Easy Crafts For Kids : How To Make DIY Pencil Shaped Paper Box!

Easy kid’s craft should be a colourful and fun filled art and craft activity for kids and if you teach them how to make a DIY Pencil Shaped Paper Pencil Box, then a Quick and fun DIY Paper Craft Project is surely on its way. This Rainbow Colored Pencil Shaped Paper Pencil Box is a fun and smart storage idea for kids to safely and creatively store all their stationery supplies. Easy and cute Do It Yourself Crafts for kids can always help them to create some unique, handy and useful paper crafts.

With the help of an easy step by step with instructions tutorial on how to make a DIY Pencil Shaped Paper Pencil Box, then get set as you will be provided with the best of easy paper craft ideas right here!

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Let us have a look at how to make the DIY Pencil Shaped Paper Pencil Box.

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Material Required to Make Easy Crafts For Kids


  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Glue Stick
  • Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sketch Pens

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Procedure to Make The Pencil Shaped Paper Box

Step 1: Take a White paper and mark the dimensions as shown with a pencil and ruler.

Step 2: Run a cutter along the line drawn on the markings to ease the folding of the paper.

Step 3: Cut the white paper stencil like this as shown.


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Step 4: With the help of the glue stick paste and join the tips and all the sections of the pencil paper box.


Step 5: Cut colored paper strips measuring 4 x 9 cm in different colors for the body of the pencil.

Step 6: Also cut 4 x 6.5 black paper cut outs for the pencil’s tip.


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Step 7: Paste the colored strips and the black cut outs on the pencil’s tip.


Step 8: Draw the following dimensions on a yellow paper to draw and cut out the hexagon for the base.


Step 9: Paste this colored hexagon on the white stencil base and a small black hexagon in the centre.


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Step 10: Draw and color your favourite cartoon characters.


Step 11: Paste them on the pencil’s body and give the paper pencil box a decorative look.


There you have it friends! Your very own handcrafted paper craft of an easy pencil shaped paper box is absolutely ready. A fun craft activity to do with paper this easy pencil Box is the best paper craft idea that kids can use to keep their pens, Pencils, and other stationery supplies. Learn how to make the Easy Pencil Shaped Pencil Box with an easy step by step tutorial. Make this quick DIY Simple Home Crafts Project and watch your kids have fun.

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