DIY Handmade jewellery is fun quirky and pretty and if you know how to make pretty Quilled earrings then you are in sync with the latest rage of Quilled DIY jewellery, when it comes to modern day fashion. Today’s working woman looks for comfortable jewellery and these pretty paper quilling earrings fit the bill just right!

Quilling patterns and easy quilling designs for beginners are always the best way to enter in the making process of DIY Handmade Jewellery. A DIY quilling earrings design is one place where you can exhibit and flaunt your creativity and imagination.

Easy Quilling Earrings DIY Jewellery

Easy Quilling Earrings DIY Jewellery for Beginners!

Let us have a look at a super easy Quilling Earrings Tutorial!

Material Required to Make The Quilled DIY Jewellery


  • Quilling Strips (5 mm)
  • Quilling needle
  • Scissors
  • Jump rings
  • Earring Hooks
  • Craft glue

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Procedure to Make The Quilling Earrings

Step 1: Begin making the beautiful Quilling earrings by pasting and joining two quilling strips.

Step 2: Wind the strips around a cylindrical object and make a ring.

Step 3: Shape the rings in a tear drop coil.


Step 4: Repeat the same procedure to make a smaller tear drop shaped coils.

Step 5: Make a pair of small tear drop shaped coils and a pair of the smaller one.

Step 6: Apply glue on the inside of the bigger tear drop shaped coil and paste the smaller one inside it.


Step 7: Make tight closed coils in different coils.


Step 8: Paste these coils in the gap remaining between the two tear drop shaped coils.


Step 9: Cut out 1/4th of a quilling strip and make a loose coil.

Step 10: Paste it to the earring and insert a jump ring to attach the earring hook.



Your fantastic looking paper quilling earrings are ready to adorn the beauty of your looks. Quilling ideas that include easy quilling designs for beginners are the most popular amongst crafters who look for Quilling jewellery designs. Use the amazing Quilling art to make this pair of pretty pink quilling earrings and pair them with your casual office wear, or a beach party. Flaunt your DIY Handmade Quilling Jewellery amongst your friends and gather compliments.

Have fun!