How To Make An Easy And Natural Looking DIY Leaf Bowl In 5 Minutes?

While were browsing different centerpieces for living and dining tables, different decorative bowls are the common centerpieces we found. A leaf bowl is an elegant piece of décor which you can place on the tables as a centerpiece. However, if you are looking for some decorative and unique bowls, it may cost you quite a high amount and thus, we have come up with some budget-friendly and creative DIY leaf bowl for decorating your tables!

Leaf bowls can be easily prepared at home using some colors, papers and your creativity. You can team up with your kids and prepare an interesting leaf bowl. Let’s go through the tutorial which will help you prepare an easy and natural looking leaf bowl in 5 minutes.

Natural Looking DIY Leaf Bowl

Things You Need To Need To Make A DIY Leaf Bowl

Things You Need To Need To Make A DIY Leaf Bowl

  • Rose leaves
  • Shilpkar clay
  • Disposable plastic container
  • Scissors
  • Colours
  • Brushes
  • Cutter

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Steps You Need To Follow For Making A DIY Leaf Bowl

Step 1: Soften the clay and prepare the rough shape

DIY Leaf Bowl

Let’s start with making the artificial leaves. Take some shilpkar clay and make it soft with your hands. You will need a lot of shilpkar clay as we are preparing huge leaves from it. Thus, take a piece of clay, soften it and place it in a glass slab. We need thin and long leaves and for this, you need to roll the clay. Take a plastic bottle and roll the clay just like a ‘chapati’.

Step 2: Use natural leaves to give clay a leaf shape

How To Make DIY Leaf Bowl From Clay?

Now take the original rose leaves and place it on the rolled thin and long clay piece. This is a great idea to trace the leaves and the stems on the clay and give the clay leaves a very natural look. Place the leaves giving a proper shape to the clay and with the help of cutter; carve the clay in leaf shape. We need to stick these leaves in the plastic bowl thus, measure the length of leaves and carve it into the shape which can be easily assembled with the bowl.

Step 3: Prepare the bowl and stick the clay leaves

DIY Leaf Bowl Clay Craft

If your plastic bowl has an upper edge, cut it using a scissor to allow the leaves stick to the bowl. Remove the clay leaf from the slab and stick it on the outer side of the plastic bowl. Slowly remove the original leaf from the clay leaf. Similarly, make some more clay leaves and stick the leaves to cover the complete outer part of the plastic bowl.

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Step 4: Set the clay leaves and cover the entire bowl using white paint

Make DIY Leaf Bowl Using Clay

Your plastic bowl is now covered with beautiful clay leaves with an awesome shape. Let the clay stick properly to the bowl and keep it aside for some time to let it get dry. After few minutes, we will start decorating the bowl again. We will now cover the bowl and leaves with white paint to give it a nice base. Take a bowl, pour in some white paint and with a brush, color the leaves and interior of the bowl.  Also, cover the internal and external base of the bowl with white and keep it aside for a newspaper to get dry.

Step 5: Boost your creativity while painting the leaves

Natural Looking DIY Leaf Bowl

Now we need to color the leaves green. Take 2 bowls and pour yellow and green colors in it. Start by applying yellow color on the leaves. Once the yellow color is applied, cover the leaves with light green shade. This will give a bright shading effect to the leaves. Here is where you can use your painting skills very effectively. Take dark and light green paints and beautifully trace the stems of the leaves. Highlight some areas using dark green shade while use light green to show the faded effect.

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Step 6: Colour the entire bowl and make sure you also cover the small gaps

DIY Leaf Bowl 5 Minutes Craft

Calmly color all the leaves and let it dry. Now, we need to color the inner plastic bowl. So start with yellow color. Colour the entire bowl and the gaps of the plastic bowl which are visible between the leaves with yellow shade. This yellow color will boost the look of leaf bowl and will give it a perfect finishing touch!

Your super creative and natural looking leaf bowl are ready! What a fun it is to create such interesting DIY crafts. You can place veggies and fruits in this bowl if you are using it for the dining table. You can place some shells, flower petals, marbles or decorative elements if you are using it for the living room.

How To Make DIY Leaf Bowl?

Got more creative ideas to prepare such bowls? Let us know!

From décor items to DIY crafts, if you need tutorial let us know while commenting and we will try our best to make it for you!

As we always say, Happy crafting!

Easy DIY Paper Gift Box- How To Make An Accordion Card Holder?

Replacing the cupboards and cardholders with some fancy gift box is very exciting. In this world where digital payments are very common, we have the bunch of cards in our pockets to manage. The cards are very important and must be paced properly. If you causally forget where you have placed your cards, here is a stunning Accordion Card Holder solution for you!

While using your creativity, you can make some interesting card holders at your home! Here is an easy to prepare DIY magic paper gift box which you can also use as a card holder and keep all your cards safe!

Easy DIY Paper Gift Box

Things You Need To Prepare The DIY Card Holder

Things You Need To Prepare The DIY Card Holder

  • Colour and printed sheets
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun
  • Golden beads
  • Decorative stone
  • Velcro
  • Decorative lace

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Steps You Need To Perform To Make An Accordion Card Holder

Step 1: Prepare the base of the box

Accordion Card Holder

Let’s start while preparing the base. Take the printed paper and turn it around. On the back of the paper, mark some points. Start by making 3 cm, 9cm and ten ends with again 3cm marking with the help of a ruler. Turn the paper horizontal and draw straight lines from the markings to the other side. This way, you will get the 3cm, 9cm and 3cm horizontal lines on the page. Now it’s time to make vertical markings on the paper. Take the measurements of 3cm, 9cm, 3cm, 9cm and 3cm on the paper.

Step 2: Cut the paper using cutter

DIY Accordion Card Holder

With a ruler and pencil, draw the vertical lines and rub the markings as shown in the video. Prepare the shape shown in the video and rub all the other markings. This is the shape of the openable box and its sides. With the help of a cutter, cut the framing of the markings. You will get a square shape along with a long thin strip.

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Step 3: Stick the edges and form a box

Paper Accordion Card Holder

Take a cutter and cut the edges of the markings. Only cut 3cm of an area from the sides. In the rest of the markings, smoothly run the cutter which will create a mark and easy fold. Do not cut the markings just run the cutter softly on it. As shown in the video, make multiple such marks. By folding the paper, you can make a box. Thus, take glue and apply it in the inner corners of the box and stick them.

Step 4: Prepare the base of accordion

DIY Paper Accordion Card Holder

Create a box-shaped craft while sticking all the ends. Now it’s time to make the accordion. For this, we will use a different colour paper. Take a pink colour paper and with the help of ruler and pencil mark some points. Mark the width of 8cm on the paper and draw horizontal lines. With the help of a cutter, divide this paper into 2 long strips of 8cm.

Step 5: Make the thin strips for side of the accordion

Easy Accordion Card Holder

Once you get 2 strips, bend the strips from the middle and more 2 times. This will get you 4 equal square boxes and 3 bends on the strip. Again fold the strip and you will get more folds. Continue this until you get thin strips and number of folds on the paper. Fold these strips inside out and continue until the end. Perform the same with another 8cm strip. This way you will get 2 accordions ready.

Step 6: Make the centre of the accordion

Take another strip and mark 6.5cm measurements on a strip. Make 4 different segments with no gap in the middle while a gap 0.5cm between the last 2 segments. Cut such 2 strips and fold the strips form the segment gaps. Using glue, stick both the strips together. Refer the video to get perfect measurements and bends.

Step 7: Combine the sides and centre of the accordion

Now you have made 2 accordions. One with broad bends while one with thin strips. You now need to merge these two accordions to create a magical feel. Stick the thin accordion to the broad accordion in a horizontal fashion. Skipping 2-3 thin stripes, again apply glue and stick the layer of a broad accordion. Continue this until you reach the end of these 2 accordions. One side of the broad accordion is framed with thin stripes, now we need to do it for another side.

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Step 8: Stick all stripes and bends to make a perfect accordion

How To Make Accordion Card Holder?

Preparing the accordion is quite simple but follows the video to get perfect measurements and tricks. Now, take the second strip of thin accordion and glue it to the other side of the broad accordion. This way, you will get a perfect huge accordion with broad pockets and magical look on the sides when it opens.

Step 9: Prepare the base of the accordion

How To Make Paper Accordion Card Holder?

Take another strip of pink paper and make the measurements of 8cm, 3cm, and 8cm on the strip. Cut the rest of the part and stick this strip on the base of your accordion. The base of accordion was 3cm and breath was 8cm so we have taken the same measurements. Using some glue stick the bottom of the accordion to the 3cm middle section of the strip and the ends to both the ends of the accordion. This way, you will get a perfect framing and finish for your accordion.

Step 10: Stick the accordion box and fix it.

How To Make DIY Accordion Card Holder?

This amazing accordion will perfectly fit into the box. Thus, take the box and apply some glue on the base and top of the box. Stick the accordion to the base and top for easy opening. Apply glue and stick thoroughly. Let it get dry. When you will open this box, the accordion will automatically open now!

Step 11: Add Velcro and give a finishing touch while using beads and laces.

How To Make Accordion Card Holder Box?

The top of this box is still open and thus, we will stick Velcro on the inner side of the top and outer side of the base. This will help you to open and close the box flexibly. You can now decorate this awesome box with some cool decorative elements. Take the decorative beads and start sticking it on the box start with the top and prepare a diamond-shaped formation with beads. In the centre, stick a huge diamond shaped stone for decorating the sides, we will use decorative lace. In the 3 sides of the box and on the top, apply glue and stick the lace. This will give a very pretty look and fancy look to the box.

How To Make Easy Accordion Card Holder Box?

Here’s your DIY magic paper gift box ready. Store all your cards in this precious DIY box and never misplace your important cards again!

Don’t forget to share your DIY crafting experience with us right here!

Happy crafting!

How To Make A Recycled DIY Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

We have so many unused products in our house lying in our storerooms and cupboards. Especially the school items like plastic paper files, colours, chart papers etc are used for few times and they are placed in the cupboards. The DIY crafts make use of such elements and help you prepare best form waste. The paper files can be easily turned into a daily-use plastic DIY Tote bag within 5 quick minutes!

If you don’t think it’s your cup of tea, go through this easy and simple process which won’t require any master skills! Today we are making a cool plastic handbag using some waste items. So gather all your materials and start making this amazing bag with us!

How To Make A Recycled Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

Things You Need To Make A DIY Tote Bag

Things You Need To Make A DIY Tote Bag

  • Plastic file bag
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Glue gun
  • Stapler
  • Cutter
  • Satin ribbon
  • Beads lace
  • Plastic transparent hose
  • Decorative laces

Steps To Make The DIY Tote Bag

Step 1: Trim the file into a bag

How To Make Tote Bag?

Let’s start by making the bag. Take the plastic paper file. We need to remove the top of the folder and thus, mark the measurements of the top from the front and backwards. Now, using a scissor, trim the top of the bag as per the measurements. With this, you will get an open plastic bag! Also, remove any of the buttons on the bag which is meant for closing the bag.

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Step 2: Cover the trimmed area

How To Make DIY Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

To cover up the trimmed area, we will use a red ribbon. Take a broad red ribbon. Bend the broad ribbon from the centre and stick it backwards and in front of the bag. With the help of glue gun, stick the red ribbon on the trimmed area and let it get dry.

Step 3: Prepare the handbag handles

How To Make DIY Tote Bag?

We now need to prepare a handle of the bag and thus, we will use a plastic transparent hose. Get a long pipe and cut it into 2 equal pieces. Measure the length of the handle and stick it in the bag. Cut the ends of the pipe and make it broad which will easily stick to the bag. Also, it won’t stick easily with glue and thus, using a stapler, staple one end of the hose.

Step 4: Add decoratively beaded laces into hoses

Make DIY Tote Bag In 5 Minutes

We need to make this plastic hose more decorative and thus, will add beads lace into it. Take the other end of the plastic hose and start inserting the beads lace into it. Fill the lace, cut the ends and apply some glue. Also, staple the other hand to make the grip stronger. Repeat this process for the second handle and stick the second handle on the other side.

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Step 5: Add some decorative laces to the top and bottom

DIY Tote Bag

The handles staples untidily over the bag can make it look ugly and thus, we will use a lace for decorating and covering it. Take the pretty white lace and stick it on the red ribbon. Cover the handles and stapler pins. Using glue stick this entire lace and use a single staple pin to make the lace stick properly. Also, cover the sides and back of the bag with the same lace.

Step 6: Use a glitter artificial rose for decorating the bag

How To Make A Recycled Tote Bag In 5 Minutes?

For making the bag look prettier, use a thin lace in the bottom of the bag. With the help of glue gun, stick the thin lace in the bottom of the bag. Cover the front and back of the bag with this lace. Use staplers wherever necessary to stick the lace perfectly. To give a pretty decorative look to the bag, take a golden rose and stick it in the middle of the bag!

Here is a stunning DIY tote bag ready! Use it daily for carrying some random stuff and money with you!

This is one of the DIY bags which you can easily prepare from the plastic files you have at your home. Choose these simple files and turn them into colourful, decorative and multi-usable tote bags!

Already tried to make one? Share your experience with us right here!

Happy crafting!

Drinking Straw Accessories : How To Make Earrings And Bracelet?

All the women are generally obsessed with a different kind of jewellery. From earrings to bracelets, from chains to anklets, there are so many beautiful accessories and jewellery pieces women long for! However, the jewellery today we are presenting is simply rare and gorgeous i.e. Drinking Straw Accessories!

We use the unused items and handy tools which are easily available in our home to make décor items. This time, we have come up with a beautiful combination of jewellery and some kitchen items! A lot of you people must be having some drinking straws in your home. We will simply show you the use of these straws in preparing Drinking Straw Accessories!

Drinking Straw Accessories

Excited to make Drinking Straw Accessories? Here is how you can make amazing earrings and bracelets using the drinking straws!

First, We Will Make A Bracelet Out Of The Drinking Straws

 Things You Need

Things You Need For Bracelet

  • Drinking straws
  • Scissor
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads
  • Hook
  • Jump rings
  • Pearls

Steps To Make The Bracelet

Step 1- Cut the straw into pieces

Bracelet Using Drinking Straws

The main element here is the straws so we will begin with the straws. Take the straws and cut it into tiny pieces. You can choose any elegant straw colour like white or baby pink for a beautiful bracelet. Make multiple small pieces of the same size. Use scissors to make equal partitions. We now need to make the bracelet so take a thread and needle.

Step 2- Stitch the straw and pearls into the thread

DIY Bracelet Using Drinking Straws

Get the thread and needle and insert a pearl at the end. Make a knot to prevent the pearl from falling down. After the pearl, add a straw piece to the thread. Keep the straw piece in a horizontal direction and sew it into the thread with the help of the needle. Keep inserting a pearl and a straw piece until the entire thread gets covered. Stitch carefully while inserting the straw to prevent injuries.

Step 3- Fix the hooks

Bracelet Using Drinking Straws DIY

Once you reach the end, add a small pearl at the end and make a knot with the thread. Now remove the needle and cut the extra thread using the scissors. The bracelet is almost ready. We just need to insert the closing and opening hooks to complete it. Thus, fix the ‘S’ shaped hook at the first end while the jump ring on the other end.

Here is our beautiful bracelet made from straw a pearls ready to use! You can make a similar necklace with straw pieces and can complement it with this bracelet!

Now, We Will Make A Pair Of Beautiful Earrings Using The Straws

Things You Need To Make Trendy Earrings Using Straws

Things You Need For Earrings

  • Different colour straws
  • Scissors
  • Earring hooks
  • Beads
  • Craft wires
  • Jump rings

Steps To Make A Beautiful Pair Of Earrings

Step 1- Trim the straw and make triangles

Earrings Using Drinking Straws DIY

Take the straws and cut it from the centre. Make spilt straw while trimming it from the middle. This way, you will get 1 long open straw. Now we have to make a stunning 3D triangle out of this open straw. For that, fold the straw 4 times into small squares. When you fold it 4 times, fold it into the triangle 2 times and again as a square. When you will open it in the other direction, you will get a triangle formed. Now wrap the entire remaining straw to the triangle formed.

Step 2- Prepare more triangles

Earrings Using Drinking Straws

Keep wrapping the straw to make the triangle more thick and strong. At the end of the straw, you will get a fine thick triangle formed. Seal the remaining end using glue or fix it in the layers of the straw. Make 6-7 such more triangles for the earring.

Step 3- Prepare the earring

Earrings Using Drinking Straws DIY Craft

Now that we have our triangles ready, we will prepare the other earring parts. Take the craft wire and arrange the pearl and triangle in this wire. First, insert the pearl, make a small wrap of the wire to prevent falling and then add the triangle. Follow the pattern of one triangle and one pearl and continue it. Twist the wire and seal it with a small pearl.

Step 4- Give the finishing touch

DIY Earrings Using Drinking Straws

In this small rounded wire, add the jump ring and also add the hook. Similarly, prepare the second earring following the pattern of one small pearl, large pearl, triangle, large pearl, triangle and the small pearl. With this, the beautiful pair of earrings is ready!

DIY Earrings Using Straws

This beautiful pair of earrings and bracelet would look simply stunning! For elegant and soft look, carry these straw made charming accessories and look gorgeous!

You can choose different coloured straws and pearls and use some unique combinations you too can create some special Drinking Straw Accessories. So awaken the creative artist in you and prepare some awesome jewellery using straws!

Don’t forget to share the experience with us!

Happy crafting!

Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft Flower Vase!

Flowers are beautiful and the bunch of flowers can simply spread freshness and elegance in the home. Especially, when the flowers are placed into beautiful vases, the look and charm of flowers get increased. Nowadays, when we move into the market for purchasing vases, it’s hard to find out beautiful vases which are cheap and budget friendly.

As a solution, we have an interesting DIY flower vase tutorial which will help you build your custom-made flower vase which you can decorate with fresh flowers! This is a traditional, beautiful and easily made flower vase which gets ready in 5 minutes.

DIY Flower Vase

Lets’ go through the tutorial for making a beautiful flower vase

Things You Need To Make A Flower Vase

Things You Need To Make A Flower Vase

  • Pen
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative lace
  • Beads and pearls
  • Colours and brushes
  • Plastic bottle lid
  • CD
  • Plastic bottle

Steps You Need To Perform To Make A DIY Flower Vase

Step 1: Trim the plastic bottle and prepare the base

DIY Flower Vase Decor

We will make the base using plastic bottle thus, take a plastic bottle and cut the base of this bottle. We will use the upper part of the bottle to prepare the base of the vase.  On a plastic lid, place the lid of the plastic bottle and draw a circle using the pencil. With the help of the cutter, cut this small circle from the lid. Fix this lid to the bottle’s neck. Now take a CD and place the bottle with a lid on the CD. Stick the lid and bottle with the CD using a glue gun.

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Step 2: Stick tissue papers on the bottle

DIY Flower Vase Home Decor

Now it’s time to cover up the bottle. Thus take a bowl, add some adhesive, glue and water. Using a brush, mix all these items and prepare a thick paste. Apply glue to the bottle using the brush and start sticking tissue papers on the bottle. Place the tissue papers and brush some glue to let the papers stick. Cover everything from top to bottom with tissue papers and glue.

Step 3: Apply blue and white shades to the bottle

DIY Flower Vase Table Decor

When the glue and tissue paper gets dry, apply white colour on the entire piece. Cover each and every corner and let it get dry. This way, you will get a perfectly shaped white vase ready. Now take a bowl and pour blue colour. With a brush, apply blue colour on the entire vase. Start colouring with light blue shade and then add dark blue shade to make it look more bright and pretty. You can also create a shading effect with the base of dark blue shade, the middle portion with light blue and top with white.

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Step 4: Decorate the vase with beads and pearls

Flower Vase Table DIY Decor

When the vase is fully coloured, take the beads, pearls and laces to decorate the vase. Take the golden ribbon and stick it on the top and base of the vase using the glue gun. Surround the vase with this golden lace. Below the golden lace, stick the pearl lace using the glue gun. Surround the vase with the second layer of this pearl lace.

Step 5: Prepare some interesting décor and give finishing touch

DIY Flower Vase

Let’s make something decorative on our own. Take medium sized pearl and wrap a small golden bead lace around the pearl. Use glue to stick the lace around the pearl. Stick these random pearls on the vase and surround the pearls with golden beads lace. This will simply look flawless!

Best Out Of Waste Craft Flower Vase

Place some fresh, artificial and colourful flowers in this amazing vase and decorate your living room table with this beautiful centrepiece! You can place this in your gallery décor, in your living room table, bedroom or dining room table for an impressive look.

Try some beautiful stones and décor items on this vase and make some unique flower vase designs. Share your experience with us right here!

Happy crafting!

DIY Bangles Box – Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand Just For You!

Bangles are the favourite accessory of women. Since eras, the beautiful bangles have evolved with new designs, beautiful shades and awesome patterns. Years back, the bangles were stored in some royal boxes or bangle stands. These stands were bangle boxes with a circular comfy handle in between to arrange the bangles. We also have some bangle stands in the cupboards where we can hang the bangles.

Today, we are going to make a super pretty bangle box with reusable things. This is a cool DIY bangles box which can be prepared within few minutes. So let’s start making a fancy bangle box using the bottle and some reusable items.

DIY Bangles Box From Plastic Bottle

Things You Need To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand

Things You Need For Making Bangle Stand

  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottle
  • Colours and brushes
  • Decorative beads and wires
  • Decorative Tapes
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard roll
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative stones

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Steps You Need To Perform For Making A DIY Bangles Box From Plastic Bottle

Step 1: Prepare the bangles to stand from plastic bottle

Bangle Box DIY

Let’s begin with the empty plastic bottle. Take the bottle and cut it from the middle using a cutter. We will now use the bottom of the bottle. Take the bottle and cut the bottle from the base. You will get a 2-way open plastic bottle.   Now, take a cardboard sheet and place the trimmed bottle on the cardboard and trace the circle with the pencil. Again make a circle and cut both these circles using a cutter.

Step 2: Prepare the sides of bottle using cardboard

DIY Bangle Box Utility Craft

We have made the 2 cardboard circles to close the sides of the plastic bottle. Thus, take the circles and stick both the circles on the sides using glue. Make sure you stick both the ends thoroughly with glue. This is our base prepared for the bangles stand. Now we need to cut the bottle from between to allow it to stand perfectly in the bangle box. Thus, cut the bottle in between. Cut in a way that you get an openable part form the top of the bottle. Remove the entire segment and then, stick one side of this section with a cello tape to the bottle.

Step 3: Prepare the cardboard roll handles

We now need to make the bangle stand using the cardboard roll. Take the roll and 2 stripes of rolls. Take the measurement of the bottle in which you will place the cardboard roll. Stick the strips of cardboard rolls on both the sides of the bottle to easily place the roll in it. Stick the roll stripes on both the sides and let it get dry.

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Step 4: Colour the cardboard stand inner space

DIY Bangle Box

Now it’s time to colour the cardboards and bottle to give it a decorative look. Thus, colour the inner bottle and sides of the bangles holder with pink shade. When the colour is done, place this bottle aside and let it get dry. For the outer decoration of the stand, you will need printed glitter paper. Apply glue on the plastic bottle and cover the complete outer area and stick the pink glitter paper on it. Also, cover the top of the bangles stand with glitter paper and remove the extra pieces.

Step 5: Decorate the stand with pink glitter paper

DIY Plastic Bottle Bangle Stand

It’s now time to cover the bangle stand with this glitter paper. Thus, apply some glue and stick the glitter paper on the holder too. Remove the extra part and let it get dry. To decorate the sides of both, the handle as well the bangle stand, use pink glitter paper. On the paper, place the bottle and the cardboard roll and draw 4 circles. Cut the circles and using glue, stick these circles on the sides. With the help of the cutter, trim the extra part from the sides.

Step 6: Decorate the stand with golden ribbon

DIY Bangle Stand From Plastic Bottle

It’s now time to decorate the bangle stand beautifully. Thus, take a golden ribbon and stick it on the opening end of the stand. Apply glue with the glue gun and start sticking the ribbon. Let it get dry and set properly. Cover the front, sides top of the stand with this ribbon. Also, add this amazing glitter ribbon on the cardboard roll sides. This will give an extraordinary look to the stand.

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Step 7: Prepare the opening and closing clutch of bangles to stand

DIY Bangles Stand

To make a buckled opening and closing, use pink coloured wire. Cut a small part of the pink wire and stick both the ends on the inner top of the box while making holes with a scissor. Also, use glue to stick the wire perfectly. On the base, take the measurement of the wire and stick a huge golden bead which can easily help in opening and close the box. To decorate it furthermore, use golden bead lace and stick it on the top of the box.

Step 8: Decorate and give finishing touch to the stand

Plastic Bottle Bangle Stand

Decorative ready stones look fabulous and thus, get a huge readymade decorative stone and stick it on the top of the box using glue. To give a steady support to the bulging box, we will use huge golden beads. Take the beads and place 2 beads on one side and 2 on the other sides. Using glue, stick all the 4 beads properly which will prevent rolling of the box while you use it.

Bangle Stand From Plastic Bottle

With this, your fancy bangles stand is ready to use!

Try this pretty, decorative and easy to prepare DIY bangles box to place all your bangles, bracelets and accessories easily. This will not only let your bangles get stored perfectly but will also increase the fanciness of your cupboard!

Try your hand at preparing something interesting like this cool bangle stand and share your innovative experiences with us!

Happy crafting!

Best Out Of Waste – DIY Wind Chime Using Plastic Bottle!

DIY Wind chimes are beautiful and have a great significance in balcony decorations. These decorative ornaments can bring visual and musical beauty in our homes. However, these melodious décor pieces are quite expensive. You can make the customized and beautiful wind chimes at your home with the help of a plastic bottle! It is also a beautiful bird wall hanging which is beautiful, colourful and eye pleasing!

DIY Wind Chime Using Plastic Bottle!

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Want to get a beautifully customized wind chime for your home? Here is all you need to do!

Things You Need To Make A DIY Wind Chime

DIY Wind Chime

  • Plastic bottle
  • Shilpkar clay
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Colours and brushes
  • Glue gun
  • Thread
  • Beads
  • Artificial feathers
  • Iron nails
  • Aluminium foil
  • Decorative lace
  • Decorative hangings
  • Sequences
  • Golden chain

Steps To Make A DIY Wind Chime

Step 1- Prepare roof the plastic bottle

DIY Wind Chime Using Plastic Bottle

Let’s start with making the roof of the wind chime. We will make this roof with the help of a plastic bottle. Take the plastic bottle and with the help of a cutter, cut the bottle from the upper-middle part. You will get the top of the bottle. Now, get some shilpkar clay and soften it with your hands. Press and bind it to make it soft and usable. Roll the clay like dough and with the help of the bottle, roll prepare long sheet from the clay.

Step 2- Design the bottle with clay

DIY Wind Chime Recycled Craft

Use the cap of the bottle to cut out small circles of clay sheet. Cut the clay just like we cut the cookie dough! Get multiple circles from the clay dough and stick these circles on the bottle evenly. Cover the entire bottle head with such circles. Now paint the clay circles with different colours. Apply double coats to get a smooth and thicker paint layer.

Take the dark blue shade and paint the entire bottle with this shade. Apply double coats of colour on the bottle to get a smoother look. Also, paint the top of the bottle and make a hole on the top. Once the bottle and paint get dry, you will get a beautiful bottle which has colourful circles on it! This looks stunning.

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Step 3- Decorate the bottle

Wind Chime Using Plastic Bottle

Once we have finished colouring, it’s time to decorate the bottle with beads and sequences. Stick the beautiful sequences on the bottle in a random fashion with the help of glue. Only stick the sequences on the dark blue portion of the bottle and not on the circles. This will give a glittering and glorious look to the bottle!

Step 4- Prepare the artificial bird

Below the bottle roof, we will hand a beautiful DIY bird to enhance the look of the wind chime. For making this bird, get the aluminium foil. Aluminium foil is easy to bend and fold and thus, we can get a beautiful bird shape out of this foil. Make the front of the bird while folding and preparing a trash of aluminum foil. Also, use the foil to make a head and neck while join a long thin foil wrap to make a perfect tail finish. Shape the foil in a bird’s body! And here’s a cool bird ready!

Step 5- Shape the bird and make it ready to hang

Wind Chime Craft Using Plastic Bottle

This is a rough shape of the bird and thus, for a perfect bird shape, we will need to wrap it with clay. Smoothen some clay and wrap it on the foil bird to make it attain a perfect bird shape. Stick the clay layers thoroughly and make a hole in the centre of the bird.

We need to hang this bird in a wind chime and thus, we will make the vertical hole in the bird. With the help of an aluminium wire, make a hole in the bird.

Step 6- Prepare the feathers of bird

This is a very interesting part where we will make the artificial feathers of this bird. Roll some clay in a thin strip and stick this thinly rolled clay on the body of the bird. Make a perfect shape of a feather on both the sides. Now use a toothpick to make the flares and design on the feather. This will make the birds feathers look extremely realistic and beautiful!

The bird now needs a beak and thus, make a beak shaped clay formation and stick it on the bird’s mouth.

Step 7- Colour and decorate the bird and add feathers

Wind Chime DIY Decor Using Plastic Bottle

It’s now time to give some beautiful and natural colours to the bird. Start with the blue shade and paint the wings with different colours. You can also apply shades of yellow, pink, and blue, orange, brown and so on for making the bird look natural and stunning! Also, colour the eyes and beak of the bird.

Now, use the beautiful and colourful artificial feathers to make the bird look awesome! Paste the feathers on the back of the bird using glue and let it stick perfectly.

Step 8- Make the hanging with beads and decorative materials

Wind Chime DIY Hanging Using Plastic Bottle

Take a long thread and add the decorative hanging in the bottom of the thread. One by one, add the golden beads and pearls in the thread. Also, add the bird now and again stuff the thread with beautiful beads. Make a beautiful chain of golden, colourful and decorative beads on the bird.

Now, fix the golden chain in the bottle cap and stick it with the help of a glue gun. Close the bottle and paste the decorative golden lace on the end of the bottle. You can use the decorative lace with small bells which will make a melodious sound! Let the lace stick well to the bottle.

Fix the bird and hanging with the golden chain through the cap of the bottle and hand this beautiful diy wind chime in your home!

DIY Wind Chime Hanging Using Plastic Bottle

Here is a beautiful and stylish wind chime with a stunning hanging which will brighten up your diy home décor as never before!

You can use this amazing wind chime as a balcony hanging or traditional wall hanging during festivals. Add the lace of bells in this wind chime to make it sound melodious while you sit on your balcony enjoying the cool breezes of wind!

Happy crafting!

Best Out Of Waste Jewellery Box From Sweet Box!

We have a lot of festivals in India and with each festival, we get a beautiful sweet box. Also, we are extremely addicted to desserts and delicious sweets and thus, having a bunch of waste sweet boxes is very common. Why throw these precious boxes when we can make something creative out of these sweet boxes? Use your creativity in building some rich and fancy DIY Jewellery Box.

Love the beautifully layered jewelry boxes with compartments for different jewellery items? Here is a simple and fun filled tutorial which will help you make a pretty diy jewellery box for your cupboard from waste cardboard box!

DIY Jewellery Box

Things You Need To Make A DIY Jewellery Box

Things You Need To Make A DIY Jewellery Box

  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Fevistick
  • Decorative Tape
  • Satin ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Small mirror
  • Buckram cloth
  • Glue gun
  • Sweet boxes
  • Thermocol sheet
  • Printed colour papers and colour sheets

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Steps You Need To Follow To Make A DIY Jewellery Box

Step 1: Prepare square boxes

Jewellery Box DIY Craft

Let’s start with decorating the sweet boxes. Take a sweet box and start taking measurements with a ruler and pencil. Mark 4.5 inches on all the sides of the box. This is to make the box square and equal from all the sides. Turn the box around and in the bottom, draw a 4.5-inch long line and cut the box using a cutter. This way, you will get a square box. However, due to trimming, one side of the box will be uncovered and thus, use the side of the trimmed layer to prepare the 4th side of the box. Cut the side with a cutter and using the glue gun, stick it on the box.

Step 2: Assemble the sides

Jewellery Box Utility Craft

Stick the sides properly and let this box get dry. Repeat the process for another box and make a square box from another sweet box. However, we still need to work on the second box. Draw a 1-inch line on the 4 sides of the box from the top and cut this 1-inch layer form the top. This way, the second box will become shorter in length than the other.

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Step 3: Prepare the base/ stand

DIY Jewellery Box Utility Craft

It’s now time to prepare the thick base of the box. The base needs to be broader than the box of the box and thus, we will use the thermocol sheet to cut a 5.2inch top for the box. Take a thermocol sheet and take measurements of 5.2 inches from all the sides. You will get a square formation. Cut the square using a cutter and keep it aside.

Step 4: Cover the inner boxes

Jewellery Box DIY Utility Craft

We will prepare the inner base of the box and thus, cut a pink paper by measuring the box size and marking it on the paper. Use the scissors to cut the sheet. With the help of glue, stick the sheet inside the box and let it get dry. Also, measure the sides and cut the papers using a scissor. Stick these paper stripes in the box using glue and let it stick properly. You can use fevistick to stick the small strips on the sides. This way, prepare the inner covering of both the boxes with light pink paper and the inner base is ready.

Step 5: Merge the boxes to prepare a jewellery box

DIY Jewellery Box Craft

It’s now time to stick the boxes together and prepare an openable jewelry box. For this, take the big box and reverse the small box and place it over the big box. Take some buckram cloth and stick it on both the boxes. This cloth is to connect the boxes and promote opening and closing of this box. On one side of the box, stick buckram cloth using glue. With this, your openable box is ready!

Step 6: Use printed sheets to decorate the box

DIY Jewellery Box Recycled Craft

We now need to make the boxes look decorated and pretty and thus, take your favorite printed paper and mark the measurements of both the boxes on printed sheets. Take accurate measurements using a ruler and pen and cut the paper. We need to cover the entire box and thus, take long papers. Using thin strips, decorate the sides while using square pieces of printed papers, cover the top and base of the box.

Step 7: Cover the thermocol ( Styrofoam) base

Jewellery Box Recycled Craft

Now it’s time to decorate the thermocol base. Thus, take a pink printed paper and stick it to the thermocol sheet using glue. Cover all the sides and top of the sheet. This way, the box and base f the box are decorated. Now, top the thermocol sheet with a jewellery box. Take some adhesive and apply it to the sheet. Stick the box on the sheet and let it get dry.

Step 8: Make the compartments and mirror

Jewellery Box DIY Recycled Craft

We need to make the compartments of the jewellery box and thus, take a cardboard or thick sheet and take the measurements using a pencil and ruler. We will make 3 partitions this, cut a long 4.5-inch long strip and one strip half of 4.5 inches. Cover these strips with pink paper to make them look decorative. Thus, take the printed pink paper, apply glue and stick it to the sheet pieces.

Step 9: Stick the mirror and compartments

DIY Jewellery Box Best Out Of Waste Craft

We also need to stick the mirror to the base and thus, get a small mirror. Place it on the chart paper and cut the segment of chart paper. Stick the mirror to the chart paper to give it more strength. To create a frame, take a brown paper and place the mirror on it. Take measurements and cut the brown paper slightly bigger than the actual mirror. Apply some glue on the base of the mirror and stick it to the brown paper. Fold the ends of brown paper which will work as a perfect frame for the mirror and stick it using glue.

Stick decorative tape on the brown paper to make it look more glorious. Stick the tape to the frame.

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Step 10:  Prepare the holders with ribbon

Jewellery Box Best Out Of Waste DIY Craft

Once the mirror is ready, stick it on the inner top of the box. For this, take a small strip of chart paper and bend it. Apply glue on both the sides and stick the box and mirror with it. This will create a stunning jewellery box for you! It’s time to stick the partitions or compartments in the box. Thus, take the long stripe and stick it in between while taking the small strip and stick it between any of the sides. Apply proper amount of glue in the bottom and stick the compartment strips well.

Step 11: Add finishing touches

Best Out Of Waste Jewellery Box From Sweet Box

We have arranged the mirror into the box in a very flexible way. The mirror can come out and can stand while you need it. For making the top supportive, take the pink ribbon and build the side handles. Keep the box partially open and take measurements of the pink ribbon. Cut the ribbon and stick it in the inner side of the top and bottom box using glue. Perform this step on both sides of the box.

Here is your fancy DIY jewellery box ready! This pretty jewellery box looks more beautiful and pretty than the jewellery boxes available in the market. You can choose to make this amazing box at your home and store your jewellery in a cool decorative and flexible box!

Try some variations and colours in this box and let us know how it looked!


Happy crafting!

DIY Bangle Box : Learn To Make A Stunning DIY Cardboard Bangle Box!

Women love their jewellery and are always excited to get some pretty and interesting jewellery boxes. Jewellery boxes not only accommodate the jewellery at a single place but also help in maintaining the shine and quality of the jewellery. One of such items is DIY bangle box which can easily accommodate all your precious bangles at a single place and maintain its beauty. If you are getting bored in your free time, you can use this free time in creating something very interesting and useful.

DIY Bangle Box

Today, we will learn to make a stunning DIY cardboard bangle box in which you can store all your precious bangles.

Things You Need To Make A DIY Bangle Box

Things You Need For Cardboard Bangle Box

  • Cardboard box
  • Colour papers and printed sheets
  • Cardboard pipe
  • Packing tape
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Fevistick
  • Glue gun
  • Mirror
  • Bead
  • Satin ribbon
  • Plastic wire
  • Lace
  • Golden beads

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Steps You Need To Perform For Making A Cardboard Bangle Stand

Step 1-

Cardboard Bangle Box Recycled Craft

Take the cardboard box and seal the box from all sides using a packaging tape. Now, keep the box on its side, take the ruler and draw 4cm lines on all the 3 sides of the box. Using a cutter cut the three sides on which the 4cm line is drawn. This way, you will get a flexibly opening cardboard box. Cut the triangular cardboard sides using a cutter.

Step 2-

Cardboard Bangle Box Craft

We now need to decorate the inner side of the box. Thus, take the pink colour sheet place it in the box and take measurements. Cut the pink paper of the size of the sides and bottom. Stick the pink paper on the sides, base using glue. This will give an amazing and even look to the inner part of the box. Similarly, we need to decorate the inner part of the top. Thus, take the pink sheet, take the measurements of the inner top and cut the pieces. Stick the pink sheet using glue and let it get dry. We now have a pink coloured inner base and top for the box.

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Step 3-

Cardboard Recycled Craft

Now it’s time to prepare the outer covering of this box. For preparing the cover, take some polka dotted printed pink sheets. Take one sheet and measure the back of box. With the help of ruler and pencil, draw the measurements of the box on the sheet and stick it using glue. Cut the extra part of the sheet/ similarly, take the measurements of all the three sides and top of the box cut the printed papers and stick the sheets to the box using glue.

Thoroughly, stick all the papers on the sides and top and let the box get dry. We have now made the inner and outer covering of the box and it looks completely amazing.

Step 4-

Cardboard Box Recycled Craft

We now need to prepare the mirror. For this, take your small mirror and remove it from the frame. Take a cardboard sheet and cut it same as the size of the mirror. Using glue gun, stick the mirror to the sheet. To give the mirror a suitable frame, take pink plain sheet and cut it 0.5inch bigger than the mirror from all the sides. Cut the inner part of the mirror size from the printed sheet and stick the mirror to this trimmed pink sheet frame. Stick the framed mirror on the inner top of the box using glue. Let it stick perfectly and get dry.

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Step 5-

Easy Cardboard Bangle Box

For preparing a bangle holder, we will need the cardboard pipes and the handles which can carry the pipes. For this, get 4 cardboard rings and roll pink satin lace all over the rings. Stick the lace using glue. Cover all the rings with pink satin lace and let the rings dry. Along with the holders, we also need to decorate the cardboard pipes. Take the pipe and place it on the pink plain sheet, apply glue all over the pipe and roll the pipe in the sheet.  Repeat the same for both the pipes and give them a decorative look.

Step 6-

Cardboard Bangle Box DIY Craft

Place the pipe in the box and take measurements. Take the pipe holder and stick it to the cardboard box. Use fevistick to effectively stick the holders to the cardboard. Now place the decorative bangle pipes on the holder.

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Step 7-

Cardboard Bangle Box Utility Craft

Let’s decorate the mirror now. To give an attractive look to the mirror, apply some glue on the cardboard and stick golden beads. Frame all the 4 sides of the mirror using the golden bead lace. We will also use some lace to decorate the inner top. Apply some glue in the area surrounding the mirror and stick the lace on all the sides. This will give a very impressive and unique look to the inner top of the bangle box. As soon as you will open it, you will get to see a bright and decorative mirror.

Step 8-

Cardboard Bangle Box

It’s time to decorate the outer cover of the box. For making the box look more impressive and beautiful, we will use lace. On the top of the cover, apply some glue and stick the pretty white lace on it. Now, we will prepare a buckle for opening and closing the box. For this, take a pink lace and cut it. Stick the lace in the inner part of the top using glue. Also take a big bead and stick it on the bottom of the box. With this, you will be able to open and close the box.

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Step 9-

DIY Cardboard Bangle Box

To make the opening and closing of the box more comfortable, add side holders in the box. For this, take 2 small pieces of satin ribbon and cut it. Stick it in the inner part of the top and bottom. Stick the ribbon using glue and you will be able to open and close the box easily.

Cardboard Bangle Box Easy Craft

Here is an awesome and decorative DIY bangle box ready! How easy and amazing it is to prepare such a decorative and modern bangle box during free time.

You can place all the bangles in this deep and beautiful bangle and can store all your bangles easily. Try something creative like this and you will get more encouraged to prepare some useful jewellery boxes by your own.

Try something interesting and beautiful this weekend and share your experience with us straight way!

Happy crafting!

How to Make Newspaper Handbag – DIY Newspaper Craft!

The best thing about DIY crafts is that these crafts are not limited to rich and costly items to get prepared. There are some unexpected thing using which, you can prepare some outstanding DIY crafts for your home décor! Among such interesting and unique items, newspapers are the things which we can use. Newspapers can be used very interestingly to prepare some admirable DIY newspaper craft!

Yes, you guess it right! Today we are here with an amazing DIY newspaper handbag which will simply stun you! Have you ever wondered how a beautiful and strong handbag can be prepared from thin sheets of newspapers? Let’s solve your dilemma with this creative craft idea!

How to Make Newspaper Handbag?

Things You Need To Make A DIY Newspaper Craft

Things You Need For Newspaper Handbag

  • Adhesive
  • Brush
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Buckram cloth
  • Newspapers
  • Decorative pretty buttons
  • Velcro
  • Decorative beads
  • Drinking straw

Steps To Make A Stylish Multi Use DIY Handbag From Newspapers

Step 1-

Newspaper Handbag

Let’s start with making the cover of the bag using newspapers. Take a newspaper and fold it from both the sides. Press the newspaper and you will get a paper with three sections traced.  Cut the second folding so you will get a newspaper folded from the centre. Again cut this fold with a scissor and you will get three equal sized sections of the newspaper.  Keep the newspaper long and lean to prepare a stylish handbag.

Step 2-

Newspaper Handbag DIY

Now, open up the pieces and take a drinking straw. Place it to the corner of the paper and roll it with the newspaper. While rolling the paper, when you reach the end of the paper, apply some glue to the corner of the paper and continue rolling. This will make the paper stick easily to the newspaper.

Remove the straw from the paper roll and use it for rolling the other newspapers. Perform these steps for all the papers you trimmed in equal sections. This way, you will get multiple newspaper rolls using a single straw! Here you are done with a huge task now!

Step 3-

Newspaper Handbag DIY Craft

Take the newspapers rolls and press these rolls flat, one by one, press the rolls and make them thin and broad. Now take a single roll from this bunch and apply glue on it. One by one, stick all the rolls on this roll in a vertical manner. Arrange all the paper straws with glue and let it stick properly. Stick one paper roll on the bottom of that one roll while another on the top of the roll. This way you will get a stick loaded with paper rolls on both the sides.

Step 4-

DIY Newspaper Handbag

Its time you become a little tricky now! When you get all the rolls glued properly place it on the table. Bend the rolls on the upper layer into the opposite direction. Bend every alternate roll in the opposite direction and thus, you will get these horizontal rolls upwards as well as downwards. Also apply some glue on the main roll to stick these oppositely bent roll properly.

Step 5-

Newspaper Handbag Recycled Craft

Now, apply some glue on all the rolls on the main stick facing downwards. You need to stick this roll in the bottom and then cover it up with the rolls you just raised in the upwards direction. Apply glue and reverse the rolls which you glued in the upwards direction. This way, the second horizontal roll you glued will get tightly sandwiched between the vertical rolls and you will get a strong upper part of this entire construction!

Step 6-

Newspaper Handbag DIY Recycled Craft

Repeat the process multiple times until you get the entire vertical section get filled with horizontal rolls. This way, you will get a square board like structure with blocks of newspapers. You will get a thick and beautiful criss cross pattern which will give the handbag a strong base. Trim the extra ends and part form the edges when you get this mat like structure.

To give this mat a perfect finishing, stick the roll ends with glue and make it perfectly square. Cover all the 4 sides and make it look perfectly done! Also make 2 such small mats with newspapers for preparing the sides.

Step 7-

Newspaper Handbag Utility Craft

Now, it’s time to give a perfect look to this mat. For this, take a bow, add some water and glue. Mix this solution and apply it on one side of this paper mat. Buckram cloth is a cloth which gives a very natural and cool look to the DIY objects. Thus, to give a covering to this newspaper mat, we will use buckram cloth. Paste this cloth on the newspaper mat and stick it. Stick the ends properly with a glue gun and seal it.

Step 8-

Newspaper DIY Handbag Recycled Craft

Now, bend this mat from the centre. Bend it in a way that the newspaper side is in the front side and buckram cloth is in the interior. It’s time to use the small 2 mats for sealing the sides of this handbag. Bend the large mat and take the measurements of its side on the small mat and cut it with a scissor.

Give these sides a perfect finishing while sticking the ends but let some ends remain as it is. This will help you help you stick the sides to the handbag easily. Now, stick these sides in the interior of the folded bag thoroughly. Press it nicely and let I get dry.

Step 9-

Newspaper DIY Handbag Craft

Once you got a strong base and edgy sides ready, now it’s time to make the interior look perfectly amazing. Get the glue and apply it in the interior of the bag. Paste the buckram cloth in the centre and sides of this bent bag. Let it get dry and stick which will make the bag stronger.

Step 10-

Newspaper DIY Handbag Utility Craft

Now, we need to prepare the opening and closing fold of the newspaper. For this, you will need to make such other two woven newspaper mats but leaner than the original one. Make 2 straps around 3-4 inches broad and 6 inches long. Stick these straps on the handbag. Apply some glue on the bag measuring the straps and glue it. Stick both the straps on one side of the bag and let it set.

Step 11-

DIY Handbag Recycled Craft

Take some glue and apply it on the entire side of the bag. Now to make the closing and opening flexible, stick Velcro on left and right straps. This Velcro will stick on the front of the bag wherever it fits perfectly. Apply a piece of paper on the Velcro and apply some glue on it. Close the bag and stick the Velcro to the front.

Step 12-

DIY Handbag Utility Craft

Now it’s time to decorate this beautiful handbag. For this, we will use buttons to decorate the straps. Take a huge decorative button and stick it in between both the straps. Take the small buttons to decorate the straps. Stick 3 buttons on both the straps and let it set. This will give a very modern and contemporary look to the handbag. Your beautiful DIY newspaper handbag is ready to use!

This is such a classy and modern handbag which you can use for storing all your belongings like hair accessories, makeup products, money and much more. It is an easy to handle clutch bag which gets ready with simple steps and using some super cool reusable products!

Handbag Recycled Using Newspaper

Make this interesting DIY Newspaper Craft and decorate it with beautiful decorative items! Don’t forget to share your experience and pictures with us!

Happy crafting!