It is Christmas time and a Super Easy DIY Paper Craft for Home Decoration like this Paper Rosette serves like a boon when searching for Christmas Craft Ideas. This Easy paper craft project can be used in endless ways as a Christmas decoration and as a cool craft for adorning your home decor during the New Year.

Hang them on your windows and loosely hang them on your staircase to give a beautiful feel to your home. You can use this DIY Paper Craft very well throughout the festive season right up to the New Year Celebrations.

 Easy DIY Paper Rosette : Christmas Craft Ideas

How To Make an Easy DIY Paper Rosette Craft for Christmas Decoration?

Watch here step by step video tutorials to make Easy DIY Paper Rosette Craft!

The Material You Require For Christmas Craft Ideas


  • Colored paper
  • Golden Glitter Paper
  • Silver Glitter paper
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Decorative mirrors
  • A circular cardboard disc with 9cm in diameter
  • Glitter tube

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Christmas Craft Ideas : Easy DIY Paper Rosette Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Begin by taking A4 size coloured paper and fold it breadth wise to give you a crease to help you, cut it into half breadth wise.

Step 2: Make accordion pleats, that are uniform and equal in width, with the coloured paper.


Step 3: Make 6 of these folded panels, 3 in pink colour and 3 in orange.


Step 4: Join these 6 panels in alternate colours together with the help of an adhesive and make a circle.


Step 5: Now, take the circular cut out, that measures 9 cm in diameter and paste it in the centre of the paper rosette to give it a strong hold.


Step 6: Now, flip the Paper Rosette to the other side and stick a small circular cut out of the Golden glitter paper in the centre.

Step 7: Take the decorative mirrors and paste them around the Golden Circle of glitter paper.


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Step 8. Give it a dotted outline using glitter, adding a finishing touch.


Voila ! Your very own creation for Christmas and New Year Decorations is all set to beautify your house and create a festive ambience in your home. Hang this super easy paper Craft and it is an absolutely easy craft idea for kids, so get them also to help you hang them around and your home would be ready for Christmas in a flash!

Have a Happy Christmas!