DIY Home Decor Ideas : How to Make Beautiful Peacock With Plastic Spoons?

Wish to explore your creativity for your next DIY Home Decor Ideas? Got some extra plastic spoons left with you after a party? Heard of plastic spoon crafts?  Well, then mix and match the two ideas and learn how to make a beautiful peacock with Plastic Spoons. Sounds unbelievable? Make this peacock as a best out of waste idea for school children, and a full score is guaranteed.

With me this time you can easily access a complete and detailed step by step tutorial on how to make a beautiful Peacock using Plastic Spoons. You will be surprised that this recycled craft works wonders as an interesting DIY Home Decor Idea.

Plastic Spoons Peacock DIY Home Decor Craft

Let’s Learn Plastic Spoons Peacock DIY Home Decor Craft!

Material Required to Make this Plastic Spoons DIY Home Decor

Material-required-for-plastic-spoon-craft Plastic-spoon-craft-things-you-need
  • Fabric Colours
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Decorative Stones
  • Glitter paper
  • Coloured paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cotton Bud
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Craft glue
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue Gun

Want to revamp boring wall of your living room? Click below for detailed video for this plastic spoon craft for amazing Diy room Decor:

Procedure to Make DIY Home Decor from the Plastic Spoons

Step 1: Begin by making the feathers of the peacock. Grab a handful of plastic spoons and paint them using fabric colors in strokes and designs, forming the design of the peacock’s feathers.


Step 2: Let the paint of the spoons dry completely.


Step 3: Now take a white paper and draw the face, beak, crest and neck of the peacock.

Step 4: Cut it out and use it as a stencil. Using the white paper stencil, trace it out on a cardboard.

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Step 5: Cut the cardboard along the design of the peacock’s body and cut it with the help of a cutter.

Step 6: Cut out a circular cardboard so that you get a base to stick on the peacock’s feathers i.e is the plastic spoons.


Step 7: Take a coloured paper and cut it of the same size as that of the circular cardboard. Wrap the circular cardboard with it and stick a glitter paper on one of its side to cover it.


Step 8: This gets the base of your craft ready.

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How to Make an Origami Fortune Teller For Kids?

How to Make an Origami Fortune Teller

Want to learn, How to make an origami fortune teller easily? The Origami Fortune teller or cootie catcher is one of the fondest art and craft memories we all reminisce when it comes to our childhood. DIY Origami Fortune Teller is one such cool craft that not only is an Easy Fun Origami For Kids but also is a cute little handmade craft that you can also have fun with your child. So today’s fun craft series, we will learn how to make an origami fortune teller?

The Origami Art of Paper Folding is an age old one and many fun craft ideas have taken birth from it. The Origami Fortune teller has always been a fun and favourites one among the various DIY art and craft ideas. Being the easiest paper craft, in an instant, it is an always a kids craft idea that carries its own charm, as a colourful DIY paper craft.

How to Make an Origami Fortune Teller

We at bring for you a clearly presented and well-detailed tutorial on how to make an Origami Fortune Teller. Go ahead and take a look at Easy Fun Origami For Kids.

If you are looking out to learn how to make a paper jumping frog using Origami, Let’s have a Look here…

Material Required for Origami Fortune Teller

  • A Sheet of Paper
  • Colored Pencils

How to Make an Origami Fortune Teller Instructions Step by Step!

Step 1-

Take the sheet of paper and fold it inwards to make a triangle. Make a crease at the triangle.

Diy origami fortune teller

Step 2-

Cut the remaining spare paper. Open the triangle to find a perfect square.

Origami fortune teller making

Step 3-

Begin with the white side up and fold diagonally in one single direction.

Step 4-

Fold in each of the four corners towards the centre of the square.

Step 5-

Now fold the paper lengthwise to give you four creases, and 8 quadrants.

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Step 6-

Fold the paper, holding each corner inside to make 4 triangles.

Origami folding fortune teller

Step 7-

Flip the folded paper and fold the triangles outwards.

Origami fortune teller for kids

Step 8-

Re-flip and now write the names of the colors and write the fortunes inside the eight quadrants. Don’t forget to write numbers 1-8 on the quadrants inside.

Easy kids craft origami fortune teller

Step 9-

Use colored pencils and colour the 4 flaps of the fortune teller.

Origami fortune teller kids craft

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Step 10-

In the end, use your fingers to open up the Finished Fortune Teller.

Origami fortune teller diy

Step 11-

You can write fortunes like “You will have good luck today” or “You will have many friends”.

Origami fortune teller for games

Step 12- Decorate you fortune teller you way and go crazy with the fortunes you wish to write.

And there you have it! Your very own childhood play right in front of you! Handmade crafts like these bring back the little and lost joys of life. With this Origami Fortune Teller, you relive your childhood moments yet again and indulge with your children in fun craft & creative time.

Handmade Greeting Card : How to Make an Easy Greeting Card?

Handmade Greeting cards have always had a special place and importance for every occasion in our lives. An easy handmade Greeting card delivers the right and accurate expressions, feelings, and emotions of the person. Easy Handmade Greeting Cards are an awesome paper craft project for kids as they are simple to make and such fun craft ideas, give the kids a chance to unleash their creativity.

Being an easy paper craft idea, a simple and easy Handmade Greeting card, even in today’s technology-driven world of communication carries the needed beauty and elegance in sending across a birthday or an anniversary wish or wishing well for the festive season. Using Origami Art this Greeting card takes an altogether new dimension.

How to Make an Easy Handmade Greeting Card?

Let’s Learn How to Make an Easy Handmade Greeting Card!

How to make easy and beautiful spiral flowers for home decorations? Click here for this DIY Room Decor

Learn how to make a one of a kind special handmade Greeting Card for your special and loved ones right here with the help of a step by step tutorial on how to make an easy greeting card.

Wish to explore your creativity for your next DIY Home Decor Ideas? Let’s make here beautiful peacock with plastic spoons…

Material Required to Make the Greeting Card

  • Glossy paper
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Star stickers
  • Crafty scissors
  • Decorative pearls
  • Satin ribbon
  • Decorative Mirrors and Glitter
  • Styrofoam balls/Thermocol balls

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Step by Step Procedure to Make Handmade Greeting Card

Step 1: Take a designer handmade paper sheet and stick it on a simple colored paper in the same shade, to add thickness and strength to the paper, needed to make a card.

Step 2: Fold this paper breadth wise into half and fold tightly to make a crease. Now you have a plain paper on the inside of the card and a designer patterned paper on the outside of the card.

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Let us make the pop-up design now.

Step 3: To make the pop-up design to be placed inside the card, take a yellow glossy paper and flip it so that you see the white side of it.

Step 4: Make markings to get you strips that are 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm, and 1 cm broad and 21 cm, 18 cm, 15 cm, 12 cm and 9 cm long respectively.

Step 5: Now take the silver glossy paper and cut out strips that are 4.5 cm, 3.5 cm, 2.5 cm, 1.5 cm and 0.5 cm broad and 19cm, 17 cm, 14cm, 11cm, and 9 cm long respectively.

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Step 6: Now begin folding the longest yellow glossy paper using the mountain valley folding technique. It will form accordion pleats on your paper as shown.

Step 7: Fold all the strips of the yellow glossy paper and white glossy paper in the same manner.

Step 8: Now take the folded strip of the biggest size and paste it on either sides of the flap of the card. Move further towards the top of the cards simultaneously decreasing the size of the pleated paper. Keep some space between each strip while pasting.

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Step 9: Now in the space between the glossy papers strips pasted in the card, paste the white paper strips. So you have a sequence of alternate white and yellow papers.

Step 10: Now take a silver glossy paper and measure the top corners of both the flaps on the inside of the card and cut out triangular shaped papers.

Step 11: Now take a pair of crafty scissors that give you a wavy designed edge and give the silver cut-outs a designer look. Paste them inside the card on the top corners of both the sides.

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Step 12:Take a few Styrofoam balls and with the help of decorative mirrors add a sparkly touch to your card.

Step 13: In the end, decorate the cover of the card with the help of glitter and decorative pearls.

There you gave it! Your easy greeting card is ready to be given to a dear and loved one.  Use this easy handmade craft idea and send Season’s greetings to your relative and friends, and they will surely be impressed at your talent for such cool crafts.

Have got some fun craft ideas for making an easy greeting card? Share your amazing talent with us too!

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas That You Will Surely Love!

DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is here and so is the time to make easy and lovely to look at DIY Christmas decorations. Kids especially get extra interested in making DIY home decorations for Christmas. Let the creative juices of the entire family flow and get your hands on making super quick Christmas decoration. And we will show you in this craft video, homemade easy & cheap DIY Christmas decorations ideas that you will surely love!

There are a number of Home decor ideas for Christmas that give your home a complete Christmas feel and festive look. Christmas Decorations are a sign that happy holidays have begun and it is time to spread happiness and joy.

We bring for you a quick cheat on how to make easy and cheap decorations for Christmas this season to give your house a festive feel and look.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Material Required for DIY Christmas Decorations

  • Dried branch
  • Empty Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Christmas Baubles
  • Golden Craft Wire
  • Cotton
  • Adhesive
  • White ribbon
  • Red ribbon
  • Golden Fabric Color

Do you want to add beauty and charm to the dull and drab corner of your house? Let’s see here how to make Multicoloured Paper Craft

Procedure to Create DIY Christmas Decorations

Step 1-

Begin with the Golden Color. Take the dried branch and colour it completely with golden color. Let it dry completely.

Step 2-

Take the empty bottle and wrap around it the red colored ribbon in a spiral design.

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Step 3-

Similarly, wrap around the bottle the white colored ribbon in the spiral design, creating an alternate red and white pattern on the bottle.

Step 4-

Put the golden colored painted branch in the bottle.

Step 5-

Next, take the Golden craft wire and attach it to the Christmas baubles, giving the baubles a string.

How to Make Wall Decor With Plastic Spoons? Click here for this creative recycled craft…

Step 6-

With the help of the craft wire, hang these colorful baubles on the branch.

Step 7-

Hang the baubles strategically covering the entire branch with hanging baubles.

Step 8-

Cut a red piece of square shaped paper in the dimensions of 14cm from each side, from the red paper.

Now let’s begin making the Santa!

Step 9-

Trim one corner of the square paper giving it a rounded edge and shape it into a cone to make the hat of the Santa.

Step 10-

Apply some adhesive along the inner sides of the base of the cap and then paste the cap on top of the mouth of the empty jar.

Step 11-

Take some cotton and shape it into a ball. Stick it on the tip of the Santa’s cap.

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Step 12-

Now with the help of a pencil draw oval shaped eyes for the Santa on a black paper sheet, and cut them out.

Step 13-

With the help of the adhesive paste these eyes on the empty jar. Take a nozzle glitter tube and add some detailing to the eyes of the Santa.

Step 14-

Take some cotton and spread it a little to stick it onto the jar, making it look like the white fluffy beard of the Santa.

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Step 15-

In the end, take the decorative stars and bells and hang them onto the golden branch and with the aid of cotton pieces give the decoration a snow effect.

Quick, super easy, cheap and takes the minimal time to create a wonder decoration for your house for this festive season. Give the Santa a happy place in your house. Place both these decoration items in your living room, and wish your visitors a joyful and happy festive season! 

What ideas are you trying out to decorate your house? Give us a sneak peak into your preparations through your feedback and spread love with your comments!

How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly?

How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly?

Paper crafts using the technique of Origami paper folding is highly innovative and makes for an awesome craft to do at home. Fun craft for kids, like Origami paper craft, bring in a new dimension for easy DIY paper craft ideas and the Origami Butterfly we bring for you is another fun and easy craft for kids to indulge in. So Get ready for how to make an easy origami butterfly video!

Paper projects and handmade crafts that involve high usage of your creativity give beautiful results in a small amount of and handmade crafts can make for handmade gifts.

This DIY paper craft of Origami Butterfly is such an easy paper craft idea, that it will take just take 5 minutes to create it. You can make multiple of them in various colors, and use this cool craft as a home decoration Idea.  Use this Butterfly using Origami technique to add a touch of nature to your home decor.

How to make an easy origami butterfly

Material Required to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly

  • A pair of scissors
  • A4 sheet of coloured paper
  • Acrylic paints of various colours
  • Glitter tube

If you are looking out to learn how to make a paper jumping frog using Origami, just watch this tutorial…

Let’s See Here How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly

Step 1: Take an A4 size coloured sheet. Fold one corner inside towards the centre of the sheet making a triangle and make a crease.

Diy Origami Butterfly

Step 2: Now, with the help of a folded triangle cut out an exact square from the sheet.


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Step 3: Now fold in from another corner of the square to make a folded triangle. This will give you another crease.


Step 4: Next fold the square in two halve lengthwise and do the same with another side.


Step 5: In the end, you should be able to see 4 creases.

Step 6: Collect any two corners to the centre and hold the base in the centre of the square. Press the creases of the triangle that form in the base.

Step 7: Now press the square down from the middle and you get two overlapping triangles.


Step 8: Re-fold this to get one triangle of 4 layers.


Step 9: Cut any one vertex of the base of the butterfly, to give a rounded edge to the butterfly.


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Step 10: Open the folds to get two overlapping triangles on each side, and then make a small triangle inside the bigger one.

Easy-origami-butterfly-makingEasy origami butterfly

Step 11: Fold the lower vertex to the other side, and give it a fold to the opposite side to make the head of the butterfly.


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Step 12: Lastly, give the Origami Butterfly a shiny look by adding glitter designing on it.


Step 13: You can give a shaded natural effect with the help of acrylic colours on the butterfly’s wings. Add strokes of glitter to the wings of the butterfly too!


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Could you imagine paper folding craft to be that easy? And that too within 5 minutes you get beautiful Origami Butterflies in vibrant and pretty colors.

The paper craft couldn’t get easier than this! Such DIY Paper art and craft are family fun crafts and Origami paper Crafts get everyone together to create something new and beautiful.

Want to learn How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly in Just 5 Minutes? Have a look on this video-

When are you giving a try to this Origami Butterfly? Which colours are you planning on using? Got some different designing technique to further beautify the easy Origami Butterfly? We would be glad to share your work with all craft lovers!

How to Make an Easy Origami Frog For Kids?

Origami Frog

Is your kid’s school project deadline approaching? Fear not for we brings you our very own tutorial on how to make an origami frog. Origami Art is one ancient art of paper folding that is popular even in today’s day and age for its vitality and versatility of colourful models and designs that can be created using this paper folding technique. Origami Frog is one such colorful craft.

If you are looking out to learn how to make an origami frog, you are watching just the right thing! From school projects of your kids to adding a little touch of the homemade and handmade art of Origami, you can use this Origami Art in endless ways to let your imagination play free and wil. It is a great idea of Kids Fun Craft!

Origami Frog

Making origami jumping frog is a fun and enjoyable activity for you to indulge in. Well, I bring for you an amazing step by step tutorial on how to make an easy Paper Jumping Frog.

Material Required For Making Origami Frog

  • An A4 sized paper
  • Black pen
  • A red paper
  • Scissors

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Procedure to Make Origami Frog

Step 1-

Taken an A4 size paper and fold it into the half.

Origami frog paper folding

Step 2-

Take the paper, the white portion facing you, Take the top right and left-hand side corners and bring them down to the centre of the paper to make a pair of two triangles into making a book fold of the triangles meet the crease.

Easy origami frog

Step 3-

Flip the paper to the other side and give a quick turn to the triangle to the other side, make a clear crease along the base of the paper.

Click here for tutorial on How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly

Step 4-

Now completely unfold the paper and cut out the long strip at the base of the triangle.

Origami frog for kids

Step 5-

Out of the rectangular cut out that you get, take the bottom left corner up to meet the crease and to make a triangle.

Diy origami frog

Step 6-

Now in your hand you have a rectangular shaped cut-out with two squares with diagonal creases.

Diy origami frog craft

Step 7-

Take the corner of the left-hand side and the right-hand side up to the middle of the paper to make two triangles to create the desired crease.

Step 8-

Fold the paper into a book fold giving you two rectangles. This will give you an additional perpendicular crease that is bisecting the diagonals of the square.

Origami frog kids craft

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Step 9-

Now flip the paper and pay attention to the centre of each box. Hold the paper from both the sides of the central bisector and lay it flat so as to collect the corners and make a flat triangle out of it.

How to make diy origami frog

Step 10-

Repeat the same process on the other square to give you two triangles with an opening on each side.

Step 11-

Fold further as shown to make smaller triangles with multiple openings on all sides.

Step 12-

Further, you should achieve one bigger triangle on one side and two smaller ones on the other.

Paper jumping frog

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Step 13-

Keep folding these triangles further towards the outer side to give you the hands and feet of the frog.

Jumping frog paper craft

Step 14-

Lastly, fold the base of the frog in a paper valley pattern twice so as to help the frog bounce and jump off the ground well.

Origami jumping frog craftPaper jumping frog art craft

Step 15-

After the frog is ready, take a black pen and draw two oval shaped eyes on the frog’s face.

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Step 16-

Take a red paper and cut out a smile for your frog.

Diy paper jumping frog craft

And there goes your frog! Bouncing and jumping happily! Doesn’t it look adorable with that smile? And the way it hops and jumps enlivens the child in you. You can go wild in making designs of your own choice using Origami Art. We are sure you will be getting your hands down on making one of these cute little jumping frogs.

Trying to make your own creation using Origami Art? Show us how your shot was at making the origami frog! We would love to see your work!

Easy Kids Crafts : How to Make a Crepe Paper Doll Dress!

Easy Kids Crafts

Easy kids crafts ideas are something that you can implement with a number of random things found in your house. These types of easy kids crafts are fun for children and equally for parents. They can spend amazing moments together and have wonderful parent-child moments by indulging in such paper craft activities. Here we bring for you a beautiful doll dress that you can easily make from crepe paper.

Easy Kids Crafts

Material Required for This Crepe Paper Doll Dress Easy Kids Crafts

Diy paper craft ideas for creationCrepe dress creation
  • Crepe paper
  • White paper
  • Satin ribbon
  • Craft wire
  • Metallic color
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Measuring scale
  • Pencil
  • Thermocol
  • Any Old Doll’s Face

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Step by Step Procedure for Making Easy Kids Crafts from Crepe Paper

Step 1-

Take the white paper. Start to fold from any corner of the paper and make a cone out of it as above.

Diy crepe paper art and craft ideas

Step 2-

Mark at the narrow part of the cone and cut this portion.

Diy crepe paper craft ideas

Step 3-

Similarly, mark at the widest part of the cone and cut this portion.

Kids craft

Step 4-

  • Take a small circular piece of the thermocol.
  • Fix the piece of the thermocol into the narrowest part of the cone.
  • Take the crepe paper.
Kids craft creation

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Step 5-

Cut the piece of crepe paper of width 6.5cm and length according to the widest part of the cone.

Crepe paper doll dress

Step 6-

Now, apply glue on one side of the piece of crepe paper and slightly fold it.

Crepe dress

Step 7-

Slowly stretch the folded part of the piece of crepe paper.

Crepe dress for doll

Step 8-

Apply glue on the non-folded side of the crepe paper and stick this on the widest part of the cone as above.

Crepe paper dress kids craft

Step 9-

Similarly, cut the various pieces of the crepe paper and repeat step 8 and 9.

Crepe dress for Barbie decoration

Step 10-

Now, take the second layer of yellow crepe paper. Apply glue on it and stick slightly above the lowest layer.

Kids art and craft

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Step 11-

Similarly, just decorate all the layers.

DIY kids paper craft

Step 12-

Now take the metallic color and paint brush and just decorate as shown here.

Crepe paper diy art and craft

Step 13-

Take the pieces of crepe paper of the dimension 6*12 cm.

How to Make DIY Kids Craft?

Step 14-

Fold the crepe paper and take the craft wire.

Kids Craft Handmade Creation

Step 15-

Apply glue on the yellow crepe paper and paste folded part of the pink crepe paper.

Crepe Dress for Barbie

Step 16-

Put craft wire into the folded part of the pink crepe paper and make the curve from both sides.

Handmade Kids CraftHow to make kids craft at home

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Step 17-

Now fix the upper body portion.

Handmade kids craft creation

Step 18-

  • Now take one strip of yellow crepe and stick the same way as done for the previous layer.
  • Take the satin ribbon and make the satin belt for the dress.
Handmade Kids Craft Ideas

Step 19-

Take the craft wire. Wrap this craft wire using yellow crepe paper for making the shoulder strip.

Paper Craft for Kids

Step 20-

Apply glue on the shoulder strip and fix as shown here.

DIY Paper Craft for Kids

Now this beautiful barbie dress from crepe paper is ready. This handcrafted paper doll dress will surely bring a smile on the faces of  your little loved ones! Easy and simple paper craft for kids!

How to make crepe dress easy paper craft

Here, I bring for you step by step video tutorial on How to Make a Doll Dress from Crepe Paper! So, Let’s watch here….

Quilling Art : How to Make a Vibrant Peacock Feather Using Paper Quilling?

Quilling Art - How to Make a Vibrant Peacock Feather?

Quilling art is one such form of art that is fast catching pace in making a special place in the heart of all art and craft lovers. Quilled designs have an additional touch of dimension to it. The sheer versatility that quilled paper designs offer is wide and full of variety. Ranging from free designs to contemporary and modern versions of designs, quilling art encompasses a superfluity of designs.

The sheer simplicity of quilling art is the fact that does not need you to spend the endless amount of money to make some beautiful Quilling designs.

We at make every effort to bring forth new and invent creative designs and ways to add to the beauty of your home decor. We have taken the initiative of making a beautiful and vibrant peacock feather using Quilling art.

How to Make a Vibrant Peacock Feather Using Paper Quilling Art...

How to Make a Vibrant Peacock Feather Using Paper Quilling Art…

Quilling paper art is one such form that requires a skilled hand and a steady and creative mind. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to the choice of designs and colors. And the final result is totally worth the hard work.

Let us see how to make a vibrant peacock feather using Paper Quilling.

Material Required for Peacock Feather Quilling Art

  • A blank paper
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Quilling Needle
  • Silver Glitter
  • Decorative pearl
  • Quilling strips in colors of – Sap green, Turquoise Blue, Pink, Orange

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Procedure for Making Peacock Feather Using Quilling Art

Step 1: Take a blank paper and draw an outline of the peacock feather.

Step 2: This will work as an extremely handy roadmap for you while pasting the Quilling strips.


Step 3: Begin by making a tight coil with the help of the quilling needle, and stick the end of it with adhesive.


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Step 4: Make tight coils in the colors of Blue, green and orange. Once the tight coils of these colors are ready, mould and shape them like that of a tear drop.


Step 5: Further in this quilling paper design, start pasting these tear drop shaped tight coils in the centre of the feather.


Step 6: Arrange and paste them on the basis of the design you have roughly sketched on the paper, keeping blue in the centre and surrounding it with Orange and Green respectively.


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Step 7: Follow this with shaping and moulding the blue color strip according to the curves of the feather. Again keeps the strip on the paper using the sketch as a guideline to help you know the curves and turns of the feather.

Step 8: Instead of pasting it in the usual flat way, paste the quilling strip vertically so as to give it a different look.


Step 9: Make a loose scroll in green color, and do not paste it in the end. Arrange it inside the blue strip, followed by the arrangement of the Pink strip.


How to Make Easy and Beautiful Spiral Flowers for Home Decoration! Read more for step by step instructions…

Step 10: Use your fingers and the quilling needle accordingly so as to make the quilling strip flexible for the curves of the feather.

Step 11: Add and vertically paste more colored quilling strips and work your way outwards in the formation and arrangement of the design.


Step 12: With the help of the quilling needle make soft coils towards the ends of the feather.

Let’s learn here – How to make Paper Floral Craft for Your Walls!

Step 13: Cut the remaining strips left after the covering the design.

Step 14: In the end give it the glam shine by adding glitter and a decorative pearl in the centre.

Peacock-feather-quilling-decor Peacock-feather-quilling-art-decor

Isn’t the final result of Quilling paper art worth all the creativity you just invested in it? Quilling art in the form of a peacock feather is ready to gather compliments from everyone.

You have to give Quilling art a sure try to see the result for yourself. Quilled paper art is fast becoming a very popular form of art, that is being used by a lot of people adorn their homes as a part of home decor.

Did we inspire you? We would love to see the designs you create with quilling paper designs! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Easy Diwali Rangoli Design for Beginners : How to Make Rangoli with Finger Technique?

Easy Diwali Rangoli Design for Beginners

Hello, friends! Diwali the festival of lights is here and it’s that time of the year again to draw beautiful Rangoli designs for home decoration. Everyone is on the lookout for easy home decoration ideas as lack of time leaves us with no personalized preparation time.

Confused on how to make Rangoli? This easy sand art is here to decorate and adorn the entrance of your house. Making Rangoli for beginners might look like a task but we make at make the best effort to help you make a simple and an easy Rangoli designs.

Easy Diwali Rangoli Design for Beginners

Step By Step Procedure to Make Easy Diwali Rangoli Design

  • Take a clean surface and start to build a base or background o f 3-4 different shade and colors.
  • Once you have a background ready all you need is your index finger and a free and creative imagination.
  • From peacocks to hearts, from diya designs to Ganesha patterns, from geometric designs to free hand drawing! You can draw easy Rangoli designs of your choice.
  • Slide your finger through the colors! Enliven the artist in you. Once your imagination begins, let your fingers do the job and they will create such designs that will leave you awestruck!
  • Add to its beauty by adding decorative mirrors and candles. Place diyas strategically according to patterns you create.
  • Nothing shouts more Diwali other than Marigold flowers. Add decorative elements of Marigold flowers, to your Rangoli.
  • You can also add another dimension of design by keeping small colored candles in designer containers and small terracotta pots.

So beginners, it’s time to shed all your inhibitions and just go ahead and decorate your home this Diwali with this beautiful and incredibly easy and creative Rangoli design and let the world wonder the hard work you did!

All About Halloween : Awesome Fun Facts and Spooky Party Tricks!

Yes!That time of the year is back when the most scariest and spooky things take a fun and festive face. When it’s all about parties, good food, high and festive spirit, trick or treat, “jack-o-lanterns” all around! With a leg on each side of fall and winter, abundance and paucity, Life and death Halloween is America’s and on the whole, the favourite holiday for western Catholics all around the world.

Halloween juxtaposes celebration and superstition to a perfect balance. But apart from enjoying the holiday, have you ever pondered on the thought “why do we trick a treating”? What are the actual origins of Halloween? Why do we wear costumes that are scary to death?

All About Halloween

Let’s Know All About Halloween Fun Facts and Spooky Party Tricks!

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 Your One Glance Quick Halloween Guide!!

Quick Halloween Guide

Halloween is also known by names like All-hallows Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool, Snap-Apple Night. It also resembles the Roman Festival of honouring the harvest goddess- Pomona.

  • Halloween took birth from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain or “Summer’s End”, wherein people wore scary costumes and lit bonfires to ward off any spirits or roaming ghosts.
  • During the medieval times, in the regions of Ireland and Scotland, the festival of Samhain used to be celebrated at the time of the sunset, and lasted through the sunrise of 1st It was the Irish and the Scottish that brought Halloween to the United States.
  • In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III declared the 1st of November as a day to remember and commemorate saints, martyrs and was considered as All Saints day.
  • Spirits of the dead are remembered and people light candles on the graves of their closed ones.
  • People believe that during Samhain, a door was opened from the underworld and ghosts and spirits entered our world.
  • People put out foods and drinks outside their houses for the ghosts.
  • The crazy and spooky costumes that people wear are to disguise themselves from the dead.

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  • Started in 1930, Trick or Treating basically is when small children go house to house with a jack O lantern or a scary pumpkin to collect sweets, lollipops and hard candies. That is now a day replaced by chocolates.
  • Halloween is best symbolised by the colors of Black and Orange. Black is a sign of death and darkness whereas Orange signifies with harvest and the Fall Season.

How is Halloween Celebrated Globally?

How is Halloween Celebrated Globally?

Halloween is not just restricted to the United States. It is a holiday that is enjoyed worldwide. In the following ways:

  • Hong Kong celebrates Halloween in the name of Yue Lan that means Festival of Hungry Ghosts. During the celebration, fires are lit and food and gifts are offered to angry ghosts on the lookout for revenge.
  • In Mexico, 1st of November is celebrated as the Day of the Dead or Dias de los Muertos, a major celebration to honour lost friends and family members.
  • The Largest Halloween Parade takes place in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York.

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From Where did the Pumpkin Lantern Come??

Pumpkin Lantern

How can we forget the Halloween must have and the quintessential Pumpkin! Jack O Lanterns are a way to ward off free roaming spirits and protect your home against the undead. People who are highly superstitious consider the Jack O Lantern as a powerful tool to ward away vampires.

If we go by what Folklore tell the Jack O Lantern was started by a farmer Stingy Jack. When he dies he turned away from heaven and hell. He was forced to roam in the streets and there he used his brain and carved a turnip and placed a piece of burning coal inside it to move out of darkness.

Get Ready for Halloween Party!

Halloween parties are fun and getting along with kids to enjoy the holiday is a priceless feeling! Make your party “Spooktacular” with the Halloween party ideas and tricks that we give you!

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Note the ideas we bring for you and make your Halloween party a hit with:

1. Decorating Pumpkins!

Decorating Pumpkins!

Get a Bunch of small sized pumpkins and place coloured bowls filled with paints of various colours around, outside in your backyard. And let the kids have a fun time playing and decorating their pumpkins in Halloween style. Don’t want the mess?? Let the kids go crazy with stickers!

The kids get these pumpkins as souvenirs!

2. Candy Hunt

Candy Hunt

Forget Easter Eggs!  Halloween is here. Grab a bunch of candies from the supermarket and small toys such as spiders, bats, the witch hats, and all sort of wild things on the Halloween aisle in your supermarket. Take small candy bags or pouches and put 1-2 candies in it with a toy. Hide these pouches in your garden and tell the children to hunt and find them.

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3. Spider Ice

Spider Ice

Imagine your drink with a spider sprawling in it?? Sounds crazy right! That’s exactly you can do to add to the scary quotient. Buy a few spiders and bugs from the store and put them with water in the ice tray. When frozen, the spider can be seen right in the centre of the ice cube. Let the spider swim happily in your drink!

4. Spooky Cupcakes

Spooky Cupcakes

No party is complete without yummy food, and Halloween calls for a special treat, especially for children and every child, is in love with cupcakes. Why not give cupcakes a touch of the horror of Halloween! Frostings, cupcake toper eyeballs, mini candies, sprinkles, and the works! Place bowls of these cake decoration items on the table in a row. Give each child a cupcake. Let the imagination of children run wild!

Play some exciting music and make a special Halloween playlist with songs like Monster mash thriller Ghostbusters’ game and the kids are guaranteed to have fun!

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So, folks, it’s time to your don your sexy kitten and witch out of the trunks and adorn them with fun. Halloween is about being scared about it and yet enjoying about it with antics freaking you out in every nook and around the block. Hang skeletons and ghosts around your house. Halloween is here and it’s time to engage in spooky themes.

Let the scary little sneaky witch, popping eyeballs, vampires and spider, scare you a little bit. Go Trick or treating to your heart’s content!