Simple Paper Flowers : How to Make Beautiful Flower From Paper!

Easy Paper Flowers add a touch of personal elements in your Home décor. DIY Craft always brings a different side of our creativity out from the innermost side of our personality. Simple Paper Flowers Home décor gets the different flavour of decoration with hand crafted and personalized Creations.

How to Make Beautiful Simple Paper Flowers?

Learn & Explore Your Paper Craft Ideas With Simple Paper Flowers!

As the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer puts it in his writing

“Earth Laughs in the form of Flowers”

And it’s the same laughter that gets transcended to us humans by flowers. Let’s give us a chance to laugh and enjoy a few moments with this DIY Craft of Simple Paper Flower.

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Here,  I bring for you step by step video tutorial for making simple paper flower craft. Watch here detailed procedure!

Material Required for Making Simple Paper Flowers

Material Required for Paper Flower

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Colored paper
  • Adhesive

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Procedure for Making Easy Paper Flower

Step 1: Take the colour paper and cut into the petals shape of different sizes as above.

Multilayer Paper Flower

Step 2: Fold the first layer of yellow paper inside.

Diy Colorful Paper Flower

Step 3: Take the second layer. Apply glue on it and stick the first folded layer on it.

How to make paper flower?

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Step 4: Fold the second layer inside as you did with the first layer.

 Paper Flower Craft

Step 5: Apply glue on the third layer and stick the first two folded layer on it.

Paper Flower Lotus Craft

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