Duct Tape Crafts : How to Make Easy Duct Tape Bicycle Craft?

Kids are always attracted to crafts and often have school assignments related to crafts at school? Making crafts teaches them creativity and skills to make things in a simpler manner. Are you interested in learning crafts to satisfy your kid? Do you want to learn easy decorative duct tape crafts for your kid’s assignment at school? Then it’s pretty simple. Yes, you can easily make decorative stuff in the comfort of your home.

Duct tape crafts are the new trend and almost everyone is tuning in to using duct tape for colorful crafts. Initially duct tape was used as a simple adhesive, but today you can make unbelievable colorful crafts of them. Duct tape bicycle craft is one of the easy crafts you can make at home using some simple raw materials.

Duct Tape Crafts For Kids

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Let us learn how to make DIY duct tape bicycle craft.

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Following are the things you need and a detailed procedure on how to make easy duct tape bicycle craft.

Things You Need For Making Duct Tape Crafts


  • Aluminium wire (2 mm)
  • Craft wire
  • Colorful craft duct tape
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Decorative flower and feathers
  • Black colored glitter sheet
  • Decorative stones
  • Glue gun and stick

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Procedure to Make Easy Duct Tape Bicycle Craft

Step 1: Mould and fold the aluminium wire in a circular shape.


Step 2: Cover the circular with craft duct tape.


Step 3: Join 2 craft wires and cover with duct tape.

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Step 4: Make the craft wires in an 8 like shape and then fit them in the circular shape wire. Similarly make 1 big and 2 small bicycle wheels.


Step 5: Join the small wheels using craft wire and cover the craft wire using duct tape.

Step 6: Now make 2 duct tape covered craft wires and attach the craft wires to the small wheels.


Step 7: Make a handle like structure and attach it to the big wheel.

Step 8: Join all parts of the craft together.


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Step 9: Cover a circular shaped wire and 4 craft wires using a duct tape and join them together to make a basket like structure.


Step 10: Now attach the basket to the bicycle.


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Step 11: Use the front cap of the pen and trim it. Paste a decorative pearl on the pen cap and attach it like a headlight in front of the bicycle.

Step 12: Now cut a black glitter sheet in a circular shape and paste pearls on it. Make 3 such circular pearl filled sheets.


Step 13: Paste these circular sheets in the center of each wheel.

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Step 13: Finally, Add some fancy decorative stuff on the basket of your decorative bicycle. You can use decorative feathers and flowers to add extra glamour to your cycle.


There you go! Your bicycle craft using duct tape is already. You can use it to flourish your home, or use for your kid’s next assignment at school. Go creative with these simple decorative ideas using duct tape.