted branch in the bottle.

Step 5-

Next, take the Golden craft wire and attach it to the Christmas baubles, giving the baubles a string.

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Step 6-

With the help of the craft wire, hang these colorful baubles on the branch.

Step 7-

Hang the baubles strategically covering the entire branch with hanging baubles.

Step 8-

Cut a red piece of square shaped paper in the dimensions of 14cm from each side, from the red paper.

Now let’s begin making the Santa!

Step 9-

Trim one corner of the square paper giving it a rounded edge and shape it into a cone to make the hat of the Santa.

Step 10-

Apply some adhesive along the inner sides of the base of the cap and then paste the cap on top of the mouth of the empty jar.

Step 11-

Take some cotton and shape it into a ball. Stick it on the tip of the Santa’s cap.

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Step 12-

Now with the help of a pencil draw oval shaped eyes for the Santa on a black paper sheet, and cut them out.

Step 13-

With the help of the adhesive paste these eyes on the empty jar. Take a nozzle glitter tube and add some detailing to the eyes of the Santa.

Step 14-

Take some cotton and spread it a little to stick it onto the jar, making it look like the white fluffy beard of the Santa.

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Step 15-

In the end, take the decorative stars and bells and hang them onto the golden branch and with the aid of cotton pieces give the decoration a snow effect.

Quick, super easy, cheap and takes the minimal time to create a wonder decoration for your house for this festive season. Give the Santa a happy place in your house. Place both these decoration items in your living room, and wish your visitors a joyful and happy festive season! 

What ideas are you trying out to decorate your house? Give us a sneak peak into your preparations through your feedback and spread love with your comments!

Easy Diwali Rangoli Design for Beginners : How to Make Rangoli with Finger Technique?

Hello, friends! Diwali the festival of lights is here and it’s that time of the year again to draw beautiful Rangoli designs for home decoration. Everyone is on the lookout for easy home decoration ideas as lack of time leaves us with no personalized preparation time.

Confused on how to make Rangoli? This easy sand art is here to decorate and adorn the entrance of your house. Making Rangoli for beginners might look like a task but we make at Stylenrich.com make the best effort to help you make a simple and an easy Rangoli designs.

Easy Diwali Rangoli Design for Beginners

Step By Step Procedure to Make Easy Diwali Rangoli Design

  • Take a clean surface and start to build a base or background o f 3-4 different shade and colors.
  • Once you have a background ready all you need is your index finger and a free and creative imagination.
  • From peacocks to hearts, from diya designs to Ganesha patterns, from geometric designs to free hand drawing! You can draw easy Rangoli designs of your choice.
  • Slide your finger through the colors! Enliven the artist in you. Once your imagination begins, let your fingers do the job and they will create such designs that will leave you awestruck!
  • Add to its beauty by adding decorative mirrors and candles. Place diyas strategically according to patterns you create.
  • Nothing shouts more Diwali other than Marigold flowers. Add decorative elements of Marigold flowers, to your Rangoli.
  • You can also add another dimension of design by keeping small colored candles in designer containers and small terracotta pots.

So beginners, it’s time to shed all your inhibitions and just go ahead and decorate your home this Diwali with this beautiful and incredibly easy and creative Rangoli design and let the world wonder the hard work you did!