Easy Paper Flowers : How to Make Handmade Colourful Tulip Flowers!

DIY Craft Flowers always call for the smile on the face of children. Random and easily at home available things. Easy Paper Flowers Craft Ideas for home decor always bring about ideas that may simple but the results come out to be very impressive and unbelievable that they are handcrafted. The handmade colourful paper flowers are easy to make.

Flowers have always been a constant source of inspiration for painters, writers, artists, designers and professionals of all sorts and all genres. A variety of colours in Tulips relaxation, peace and calmness to a stressed mind and have the power to pep up someone in a bad mood and are the best form of expression of any feelings. The easy handmade colourful paper flowers do the same.

Handmade Colorful Easy Paper Flowers

Learn Here How to Make Handmade Colourful Easy Paper Flowers & Explore Your Creativity!

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Let’s begin our session about how to make DIY easy paper flowers!

Material Required for Easy Paper Flowers

  • Coloured crepe papers
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Craft wire
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Green tape

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Step by Step Procedure for Making Paper Tulip Flowers

Step 1: Cut out a red coloured strip of dimensions 14.5 x 4.5.

Easy Crepe Paper Craft-Ideas

Step 2: Gather the paper right in the middle of the strip to form a bow like cut out in your hand.

Easy Paper Craft Ideas

Step 3: Twist the centre of the bow and bring one side of the bow and overlap it on another side. Give it the shape of a petal using your fingers, and turn the remaining part of the petals outwards giving it a finished petal look.

Easy Paper Art CraftEasy Paper Craft

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Step 4: Tie thread at the end part of the petal. You will get a spoon like shaped petal.

Easy Color Paper Craft

Step 5: Make multiple petals like this, following the above method.

Easy Color Paper Craft Ideas

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