DIY Accessories : How To Make Satin Ribbon Flower Accessory?

DIY Accessories

We all love flowers and even admire the artificial decorative flower pieces available in the market. These flower accessories can be used to decorate homes or used as an ornament. They are expensive when purchased from the market. However, very few people know they can be made DIY Accessories at home, at half the market price.

Below we present one such beautiful handmade Kanzashi flower DIY accessory. It is simple and easy to make but looks very attractive.

DIY Accessories

Things Required For Making DIY Accessories

Satin diy crafts
  • Satin ribbons 4cm wide
  • Satin ribbon 2.5cm wide
  • Scissors
  • Tweezer
  • Ruler
  • Thread and needle
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Beads and decorative pearls
  • Glue
  • Foam sheet

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Step by Step Procedure To Make Satin Flower DIY Accessories

Step 1-

Cut the red satin ribbon into 4*4 cm pieces. With the help of a ruler, take the measurement and cut out 12 equal pieces. Repeat the process with white satin ribbons as well.

Step 2-

Satin flower crafts

Use a lighter to burn and seal the sides of the ribbon. This step is important for two reasons:-

  • First, when a satin ribbon is cut, threads will come out from the sides. This will look untidy while making your craft. These unwanted threads are burnt with a lighter.
  • Second, when you burn the satin strands, the edges get sealed automatically. Stitching the base of each and every piece requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, sealing the edges with glue is a messy work and may not come out well. Therefore, we will be using lighter in the whole process for sealing.

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Step 3-

Fold the red square pieces to form triangles. Repeat the same process with white satin square pieces as well.

Satin ribbon flower petals

Step 4-

Place the white triangles inside the red triangles such that the white ones form the inner layer and red forms the outer layer. Together, again fold it into a triangle and seal the bottom surface. Be very careful while performing this activity. First, seal the inner white triangle by folding one of its corners in a circular motion. Then seal the outer red triangle as well.

Step 5-

With the help of a tweezer, press the white piece inside and adjust the red one accordingly so that it appears as a petal with different shades. Make as many as 10-12 such petals and keep them aside.

Satin flower diy crafts

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Step 6-

Take the yellow satin ribbons and cut them into 4*4 cm pieces. Again divide and cut four equal pieces out of it to get small square pieces. Seal the sides of these ribbon strands with a lighter.

Diy crafts

Step 7-

Fold this yellow ribbon pieces into triangular shape. Remember, it needs to be a three fold i.e. three times you need to fold the pieces to form a triangle. Seal the bottom end so that it appears like a petal. Make several such petals and place them aside.

Satin ribbon diy crafts

Step 8-

Now take the earlier red and white petals. Stitch these petals end to end from the center to make a flower.

Diy handmade crafts

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Step 9-

In a similar fashion, stitch the yellow petals as well to form a small flower.

Satin accessories diy crafts

Step 10-

Draw a circle along with a leaf on the foam sheet. This circle acts as a base for the larger flower. Similarly, cut a small circle to form a base for the yellow flower.

Diy satin ribbon crafts

Step 11-

Stick the flowers on their respective bases.

Diy satin ribbon flower accessory

Step 12-

Place the yellow small flower on the larger flower.

Satin ribbon flower crafts

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Step 13-

Now for the leaf part, cut the white ribbon strands with 2.5 cm dimension. Make white petals similar to the yellow ones. Prepare multiple white petals.

Handmade craftsSatin ribbon accessories

Step 14-

Now on the leaf portion, place these white petals to cover the entire surface. Decorate it with silver beads. Place one silver bead in each of the white petals.

Satin flower diy craftsSatin ribbon flower diy crafts

Step 15-

Use the decorative pearls to decorate the larger flowers and place a big golden bead at the center of the yellow flower.

Satin accessories diy

This completes the process and an awesome accessory is ready to use. You can use it to accessorize your dresses. Such DIY accessories look unique and enhance your creativity. You can attach it to gift articles or simply use it as a home décor.

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Have a look at this step by step video tutorial for making this elegant Satin Flower DIY Accessories!

Easy Satin Ribbon Flowers : How to Make Satin Ribbon Accessory?

Easy Satin Ribbon Flowers

Satin ribbon flowers are pretty and are the latest trend now. Satin ribbons can be used for anything such as a hair accessory, dress accessory, room décor or even a wall hanging. These easy satin ribbon flowers can literally be used anywhere and for any occasion.

Wondering where to purchase satin ribbon flowers for your need?? You no longer need to worry about rushing to store to pick up satin ribbon flowers. By using a few simple accessories, you can easily make satin ribbon flowers at home.

Easy Satin Ribbon Flowers

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Things You Need

Satin flower craft material
  • Satin ribbons (yellow and white)- 4cm wide
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tweezer
  • Ruler
  • Foam sheet
  • Glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Decorative pearls

Do you want to flaunt stylish hair accessories? Here you can easily make beautiful DIY Kanzashi flower using satin ribbons…

Procedure to Make Easy Satin Ribbon Flowers Accessories

Step 1-

Cut the satin ribbons pieces measuring 4cm in length each. Use two colors of ribbons- preferable yellow and white.

Satin flower crafts diy

Step 2-

Fold the satin ribbon pieces in a triangular shape. Then burn and seal the edges. Fold the white satin ribbon over the yellow ribbon and repeat the same step by sealing the edges.

Satin flower diy petals

Step 3-

Now cut a small portion at the bottom. Seal the bottom by holding the petal using a tweezer. Make multiple petals.

Satin flower petals diy crafts

Step 4-

Make a circular shape on the foam sheet and cut it. This will form the base of your satin ribbon flower.

Satin flower easy diy crafts

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Step 5-

  • Draw a spiral shape in circles on the base.
  • Now arrange and paste the petals on the base in a spiral shape.
Satin flower diy

Step 6-

Decorate the satin ribbon petals using decorative pearls.

Spiral satin flower diy

Step 7-

Now decorate the center with pearls and stone.

Satin flower diy crafts

There you go! Your beautiful satin ribbon flower accessory is ready. You can use different combinations of pearls and stones. You can also choose different colors of satin ribbon to give your accessory a new look every time. Wear it on for any occasion or use it as a home décor to beautify your home!!

Have a look at this video tutorial for making this beautiful and easy satin ribbon flowers accessory!

Handmade Gift Box : How to Make Small DIY Paper Gift Bag?

DIY Paper Gift Bag

We all adorn each other with gifts for various occasions and try to find creative ways to wrap our precious gifts to loved ones. Often, we resort to colourful or expensive gift wrapping paper to wrap our gifts and make them look unique. But have you wondered that you can easily make DIY paper gift bag at home?

Not only are they inexpensive, but you can also find various creative looking gift bags to make at home, with the usage of some simple accessories at home.

DIY Paper Gift Bag

See here how to make an easy paper craft of Printed Paper Bag on special occasions…

Choosing the Texture Design for Your Small DIY Paper Gift Bag

The texture design and colour for your gift bag is the most important as it decides how your gift bag should look. Unique designs, colours and texture can be chosen from Graphic Stock. Following are the steps involved in choosing and printing your preferred design and texture for the gift bag.

Step 1: Firstly, visit the website

Step 2: Create an account following some simple steps as directed

Step 3: Upon account creation, you will be directed to the homepage and dashboard.

Step 4: Type in the preferred type of texture design in the search tool box at the top corner of the home page.

Step 5: You will be directed to a list of textures and designs. Choose your preferred one and download in JPG format.

Step 6: Upon downloading the file on your computer, open the image with Adobe Photoshop and select the appropriate size that you would like to print.

Step 7: Now print the chosen design, texture, and size on a good quality white paper.

Things Needed to Make Small DIY Paper Gift Bag

Now since the textured paper is ready, let’s look into other things needed to make your paper gift bag ready.

Diy bag material
  • Printed texture paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Cutter
  • Decorative Stones and Pearls

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Procedure to Make Small DIY Paper Gift Bag

Now that all the materials required are set and ready to use, let’s look into the simple step by step procedure to make your paper gift bag

Step 1-

Take the printed textured paper and mark the dimensions of 4cm, 4.5cm, 7cm, 4.5cm, and 4cm horizontally in the same order as mentioned. Now mark the dimensions 8.5cm and 4cm vertically. Cut off the remaining extra paper.

Paper diy bag

Step 2-

Erase the markings from the corner squares. Mark the dimensions to get the pattern for the paper bag.

Paper bag diy template

Step 3-

Now cut the boundary of the marking.

Diy paper bag template

Step 4-

Slowly run the cutter on the marking to enable easy folding. Do not cut the paper.

Paper bag cutout

Step 5-

Apply glue and join the flaps to make the sides of the bag.

Diy paper bag

Step 6-

Decorate the bag with decorative stones and pearls. You can choose to add different coloured stones on the handle and different on the bag.

Paper bag

Have a look at the step by step video tutorial on How to make DIY paper gift bag.

There you go! Your cute paper gift bag is ready. You can now use this colourful unique bag to place your gift inside and gift it to someone. You can also keep it for yourself for different occasions.

FREE Download : Template of Cute DIY Paper Gift Box

Free Download Template for Paper Gift Box

Friends, please right click on this template and select ‘Save As’ to save it. You can take its printout afterwards on an A4 size paper. Ideally use the one sided printed textured paper that you will be using to make this cute Gift Box. In case of any issues you can write to us at

All the best!

DIY Paper Box Template Free Download

How to Make DIY Handmade Necklace With Beads?

DIY Handmade Necklace

All women are extremely fond of jewellery and want to wear different and matching jewellery for different occasions. Buying traditional jewellery in jewellery stores outside can be an expensive affair and can limit the options you have to dress up. Do you want different colourful necklaces for each occasion? Have you ever thought of making your own DIY Handmade Necklace? Yes, it is quite simple and can be easily made at home in your own convenience.

All you need are some simple accessories and a step by step detailed procedure to make your own necklace with beads.

DIY Handmade Necklace

Things You Need

Satin Ribbon Craft
  • Satin ribbons (Pink, red and white)- 2.5 cm wide
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Tweezer
  • Thread and needle
  • Lighter
  • Jump Rings
  • ‘S’ hooks
  • Decorative stones and pearls
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun

Wish to learn creative and easy craft? Here is an easy guide on how to make satin ribbon butterfly in few steps.

Procedure To Make DIY Handmade Necklace With Beads

Follow this simple and detailed step by step procedure to make your own diy handmade necklace using satin ribbons and beads.

Step 1-

Cut the satin ribbons (pink, red, and white) of a particular dimension.

Satin Ribbon DIY Craft

Step 2-

Fold it in half lengthwise and burn the loose strands.

Satin Ribbon Handmade Craft

Have a look at the detailed tutorial of DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips

Step 3-

  • Do this separately for the pink, red, and white satin ribbon and seal them together using a lighter. You will get a triangular shape.
  • Now paste two triangular shaped ribbons to make a pendant for the necklace.
Satin Ribbon Pendant Craft

Step 4-

  • Now cut all the 3 coloured satin ribbons of different sizes measuring 4cm, 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 6.5cm, 7cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, and 8.5cms.
  • Fold the satin ribbon pieces in half lengthwise. Burn and seal the edges.
  • Take a bunch of satin ribbon pieces and burn to seal the edges to make a semi-circle shape.
Satin Ribbon Necklace Craft

Let’s make easy accessories for girls using sewing projects!

Step 5-

  • Now stitch these patterns to make a petal-like shape.
  • Arrange the all the petals and paste them together. Once complete, place the pendant in the center and paste the petals to the pendant.
Satin Ribbon Accessory

Step 6-

  • Sew a string of pearls on a loose strand of thread.
  • To the same stand sew the satin ribbons next to the pearls to make a design.
Satin Ribbon DIY Accessory

Step 7-

Now paste the petals and pendant on this strand of the thread containing pearls and satin ribbon using a glue gun.

Satin Ribbon Accessories

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Step 8-

  • Decorate this satin ribbon necklace using decorative pearls and stones. Add a big and unique colorful stone at the center of the pendant.
  • Now insert the chain of jump rings into the last pearl of the necklace.
  • Then insert the ‘S’ hook into any one of the jump rings.
Satin Ribbon Necklace With Beads

There you go! Your satin ribbon necklace with pearls is ready. Now you can adorn yourself with these lovely handmade satin and pearl necklaces. You can choose different colours of satin ribbons and pearls to make a unique design. Having a wedding or party to attend? What are you waiting for? Follow this simple procedure and have a unique necklace for each occasion. Wear these beautiful necklaces and have all those eyes staring at you!

Just Have a look at this step by step video tutorial on how to make DIY handmade necklace with beads.

Easy Quilling Projects : 5 in 1 Pretty Paper Quilling Earrings!

Easy Quilling Projects

Ladies, if you are a lover of handmade Quilling jewellery then you are about to fall in love with the beautiful to see and easy to make 5 in 1 Pretty Paper Quilling Earrings. There is a plethora of elegant and pretty paper quilling designs to make paper earrings easy quilling projects that give you the perfect occasion to flaunt off your creativity with designing. Quilling Art requires you to roll and fold quilling paper strips and as a result you get some surprisingly beautiful Quilling earring designs.

Easy Quilling Projects

How to make a paper quilling wall hanging Step-by-Step! See the tutorial for amazing Quilling wall decor...

If you wish to learn how to make paper quilled earrings and indulge in making paper quilling jewellery with different and unique paper quilling patterns, using paper beads, colourful quilling strips that keep in mind to introduce easy paper quilling jewellery designs for beginners.

Lets us learn how to make simple and pretty paper quilling earrings.

Quilled Earrings : 5 Easy Quilling Projects

1. Embellished Quilling Beehive Earrings

Heard about Quilling Beehive technique used in easy quilling projects???Quilling Beehive is used where you wish to show detailing in design and precision in detailing. If you take up the art of making Quilling Earrings them you are sure to confront learning the beehive technique in quilling art. Quilling beehive can easily be done by learning how to swirl the paper to give it a curly end.

Do not worry if you are looking for heavy and designer paper Quilling earrings because quilled beehive earrings give an amazing and stunning designer look to your quilling earrings design making it the most appropriate Quilling jewellery design for formal occasion like weddings and family functions. Team up this elegant pair of quilling earrings with a heavy dress and you are ready for your event.

Click here to read the article for detail procedure for making Quilled Beehive Earrings…

2. Bright Sunflower Quilling Earrings

Start your day on a fresh and energetic note by learning how to make a pair of Bright Sunflower Quilling Earrings. Sunflower quilling designs are very easy to learn and make if you get your hands on a proper DIY Sunflower Quilling tutorial. This pair of quirky and refreshing sunflower Design quilling earrings looks amazing if you pair them up with lovely floral summer dressing.

Young girls can adorn these paper Quilled sunflower earrings as a trendy fashion accessory to high school and college. Paper quilling flower design for Paper jewellery are the most opted designs amongst crafters who search for easy quilling projects for beginners.

Quilling paper earrings are quite a fashion statement amongst young women who favour comfortable and stylish jewellery and this summery design of Bright Sunflower Quilling Earrings will surely get you in the fashion news.

3. Romantic Pink & Red Quilling Earrings

Plan a romantic evening with your loved one and add this flirty and feminine pair of Pink and red quilling earrings design. An absolutely intricate design, this pair of easy quilling design for earrings is a superb fashion accessory for girls, and the best choice for women who love comfortable and handmade paper jewellery. Using small closed tight coils and tear drop shaped coils this girly pair of quilling earrings is the ultimate style statement.

Let us have a look at a super easy Quilling Earrings Detailed Tutorial!

Quilling earrings designs can be given a touch of your creativity when it comes to adding to the design and changing the look and feel of the quilling patterns used, in order to make it simple and easy to do for quilling art for beginners. These Red and Pink Quilling earrings are the best way to add a touch of drama to your entire look.

4. Stylish Purple And Green Hoop Quilling Earrings

When we talk about high on style Quilling earrings design, Quilled Hoop earrings strike the mind in the first go. DIY Quilled Hoop Earrings lend a vintage look and help you style yourself in a retro way, but with a modern twist. This pair of Quilling Ball Hoop Earrings in a must have paper jewellery item in your closet.

 For detail procedure to making these quilled hoop earrings, please read this article…

Quilled Hoop Earrings are the best when paired with some easy paper quilling earrings designs and in this pair we have added tear drop shaped quilling leaves.  You can mix and match any design of your choice as this design is pretty simple involving only big Quilled hoops with smaller tear drop shaped coils pasted inside. Whenever you find a doubt as to how to make huge hoop earrings with paper quilling, this pair of stunning Quilling earrings will provide you, with just the right solution.

5. Sophisticated Pearl Centred Blue & White Quilling Earrings

Combining the contrast of simplicity and modernity, this elegant and charming Pearl Centred Blue Quilling Earrings makes a very simple and easy use of the shaped marquise coil, which you make in Quilling Art. The shaped marquise coils stands for a feminine yet modern day kind of design and is often used in making Simple, pretty & easy quilling projects.

This pair of double shaded Blue & White Quilling earrings can be made by pasting two different colored quilling strips and can be made using any paper jewellery add on like paper beads. In this case we have used a small pearl in the centre to give a delicate and subtle touch of richness to the otherwise simple Quilling earrings design.

If you want to learn how to make this pretty Quilling Earrings, here is the easy step by step guide…

An easy Do it Yourself craft to do at home, make paper jewellery quilling earrings at home. Pair up these quilling earrings with a pair of denims and you are ready!

So you see friends, with the help of easy quilling earrings designs and easy quilling projects tutorials, you can make a stunning collection of handmade paper Jewellery. Paper quilling project ideas are abundantly available and gives you the perfect platform to showcase your creativity using easy quilling projects and learn paper quilling art in the process.

So go ahead and flaunt your handmade paper quilling earrings with pride.

DIY Kid’s Crafts : 5 Easy & Fun Kid’s Paper Craft Ideas!

5 Easy & Fun Kid’s Paper Craft Ideas

Love indulging in DIY Kid’s Crafts? Why not get in to making 5 easy and Fun Kid’s Paper Craft Ideas. A simple piece of paper, if given the magical touch of your creativity and power of imagination can be used to make endless easy paper crafts.

Whether it is using those cool paper craft ideas for your home decorations, making them a part of your DIY Craft Project, amazing and easy paper craft ideas can help you to enliven every nook and corner of your home. Easy and fun paper craft ideas for kids are very much useful even for preschool and kinder garteners too as easy paper crafts with instructions help kids to create amazing paper art work.

5 Easy & Fun Kid’s Paper Craft Ideas

5 Easy & Fun Kid’s Paper Craft Ideas

1. Awesome Origami Mini Modular Notebook

Finding roots of origin in Japan, Origami Art is filled with endless crafts ideas to do with paper, and the Modular Mini Notebook is such an adorable paper art project that makes for a creativity boosting easy paper craft for kids to do at home. Make a couple of these Mini Modular Notebooks as a part of your easy paper craft projects and kids can also use it as an amazing and new handmade gift for each other on their birthdays.

In the name of craft supplies, it is only Construction paper that you need. Just learn a few basic Origami paper folding techniques and this Mini Modular Notebook is also an easy paper craft for adults too, that they can use as a keychain to keep their keys in place and for small important notes too!

Please have a look at step by step tutorial on how to make an Easy Origami Notebook…

2. Playful Paper Hen

The Most amazing thing about paper crafts is the simplicity and charm that only a few cuts and folds can give such spectacular paper folding crafts ideas for kids. This easy paper craft of a playful paper hen is one of the most basic of paper art work ideas that you can create for kids to play with. You answer to how to make a colourful paper hen just got answered!

This easy and cute paper hen is something small children and kids can relate to. Colourful paper animals attract the attention of young children and help them in retaining the information in an easier, longer and much effective way.

This time when kids ask you to make a playful and colored paper hen then do not look further and look at the easy paper hen tutorial that gets ready in just a few minutes!

3. Childhood favourite Origami Fortune Teller

Every one of us has a favourite childhood memory that is related to the most commonly played game of the Origami Fortune Teller! The thought of making an easy Paper craft like Origami Fortune Teller still fascinates us and brings a smile on our faces. You can make a funny fortune teller for every age and occasion.

Easy Origami Fortune teller Crafts with step by step instructions, can be made using bright colored construction paper to add to the appeal and fun side of the paper craft.

Learn How to make an origami fortune teller…

Write up some funny origami fortune teller sayings or playful fortune teller ideas for kids. You just can’t miss out making the Cool craft of Origami Fortune teller if you are assigning your kids for a fun art and craft activity like Origami Crafts.

4. Cute Paper Elephant

No Origami Project for kids or paper animal collection is complete without the giant of the jungle- the paper elephant. If you have been searching for an easy way out as to how to make a paper elephant step by step, then this is the best paper elephant making instructions you can ever get your hands on.

Paper elephant making can very easily be done and used for kid’s craft project at school. Paper elephant craft has always been an attractive craft for kid’s craft ideas and recycled craft ideas also make paper plate elephant as a part of the best DIY paper craft projects.

Art and craft activities for kids can be made interesting by developing their interest in such paper craft ideas that in turn help them in developing their crafting skills.

5. Sweet Origami Candy Gift Box

The most charming and cute handmade gift box idea that you can ever make is undoubtedly this Sweet Origami Candy Box Tutorial. Just watch the Origami Candy Box Tutorial and your adorable and fun Origami Dish will be absolutely ready in a few minutes! Avid crafters often look for easy step by step instructions and tutorials on how to make Origami Sweet Box.

When the question of How To origami a Candy Box in Japanese style, there are endless Origami Paper Folding techniques to give you the perfect paper art work project for kids.

Let’s see here step by step procedure to make Cute And Easy Origami DIY Craft For Kids!

Make this lovely handmade paper craft for festive times like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween and on special occasions like Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day Gift idea, or Birthdays to make good times even happier.

So friends, you see that finding easy to make paper craft ideas that are fun to do craft activities for kids is something that not only helps in the development of creativity. Easy construction paper crafts for kids are safe, creativity boosters, fun to make and pretty to look at. Simple craft work with paper can yield pretty amazing and adorable paper crafts that can be used as handmade gifts, home decoration ideas and cool craft ideas for the best DIY Paper Art projects.

So make awesome paper crafts and let your creativity play free!

DIY Wall Art Ideas : 5 Creative Wall Decors For Your Home!

DIY Wall Art Ideas

Creative DIY Wall decoration ideas is one way that you can surely use to redecorate your home decor in personalized and creative way. Take up the best DIY Wall Art projects and make the easy paper crafts as fun art and craft activities and you won’t even realize that you can make amazing and pretty Wall decoration ideas. You can use quilling wall decor ideas, and make DIY Paper crafts for home decorations and give your home a completely transformational look.

Home decoration ideas for living room, girl’s room, and teenager’s rooms- the list is just endless. We bring for you 5 easy and amazing ways to create DIY Art for your walls. Taking up easy DIY Art Projects for your walls can change the look of your home completely without much of a hassle.

DIY Wall Art Ideas

Let us learn some of the most amazingly awesome and easy DIY Wall Art Ideas for decoration.

Let’s Learn 5 Fantastic DIY Wall Art Ideas

1. Easy and Multicoloured Paper Wreath

This easy wall decor idea of making a beautiful multicoloured paper wreath is an amazing Do It Yourself craft that you can easily do at home. Being a simple and affordable DIY Craft it is a cool craft that even newbie to the world of craft can also make.

Decorate the walls of the entrance of your home by hanging this pretty Multicoloured wall hanging wreath, and give your guests a welcoming feel! The best part is that you do not need any special craft supplies while you make this cool craft.

Using things like old pieces of mirrors, cardboard, wool, and coloured paper you can make this craft as a Recycled DIY wall décor too! Recycled wall decor idea is the latest concept that every crafter is wishing to explore. You can also add a designer look to your diy wall art idea by adding the technique of Quilling art and using Quilling flowers in the design.

Please click here to learn this Easy and Multicoloured Paper Wreath in detail…

2. Beautiful Multicoloured Paper Dahlia Wall Decoration

No other crafts are as enjoyable as making easy paper crafts. The best of DIY Art and Craft projects will always keep Easy paper crafts as a fun art and craft activity of them.

If you are looking for inspiration, to bring in a vibe of simplicity and sophistication then nothing works better than this absolutely easy to make Multicoloured paper Dahlia Wall Decoration.

The highlight of this vibrant multicoloured Paper Dahlia Wall Decor lies in the fact that it requires nothing nut only coloured paper to make it. Get in trend with the latest fashionable colours and you can make these Creative DIY Room Decor ideas in a minimalistic theme of Black and White or go out there and use a host of bright coloured paper.

All you’ve got to do is make paper cones and stick them in a sequence! Voila! Could Paper crafts get any easy?

Just take a look at complete guide to learn this multicoloured Paper Dahlia

3. Artistic Coffee & Poster Colour Painting Wall Decoration

Ever used coffee for making a painting? Yes! Sounds weird and interesting but this DIY Wall Decoration Idea of using Coffee for making a home decoration idea is something that you must really try out! Using coffee to make a painting is an absolutely new and creative DIY Wall Art.

Add this masterpiece to your wall decorations and you are sure to gain compliments for your Home Decoration Ideas. Who could have imagined that a beverage could become such an inventive Craft Supply for making an imaginative Home Decoration Idea?

Who says that you require talent to make paintings? Learn painting techniques and coffee to watch the complete step by step tutorial to learn how to use coffee with poster colors and make a fantastic Room Decor Idea to decorate your living room.

4. Cute and Girly Spiral Flowers for Room Decor

There is a special charm and fun element that teenager’s room décor or girls room decoration calls for. Make these pretty looking easy paper spiral flowers for your girl’s room decorations and there shall be nothing else that would need for adding to the beauty and simple appeal of the room décor.

These spiral flowers can be used as a homemade decoration idea for festive times like birthday decorations and party decorations too. Making these Spiral Flowers is no big deal! Being an easy kid’s craft idea, make it a fun art and craft activity for kids and get them to help you make these easy paper spiral flowers and they can be a part of making this cute and fun wall décor idea.

Learn this Awesome Spiral Paper Flowers with complete prodcedure & Engage your kids with making creative diy crafts…

5. Simple and Cute Paper Rosettes for DIY Home Decor

If you are looking for Simple and yet a strikingly decorative paper craft then this paper rosette is the Best DIY project for home decorations. This is such a fun DIY craft project for kids too! Fun art and craft activities for kids should definitely include such awesome paper folding crafts.

If you are planning a party and you want to give a customized home decorations look to your home in a jiffy then this idea of making easy paper rosettes for home decorations is the best paper project that you can take up to give your home a totally new look. What’s more! If you have an occasion like a Christmas dinner or anniversary celebrations, you can use these paper rosettes as a pretty and elegant decoration idea.

Get here a complete procedure to make pretty and elegant paper rosettes….

So you see friends, using simple and easy paper folding techniques, you can create the most beautiful home decoration ideas that will prepare your home from an otherwise mundane look and give it a festive and decorative vibe! It’s time to take up an amazing DIY Wall Art Projects and revamp your home.

How to Make Stylish Handmade Purse Using Cardboard?

Are you crazy about colourful purses? Do you keep looking out for a purse that matches your attire for an evening party or a wedding? If you are the one who loves to go out, with a matching handbag or handmade purse you would definitely need to have a cupboard full of purses. Rest assured, you no longer need to buy those expensive purses available in the market. You can have as many as purses you want by making them at home. Yes, all you need is a few raw materials that are easily available at your home or a stationary store.

Stylish Handmade Purse

Let’s Explore How to Make DIY Clutch Bag Handmade Gift!

Wondering how to make a stylish handmade purse using cardboard? Following are the materials used and a step to step process to make a handmade purse right in the comfort of your home.

Materials Required

Diy cardboard craft handmade purse
  • Cardboard
  • Colour paper (your choice of colour)
  • Printed paper
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Decorative lace
  • Colourful pearls of your choice
  • Velcro
  • Beads
  • Glue Gun

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Procedure To Make a Handmade Purse Using Cardboard

Step 1: Mark the dimensions of 4cm, 5cm, 9cm and draw lines of these measurements on the cardboard.

Step 2: Cut the outer layer un-marked dimensions, using a cutter.

Step 3: Run the cutter lightly on the marked dimensions of the cardboard without cutting. This will enable easy folding of the cardboard. Mark two dimensions again adjacent to the earlier markings and run the cutter lightly on the marked dimensions to create a double fold on each side.

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Step 4: Now take another cardboard, and cut the dimensions of 4cm, 9cm, and 15 cm.

Step 5: Join the two cardboard pieces by pasting one flap of 4cm dimension with another of the same dimension from the other piece of cardboard.


Step 6: Now take the joined cardboard as a stencil and mark the boundaries of the cardboard on to a paper.

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Step 7: Mark the dimensions of 1cm, 9cm, 4cm, and 9cm consequently in the same order on the paper using a ruler.

Step 8: Lightly run the cutter on the markings without cutting. This enables easy folding. Following which make cuts on the marked dimensions of paper.


Step 9: Apply glue and paste the cut cardboard piece on the paper. Wrap the edges of the cardboard with the paper.


Step 10: Cut another colour paper measuring 13.5 cm wide. Paste the coloured paper on the region where the cardboard is exposed. Follow the cardboard folding to get the correct shape.


Step 11: Cut 2 pieced of the same colour paper measuring 21*8 cm. Fold the paper at the edges to make creases. Now make folds to make creases like a fan. Do the same with both pieces of paper.

Step 12: Now using the same colour paper cut 4 pieces measuring 13.5*8 cm.


Step 13: Paste and join all the pieces of paper on the crease folded pieces of paper. Keep the folded creases paper on the edges and the plain paper at the centre and paste using a glue stick. By pasting the 4 pieces, you will get 4 compartments like a purse.


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Step 14: Now paste the pattern on the coloured side of the cardboard. Make sure to stick both the sides well.


Step 15: Paste the Velcro on the flap side of the purse using a glue gun.


Step 16: Decorate the purse with decorative pearls and laces of your choice. Add on all sides to make it look colourful and decorative. You can also paste the bead on the flap side of the purse for additional glamour.


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There you go! Your colourful handmade purse is ready. Yes, it is extremely simple to make one. Follow the simple above mentioned steps and make a colourful one ready for each occasion!

Duct Tape Crafts : How to Make Easy Duct Tape Bicycle Craft?

Duct Tape Crafts

Kids are always attracted to crafts and often have school assignments related to crafts at school? Making crafts teaches them creativity and skills to make things in a simpler manner. Are you interested in learning crafts to satisfy your kid? Do you want to learn easy decorative duct tape crafts for your kid’s assignment at school? Then it’s pretty simple. Yes, you can easily make decorative stuff in the comfort of your home.

Duct tape crafts are the new trend and almost everyone is tuning in to using duct tape for colorful crafts. Initially duct tape was used as a simple adhesive, but today you can make unbelievable colorful crafts of them. Duct tape bicycle craft is one of the easy crafts you can make at home using some simple raw materials.

Duct Tape Crafts

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Following are the things you need and a detailed procedure on how to make easy duct tape bicycle craft.

Things You Need For Making Duct Tape Crafts

Cycle basketDiy cycle basket
  • Aluminium wire (2 mm)
  • Craft wire
  • Colorful craft duct tape
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Decorative flower and feathers
  • Black colored glitter sheet
  • Decorative stones
  • Glue gun and stick

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Procedure to Make Easy Duct Tape Bicycle Craft

Step 1-

Mould and fold the aluminium wire in a circular shape.

Cycle basket diy crafts

Step 2-

Cover the circular with craft duct tape.

Cycle basket diy

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Step 3-

  • Join 2 craft wires and cover with duct tape.
  • Make the craft wires in an 8 like shape and then fit them in the circular shape wire. Similarly make 1 big and 2 small bicycle wheels.
Cycle basket diy duct tape crafts

Step 4-

  • Join the small wheels using craft wire and cover the craft wire using duct tape.
  • Now make 2 duct tape covered craft wires and attach the craft wires to the small wheels.
Diy cycle basket duct tape crafts

Step 5-

  • Make a handle like structure and attach it to the big wheel.
  • Join all parts of the craft together.
Diy duct tape crafts

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Step 6-

Cover a circular shaped wire and 4 craft wires using a duct tape and join them together to make a basket like structure.

Duct tape diy craftsCycle basket duct tape diy crafts

Step 7-

Now attach the basket to the bicycle.

Cycle basket duct tape crafts diy

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Step 8-

  • Use the front cap of the pen and trim it. Paste a decorative pearl on the pen cap and attach it like a headlight in front of the bicycle.
  • Now cut a black glitter sheet in a circular shape and paste pearls on it. Make 3 such circular pearl filled sheets.
Duct tape cycle basket crafts

Step 9-

  • Paste these circular sheets in the center of each wheel.
  • Finally, Add some fancy decorative stuff on the basket of your decorative bicycle. You can use decorative feathers and flowers to add extra glamour to your cycle.
Duct tape diy cycle basket crafts

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There you go! Your bicycle craft using duct tape is already. You can use it to flourish your home, or use for your kid’s next assignment at school. Go creative with these simple decorative ideas using duct tape.

Let us learn how to make DIY duct tape bicycle craft.