How to Make Beautiful Paper Purse for Parties?

How to Make Beautiful Paper Purse for Parties?

The purse is essential for women when you are going to a party. It is an essential accessory as it can hold your basic cosmetics along with cash. Purse definitely grabs the attention of the host and therefore we are always in search of designer purses.

These days there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. It can range from simple purses to elegant ones including the beaded and decorative purses. Most of us have a flair to collect purses and try to blend its color with our party dress.

Ever thought of being a designer yourself? Yes, we are talking about designing your own purse for party purpose. We bring to you an exquisite handmade purse which is not only easy to make but will definitely add sophistication to your party wear as well.

How to Make Beautiful Paper Purse for Parties?

Things Needed To Make Handmade Purse

Things You Need to Make Handmade Purse

  • Colour paper
  • Cardboard
  • Decorative paper
  • Beads
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative pearls and stones
  • Ruler

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Procedure To Make DIY Paper Purse

Step 1-

Handmade Paper Purse

  • Take a rectangular cardboard and mark a distance of 2.5 cm on both the corners. Daw lines joining the marks using a pencil.
  • Use a cutter and run along the lines. Do not cut it; just run the cutters so that it can be folded easily.
  • Draw a round shape at the sides as shown and cut it. Please refer to the URL –

Step 2-

DIY Handmade Purse

  • Take a color paper and draw the outline in a similar fashion as that of a cardboard.
  • Mark the points similar to the cardboard and run the cutter for easy folding.
  • Paste the cardboard on the color sheet.
  • Make small cuts at the corners of the color paper and paste the sides of the paper on the cardboard.
  • Take a decorative paper and draw the outline similar to the color paper and size of the cardboard.
  • Make small cuts at the corner of the decorative paper similar to the color paper.
  • Paste the decorative paper on the cardboard and paste the ends.

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Step 3-

DIY Handmade Paper Purse

  • Take another cardboard and draw a semicircular shape and cut it.
  • We will require two such pieces.
  • Take a color paper and draw same shapes as that of a cardboard.
  • Leave some distance and cut the color paper. We need four such pieces.
  • Take rounded pieces of the cardboard and wrap it using the color paper.
  • Make small cuts and fold it.
  • Paste these shapes on the original cardboard at both ends of it to give it the shape of a purse.

Step 4-

Handmade DIY Paper Purse

  • Take a color paper of dimension 25*18cm.
  • Cut the corners of it into a rounded shape.
  • Place this paper on the inner side of the purse and cover the inner surface completely using the color paper.

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Step 5-

DIY Paper Purse

  • To make the handle of the purse, take a color sheet and draw the markings as shown.
  • Cut along the markings.
  • We need 2 such cardboard pieces and 4 color sheet pieces.
  • Wrap the cardboard pieces using the color pieces.
  • Paste the handle in the middle of the purse.
  • We require two handles which should be fixed at the center on either side of the purse.
  • Paste the Velcro on the flap of the purse on either side. This is to close the purse.

Step 6-

DIY Paper Purse Craft

  • Decorate the purse using beads and pearls.
  • Place the large bead at the center of the purse.
  • Now take the bead string and decorate the purse.
  • To decorate the handle, use large sized stones to complete the look.

Easy DIY Paper Purse

Your paper purse is now ready to use!

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We have made a blue color hand purse. However, you can use other colors as well and decorate the paper purse as per the creativity. The paper purse looks really elegant and is almost equivalent to any designer purse. You can keep your essentials inside the purse and go to the party. You can also gift this hand purse to your relatives and friends. The purse has a very sophisticated look and is best for any occasion. Hope you have enjoyed making this handmade paper purse.

Happy Crafting!!

Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft Using Old Bangles!

Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft Using Old Bangles!

Areas of the living room, balcony, bedroom etc require some decorations for a welcoming and refreshing feel. There are ample of décor items which can be used to decorate these areas. However, if you are a DIY craft lover, you can use some common household items to prepare interesting crafts. One such common waste item is the set of bangles we have in our cupboard. So let’s see best out of waste craft from old bangles.

We all have old bangles in our cupboards that barely witness the daylight and thus, today we are going to make some interesting home décor item using these waste bangles!

Best Out Of Waste Craft From Old Bangles

Things You Need To Prepare The Best Out Of Waste Craft From Old Bangles

Things You Need to Make a Home Decor

  • Cardboard
  • Bangles
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Color papers
  • Quilling strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Decorative stones
  • Scissor
  • Lace
  • Glue gun

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Steps You Need Follow To Prepare The Best Out Of Waste Craft From Old Bangles

Step 1-

Old Bangles Home Decor

Let’s start with the bangles and the cardboard. We will make some interesting pattern on the cardboard using the bangles for preparing the décor item. Thus, take a big cardboard paper and arrange the bangles. On every corner, arrange 2 bangles inline and place 1 bangle on these 2 bangles. Make such a pattern on all the 4 corners of the cardboard.

Step 2-

Remove all the bangles from the cardboard and take a stencil shaped as the bangle arrangement. For this, you can take a cardboard, place the bangles, cut the cardboard in the shape of the design. Place these stencil on the cardboard paper and on all the 4 corners, trace this design.

Step 3-

Now take a ruler and pencil and using them, we will connect all the designs with each other. Start with 2 designs. Place the cardboard in a diamond shape and connect the upper and lower designs while drawing 2 parallel lines. In the same, we, connect the other 2 designs with parallel lines.

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Step 4-

Once the 2 parallel lines are connected, erase the middle portion of the lines using eraser. This will give you a square formation. Now take a cutter and cut the outline of the entire design. You will get a square in centre and bangle designs on the corner!

Step 5-

Home Decor Using Old Bangles

We have a design on white paper and thus, ill need a decorative sheet for this design. Take a color sheet and trace the entire cardboard design on it using a pencil. Cut it with a cutter or scissors and stick it to the original cardboard design using glue. Thoroughly apply the glue on the entire design and let the color sheet stick properly.

Step 6-

DIY Home Decor Using Old Bangles

Once the design is ready with a beautiful color sheet surface, we will arrange the bangles on the design. Stick the bangles on the design similar to the arrangement we made earlier. Using glue, stick all the bangles as per the design on 4 sides of the cardboard.

Step 7-

Old Bangles DIY Craft

Once the design is set, we will start decorating it. Take the decorative stones and stick them one by one on the bangle junctions. Take 2 pink stones and stick them on the side junction of bangles. Take blue stone; stick it on the bottom junction. Now take another blue stone and stick it inside the upper bangle.

Step 8-

Apart from these stones, we will also use small stones for decoration. Take small circular stones and fill the inner portion of the bangles with these stones. This will make the bangles look beautifully filled with decorative and colorful stones.

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Step 9-

Old Bangles Easy DIY Craft

The outer portion is ready. Now we will decorate the inner square of the design. For this, take some quilling strips and make tight coils out of these strips. Apply glue to stick the coils properly. Now take a long plain sheet and using a ruler and cutter, cut some long thin strips from the sheet.

Step 10-

We will make a pattern using these strips. Thus, bend the strip 3 times and make small cuts or fringes on the folded strip using scissors. When you will open the strip, you will get nice small fringes on it.

Step 11-

Old Bangles Easy Home Decor Craft

Now take the small quilling coil and using glue, stick it on the sheet strip we prepared. Roll the strip on the coil and at the end apply glue to stick it properly. Now, open the fringes of the strip with your fingers in a gentle manner.

Step 12-

When the fringes are completely opened, the beautiful quilling coil will be visible. This will look like a beautiful flower. Make such more flowers using different colored strips and quilling coils. We will now cover the design with these pretty flowers.

Step 13-

Old Bangles Home Decor Craft

Rake all the different colored flowers and stick on the inner square of the design. Create a random design using all the colorful flowers and stick them with the design properly. Stick a satin ribbon at the back for hanging the design. Fill the entire design with flowers and with this, the design is ready!

Old Bangles Craft

With this, your beautiful DIY craft is all ready for use!  Hang this design in your living room or bedroom or decorate your balcony garden with this amazing wall design and turn your home into a ravishing designer home.

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Easy Paper Basket Making at Home – Gift Ideas

Easy Paper Basket Making at Home – Gift Ideas

We all crave for fancy baskets as it can hold all our stuff. These baskets are really cute and an ideal option for gifting. They can be used both as a gift or serve as gift holding baskets as well. Paper baskets are required for every occasion. Hence we bring here step by step tutorial for making an easy paper basket!

These cute baskets can be also placed in any corner of the home and serve as a home decor object as well. Here we create one such paper basket which can be used both as a home decor and gifting option. It is easy to make and looks very attractive.

Easy Paper Basket Making at Home

Things Needed

Things You Need to Make Easy Basket

  • Foam sheet
  • Printed paper
  • Glue stick
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Decorative laces
  • Glue gun
  • Sketch Pen
  • Decorative beads
  • Decorative flowers

We will show you how to make an easy DIY paper basket for chocolates which can also be used for gifting purpose.

Let’s Make Easy Paper Basket!

Step 1

Easy Paper Basket

  • Take a printed paper and mark the distance as shown. Please refer the URL:
  • Measure all the distances using a ruler.
  • Fold the sheet based on the markings and cut along the edges to get a boat shape.
  • Fold the design to get a perfect boat shape design.
  • Keep it aside.

Step 2

Easy DIY Basket

  • To make the handle, mark the distance of 2.5cm on the sheet lengthwise. Join the two marks and cut along a long strip.
  • Take the boat shape design and join the ends using an adhesive such that it completely looks like a boat.
  • The long strip which serves as the handle of the basket, mark 4cm distance on either end of the strip.
  • Apply glue to it and stick it on the basket.
  • Paste the handle from below the basket at one end and complete it by pasting the other end at the lower base of the basket to cover the gaps.

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Step 3

Easy DIY Paper Basket

  • To make the flower shape base, Take a yellow color foam sheet and draw a flower pattern on it.
  • Cut this design using a cutter.
  • In a similar manner take a pink color foam sheet and draw a similar flower.
  • Cut along the outline of the flower.
  • The pink flower should be smaller in size as compared to the yellow flower.
  • Paste the pink flower at the center of the yellow flower.

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Step 4

Easy DIY Paper Basket Making

  • Paste the boat shape basket on the surface of the flower base.
  • Decorate the basket using laces and pearls.
  • Take a golden lace and stick it at the upper surface of the boat.
  • Similarly, take the pearls and stick it at the base of the basket and also decorate the yellow flower base with the pearls.
  • Pate the decorative flowers at one end of the basket.
  • Take a sketch pen and draw a pattern on the pink flower base to complete the look.

Easy Paper Basket DIY

Your paper basket is now ready to use!

Here is the step by step video tutorial for easy paper basket!

You can keep some chocolates or any stuff inside this basket along with a handwritten message for your loved ones. Gift this perfect gift to your friends and near and dear ones. You will definitely garner appreciation from them. It is a simple basket yet very unique in itself. We have used limited materials and you can make this craft easily. You can also use your creativity to decorate the basket as per your taste. Hope you enjoyed making this craft.

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Happy Crafting!!

How to Make Heart Shaped DIY Photo Frame From Cardboard?

How to Make Heart Shaped DIY Photo Frame From Cardboard?

Valentine’s Day is in the air and we definitely love to gift something unique to our love. Usually, we land up selecting the same old stuff like teddy, chocolates, flowers etc. All these are common things now and we always end up thinking it would have been really great if we could get some different stuff in the market. In this article, we bring for you step by step tutorial for making heart-shaped DIY Photo Frame from cardboard!

Heart Shaped DIY Photo Frame

Well, well! Why waste time searching for things in the market? Here we bring to you a simple yet elegant photo frame which is not just unique but also adds a personalized touch to make your special day even more special.

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Things Needed

DIY Photo Frame

  • Cardboard
  • Glitter sheet
  • Colour paper
  • Scale
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative pearls
  • Decorative stones
  • Pencil

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Procedure To Make DIY Photo Frame

Step 1-

Handmade DIY Photo Frame

  • Take a cardboard and draw a rectangular box measuring 19*14cm on it.
  • In a similar manner, draw an inner rectangular box measuring 16*11 cm inside the outer rectangular box.
  • Draw 2 heart shaped frames inside the inner rectangular box. Cut the outer rectangular box.
  • Draw an inner heart shape close to the outer heart-shaped frame.
  • Cut the inner heart shaped frame.

Step 2-

Let's Make Photo Frame

  • Cut another rectangular box of the same dimensions as that of the original one.
  • To prepare the frame stand, take a thick cardboard and draw the design as shown.
  • Cut the design accordingly and fold it from the base and the top as shown.

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Step 3-

Make DIY Photo Frame

  • Take the colour paper and draw the rectangular box of the same dimension as that of the photo frame. We need two such frames to cover the photo frame completely.
  • Paste the colour paper on the frame and the stand.

Step 4-

How To Make DIY Photo Frame

  • Take the glitter sheet and draw the outline of the cardboard along with the heart.
  • Cut the sheet measuring 16*11 in dimension and cut along the inner heart outline.
  • Take a yellow colour sheet and cut out a rectangular outline measuring the 1.5cm width.
  • Stick the glitter sheet on the cardboard sheet along with the rectangular box and the heart-shaped outlines.
  • Paste the yellow sheet on the outer surface as a boundary.
  • Paste the photo frame stand on the backside of the photo frame.

Step 5-

How To Make Photo Frame?

  • Decorate the photo frame with pearls and stones.
  • Paste the white stones on the inner surface of the heart shaped frames.
  • Use decorative large pearls to decorate the borders of the frame.
  • Take some golden large size decorative pearls and paste them to fill up the gap between the inner and outer heart-shaped outlines.
  • Paste the final decorated frame on the photo frame with the stand.
  • Be careful just to paste the 3 sides of the frame and leave the upper part just like that to place your photos inside.

Your photo frame is now ready to use!

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Let’s have a look at this step by step video tutorial for making this DIY photo frame!

This is a dynamic decorative photo frame and you can keep your favourite photos inside. You can also change the photos as and when you wish. It looks elegant and you can place it anywhere as you wish. It serves as a perfect gifting option and is easy to make. Using minimal materials, a perfect gift is ready for the Valentine’s Day.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Happy Crafting!!

DIY Quilled Paper Necklace : How To Make Handmade Jewellery?

DIY Quilled Paper Necklace : How To Make Handmade Jewellery?

Nowadays, jewelry is getting modern and contemporary. Women always look forward to refreshing and new jewelry pieces. The modern jewellery also consists of jewelry pieces which look awesome. Quilling is an art and using this art, you can prepare some delicate and elegant jewelry. If you want a gracious and handmade jewellery item, grab some quilling strips and use your creativity to make this DIY Quilled Paper Necklace!

DIY Quilled Paper Necklace

Let’s learn to make a gorgeous DIY Quilled Paper Necklace with this easy tutorial!

Things You Need To Make A Quilled Paper Necklace

Things You Need To Make A Quilled Paper Necklace

  • Quilling strips (4 mm)
  • Quilling needle
  • Tweezers/plucker
  • Craft glue
  • Colour brush
  • Scissor
  • Glue gun
  • Craft wire
  • Beads
  • Jump rings
  • Hooks
  • Pliers

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Steps To Make A DIY Quilled Paper Necklace

Step 1-

DIY Quilled Necklace

Take the quilling needle and 4 mm long pink quilling strip. Quill the strip using the needle and prepare quilled small rolls. You can apply some glue at the end and stick the roll. Prepare such multiple rolls using the quilling stripes. We need to give a ‘drop’ or flower petal shape and a 3d effect to the rolls. Take the roll and press the inner spirals using the needle. Using the tweezer, stretch the topmost layer, press the roll and prepare a petal shape. Perform this with all the rolls you made.

Step 2-

Quilled Paper Necklace

Now, choose yellow colored quilling strips for a unique look. Prepare the rolls just like the pink quilling strips and apply glue at the ends to stick the rolls. Make such multiple yellow quilled rolls and press the inner spirals of the roll using the needle for the embossed effect. We won’t change the shape of these rolls as we will use it in the center of the flower and thus, will keep them around.

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Step 3-

Quilled Necklace

It’s time to prepare a flower using both the quilled rolls. Take the yellow roll, place it in the center and arrange the pink quilled petals around the yellow roll. Using craft glue, stick the petals to the yellow roll and form a beautiful flower. Prepare such 5-6 flowers for making the neckpiece.

Step 4-

Quilled Paper Necklace DIY

It’s now time to arrange the flowers in a necklace pendant shape. Arrange the flowers as a pendant. Apply some glue and stick all the 5 flowers and let it dry. Arrange the flowers with no gaps in between and make sure you make a broad U shape. Stick all the flowers together in an easy way. Turn the flowers set around and apply glue to the flowers to let them stick properly.

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Step 5-

Quilled Paper Necklace DIY Accessory

To make the necklace more pretty and stylish, we will add some beads. On the yellow quilted rolls, apply some glue and stick beads on all of them. Use tweezers to stick the beads without getting glue on your fingers.

Step 6-

Quilled Paper Necklace Accessory

We now need to prepare the chain of the necklace. We will make a chain using craft wire which can remain stable and can easily accommodate the quilled paper pendant we made. Thus, prepare 2 pink quilled paper roll as before. Take a craft wire and bend it from the center. Insert the pink quilted roll in the wire. Now start filling both the sides of the wire with golden decorative beads. Once completed, merge the ends of the wire using plier. Similarly, prepare the other side of the chain using the same method. Pick a wire, insert the roll, fill with beads and connect the ends using pliers.

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Step 7-

Quilled Paper Accessory

On one wire chain, attach a jumper while on the other attack a hook. Use the pliers to carefully attach the hooks. Choose golden jumpers and hooks to make the chain look even and gorgeous.

Step 8-

Quilled Paper Necklace DIY Craft

Once, both the wire ends are ready it’s time to stick the pendant to this chain. Take the quilled paper floral pendant and stick it to the chain using glue. Apply some glue on the edges of the pendant and on the role of the chain and connect them. Let it get dry and here is your amazing quilled paper necklace ready.

You can carry this fancy and decorative necklace and embrace your creativity! This is a beautiful and refreshing necklace which is different and will look perfectly gracious. You can also prepare beautiful quilled earrings and match it with this amazing necklace.

Do not forget to share your experience when you try preparing this amazing and pretty necklace at home!

Happy Crafting!

How to Make DIY Bird Nest Home Decor Craft Using Newspaper?

How to Make DIY Bird Nest Home Decor Craft Using Newspaper?

Crafts are the best way to showcase your talent. These days’ paper crafts are becoming more and more popular as it is one of the environmental friendly ways to prepare a craft. Also, papers are easily available and you can make some amazing crafts like DIY bird nest home decor with it.

DIY Bird Nest Home Decor Craft

How about making a birds nest using newspaper and decorate your home with it. Birds nest looks really beautiful naturally. Birds build their nest using straws and other material and it is really an exciting site to see them build the same. We will try to make a replica of the nest here using old newspaper and old unused household items and you can place it at any corner of your home and it serves as a perfect decor for your home.

So, why wait! Let’s get started.

Things Needed For Making DIY Bird Nest Home Decor

DIY paper eggDIY paper egg craftEgg craft DIY

  • Newspaper
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Divider tool
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Fevibond
  • Plastic bag
  • Dried branches
  • Wood finish oil
  • Sandpaper
  • Plastic ball
  • Ceramic powder
  • Colours
  • Bottle
  • Artificial flowers
  • Cello tape
  • Mount board
  • Artificial leaves n grass
  • Artificial birds
  • Hair dryer

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Procedure For Making This DIY Bird Nest Home Decor

Step 1-

  • Take a plastic ball and wrap it using a polythene bag.
  • Seal the ends using cello tape.
  • Take a newspaper and fold it into four equal halves vertically.
  • Cut it into equal haves to get small square shapes.
  • Take water in a container and add the fevibond to it.
  • Use a brush and stick the square pieces to the ball.
  • Cover the ball completely using these papers.
  • Apply several layers of the newspaper to form a thick base.

Egg shaped bird nest craft

Step 2-

  • Take a sheet and use a ruler to measure 5 cm on the sheet.
  • Use a divider and draw 2 circles of 5 cm radius on the sheet.
  • Use a cutter and cut out the circles.
  • Similarly, mark 1 cm on the lower and upper end of the sheet and draw a vertical line.
  • Cut along the line. We need 2 such pieces.

Paper egg diy craft

  • Stick the vertical strip on one circle using glue and place the other circle on top of it.
  • Keep it aside.

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Step 3-

  • Take the ball covered in the plastic bag and from the upper end cut out the polythene.
  • Squeeze the ball by removing the air from it and take out the ball.
  • The outer frame made up of newspaper remains behind.
  • Gently remove the polythene bag too from the inner surface of the nest.

Egg shaped bird nest diy craft

Step 4-

  • Now take the structure that was prepared in Step 2.
  • Use a ruler and measure 2 cm on it.
  • With the help of a protractor draw a circle measuring 2 cm in radius on the white circle.
  • Cut out the inner circle. This forms the base of the nest.
  • Cut out the nest haphazardly to form given it a broken egg look.

Best out of waste egg craft

Step 5-

  • Take ceramic powder in a container and add water and fevibond to it.
  • Paint the outer and inner surface of the nest with the same.
  • Allow it to dry for some time.
  • Take white color paint and add water to it.
  • Now again give a coating of white paint on both the surfaces and leave it to dry.

Egg shaped bird nest craft diyEgg shaped craft

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Step 6-

  • Take the base of the nest and paint the upper surface with green paint.
  • Paint the sides using brown color paint and allow it to dry.
  • Take few dried branches and cut it into small pieces. We need several such pieces.
  • Stick the branches on the sides of the nest to completely cover it with the same.

Egg shaped diy craft

  • Stick the broken egg at the center of the nest.
  • Place some cotton inside the hatched egg.
  • Place some artificial small eggs inside the same.

Egg shaped bird nest recycled craft

Step 7-

  • Take the plastic bottle and draw the leaf-like outline on the same.
  • Use a cutter to cut along the markings.
  • Use a scissor and give it a proper leaf shape.
  • Use a blow dryer to make the plastic soft.
  • You can now give it the desired shape that you like.
  • Here, we are giving it a crumbled leafy shape for the better look.
  • Keep this arrangement aside.

Egg shaped recycled diy craft

Step 8-

  • Take the artificial grass and stick it on the surface of the nest.
  • Decorate using artificial flowers on the outer side of the nest.
  • Place 2 colorful birds inside the nest and one on top of the hatched egg.
  • Finally, take the plastic leafy shapes and arrange them on the outer surface of the bottle to complete its look.

Diy bird nest home decor craft

Your bird’s nest is now ready to use!!

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Here is the step by step video tutorial.


This DIY Bird Nest Home Decor looks amazing and beautiful. You can keep it anywhere in your house and it gives the corner of your house a beautiful appearance.

The materials used for making this DIY Bird Nest Home Decor are all environment-friendly. We have prepared a simple yet elegant bird’s nest here however you can make it look even more attractive based on your imagination.

Try out this DIY Bird Nest Home Decor today and share your feedback and suggestion on the same.

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