Poppies  are such kind of flowers that can add an instant splash of color to your home decor. Unusually beautiful and known for its unique design poppies make for an ideal decorative art for your home. We bring for you a step by step instruction plan for how to make easy crepe paper flowers  and even kids can also make these flowers! You can implement paper craft ideas from the easily available material. It is the perfect and easy paper craft idea for you.

Paper Craft Ideas- easy crepe paper flowers

Let’s Learn Paper Craft Ideas to Make Easy Crepe Paper Flowers!

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We bring for you detailed step by step video tutorial to make easy crepe paper  flowers for kids! Click here to watch-

Material Required for Easy Crepe Paper Flowers


  • Crepe paper
  • Color Paper
  • Green tape
  • Craft wire
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Thread

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Paper Craft Ideas : Easy Crepe Paper Flowers Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Take the crepe paper and cut the petals of given shape. We need 6 petals.


Step 2: Let’s move to making a bud! Take a green crepe paper and cut a small piece of dimension 5x4cm.

Step 3: Make a small bud of it as shown above.


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Step 4: Now, take the craft wire and fix this into the small bud and tie using thread.


Step 5: Take the white crepe paper and cut the shape, as shown above, to decorate bud.


Step 6: Apply glue on the bud and stick white crepe design on it.


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