DIY Paper Bag : How To Make Cute Handmade Mini Paper Bag!

There is always something very special about making DIY paper Projects as they push your creative imagination towards making something different. Easy Paper Crafts, like learning how to make a Cute Handmade Mini DIY Paper Bag is a fun art and craft activity that you can indulge in and develop a hobby for fun paper craft ideas.

This cool craft of a small Mini DIY Paper Bag is of multipurpose uses! It can be used as a handmade gift idea if you put in some chocolates in it! This DIY Handmade paper Bag can be very well used as a paper bag to keep your handy stuff and also as a paper wallet, to keep your money while you go out shopping.

How to make mini paper handbag

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Let us learn how to make this DIY Cute Handmade Mini Paper Bag.

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Material Required to Make This DIY Paper Bag


  • Printed paper
  • Colored paper
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative stones

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Procedure to Make The DIY Mini Handmade Paper Bag

Step 1: Begin making the DIY Mini Handmade Paper Bag by taking a square colored paper.

Step 2: Mark and divide the colored square paper in to 3 equal rows and columns consisting of 3 squares each measuring 7 x 7 cm respectively.


Step 3: Fold all the four corners inwards and press firmly to form a clear crease.

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Step 4: Cut the folded triangles of the corners, neatly with a ruler and cutter. This will give you an octagon shaped paper like this.


Step 5: Fold the octagon shaped paper in half to make a middle crease.

Step 6: Now fold the paper twice, diagonally, to divide the corner triangles in half.


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Step 7: Fold the triangles using the crease that is bisecting them, to make the sides of the paper bag.


Step 8: Keep in mind to fold from all four corners in the same way, keeping the centremost square as it is.

Step 9: Repeat the same process of making squares, crease making and folding with the printed paper, in the same way.


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Step 10: Apply adhesive on the white side of the printed paper and paste the colored paper on it.

Step 11: Re-fold the corner triangles and paste them to make the bag.

Step 12: Cut 1.5 cm wide strips of colored paper and printed paper.


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Step 13: Paste the printed paper on colored paper.

Step 14: Paste the strip on one side of the bag to seal it.

Step 15: Paste the Velcro on the flap to lock it.

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Step 16: Cut two strips of a triangular shaped zigzag pattern.


Step 17: Give the top and bottom border with these strips on the front side of the bag.

Step 18: Cut the satin ribbon to make the handles as per your requirement and paste it to the bag.


There is nothing that can beat the joy of a cute and cool craft like this DIY Paper bag. This vacation take up an easy paper craft project like this one and have fun making DIY Crafts at home!

It takes just a basic craft supply stock and simple things to make DIY paper Craft ideas that can be fun art and craft activities for your kids too! So watch the step by step tutorial on how to make the DIY Mini Paper Handbag and get crafting!

Got any special kid’s crafts to share? Jot them down in our comments section below!


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